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  1. Fun thread. You know you lost weight when You have to get new shoes because they are to wide for the feet.
  2. Thomas CPA

    You know you lost weight when

    Don't stop with this surgery. I finally after 5 years got adomnioplasty, some cool sculpting for back sides fat and lippo the final bit of love handles. I look great I feel great You can get your breasts taken care of if that will make you feel better
  3. Thomas CPA

    You know you lost weight when

    Been awhile since I started this thread. When you get on an airplane wedged between two rather large guys and have elbow room Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  4. Thomas CPA

    You know you lost weight when

    I have really enjoyed reading the responses to my post the last few years, hard to believe it is going on over 3 1/2 years. I had my ups and downs with a depressive episode but still on track and now took the next step. I got a tummy tuck and liposuction. Feels good to get rid of the arm rests and to sit in a chair look down and see the chair and not the hanging wall of loose skin. It is really nice to move my arms down my sides and not have the folding fat stop my arms from moving all the way down my sides or having the folding stomach flab hold up my folded arms. Post op only 2 weeks and with the tummy tuck it takes 3 months for all the swelling to go away, I can now fit into my Slim Fit dress shirts. You don't really lose inches or weight except that which they remove (10 lbs of skin and fat) in the short run (back to waiting for swelling to go away). Short term results great and long run is looking very good. While I can't relate to folding boobs from the sleeve surgery. From a guy perspective with the tummy tuck I can say it helps get a trim tummy, sews the muscles to get a six pack ab set and the tightening lifts the personal area a little higher position. So guys think about the saving for the next part of the process. I can tell you this much, I like the look and my girlfriend is quite appreciative and likes the results Keep up the replies, they are fun to read.
  5. Thomas CPA

    Hair Loss

    typically, almost everyone loses hair from months 4 to 6. I had a bit and now in month 7 soon to 8 and hair has come back. I take Biotin, use Celluar hair products and knock-off rogaine. Gotten a few clients recently tell me I look like the person drawn in the painting done back in 1986. I have noticed while hair is thicker now it does not grow as fast so it is remaining relatively short - cuts down on barber shop costs.
  6. Thomas CPA


    You can have caffeine, just not recommended since you have a small stomach and should avoid things that may cause damage or ulcers. Talk with you doctor and see what he/she says.
  7. Thomas CPA

    Need To Beef Up My Legs & Butt

    Take up tennis, works the entire body, especially the legs.
  8. Thomas CPA

    Sleep Apnea

    I had sleep apnea years before surgery and the surgery and weight loss helped, I got rid of the machine and the diagnosis.
  9. While skin has some elasticity, the older we get the less it has. Exercise will only build so much muscle to replace the fat you lost. Unfortunately, it won't get much better.
  10. don't expect nutrition from eating, that is why we take the Vitamins. You can't drink or eat enough for 6 to 8 weeks to make much of a nutritional difference. Take what you can tolerate but you should be using shakes between meal Snacks and get three regular meals in. Something like slice of toast, soft scrambled egg for breakfast, shake snack, lunch half a sandwich, fruit, cheese, another snack then dinner. My nutritionist wanted me to reduce shakes after two weeks and to get to real food.
  11. mine were discomfortable for a few weeks but once gone didn't come back. I would just call the nurse before scheduling a doctor appointment
  12. Thomas CPA

    Taking Medications After Sleeve

    nothing is changed as far as swallowing. Only nice thing about get some of them chewable early on is if you take the full regiment it can feel like a lead weight in the tummy. Just spread them out but if you can take whole now you can take whole after.
  13. I had staples, removed at the two week follow up, felt like healing (scabs) fell off at 4th or 5th week but believe everything healed sooner than that. There was still minor discomfort for a few weeks but nothing to distract me.
  14. Thomas CPA

    Last Appt With Surgeon Before My Date. Help Please.

    Based on surgery last august They will want to pass gas to relieve pain - ask doctor about this, what you can do to help in process They will want you to drink - with IV I never felt thirsty and doctor had it removed so I would start drinking Clarify Vitamins and diet Schedule of follow up appointments Other than that this is what you may expect walking - do it soon to help with blood flow, do it often shots - they gave me twice daily in side, no pain, just to stave off infection drainage tube - annoying, more painful when they took it out than anything else breathing device - never used it, probably don't need the oxygen (nostril tube) but hey enjoy clean air to breath
  15. Thomas CPA

    Size 10 Jeans! What?

    Good going, Consider though you may not be in a stall, you may be nearing limit of what surgery will do.
  16. Thomas CPA

    I've Eaten Out Twice This Weekend...

    my doctor did same thing since he saw i was committed by losing 65 pounds before surgery. at two weeks i was like you eating well chewed solids simulate mushy
  17. at four months i had a regular plate of lasagna, salads, steak etc etc. Only do a protein shake here and there.
  18. Thomas CPA

    How Long Does Hair Loss Last?

    started 4 and pretty much stopped at 6. Try Biotin and a laser comb, I also use Ovation shampoo.
  19. we don't have much in common for exercise, use personal trainers since she is not at all active like me. we still have date night, dinner and a movie or play etc.
  20. Women naturally share more. Started at 305, diet and a couple rounds of intestinal flues got down to 235 for surgery last August, now 185 and stable. Great to have all the ladies, I am a tax preparer so all my clients from a year ago see a new me, give me compliments.
  21. Thomas CPA

    Weight Loss

    Overall, lose 50 to 60% of excess. So if you weighed at surgery 250 and optimum for height is 150 then total is 100 and expect to lose 50 to 60 pounds from surgery over a 2 year period. I did my 55% mark at 6 months and have been stable now for 2 months may go up 2 pounds then down 2 pounds but finally normalized.
  22. Thomas CPA

    Loose Stoole

    yes, it is normal but watch out, one you get back into swing they may be hard, take your stool softener. And still or liquidy stools try Imodium.
  23. Thomas CPA

    Help! I'm Freaking Out!

    less than 1% mortality rate, run a higher risk of being hit by a car crossing the street. Normal to worry and all we can say is relax, we are all still here afterall.

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