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    Hungry in the morning - breakfast ideas?

    I am one of those coffee and protein shake drinkers myself! I also like to make a bowl of cream of wheat and take it to work with me..I actually don't mind it cold and I do have a mic at work. The cream of wheat stays with me for hours! Hope this might help you!!
  2. WOW--it has been a long time since I have posted my daily intake..Still have 20# until I make goal...so I've come back to LBT... EAS chocolate protein shake 2oz cream of wheat w/protein mix and a lil butter--hehe 1 serving of sunships--needed the crunch..just an excuse SF Carnation chocolate breakfast 3oz chicken (thigh) cooked in hot wing sauce few bites of a spring salad mix-almonds,cuke, black beans trying not to snack later...wish me luck
  3. Renee74

    me goofing around

    From the album: The new Me!!!

  4. Renee74


    From the album: The new Me!!!

  5. Renee74

    The new Me!!!

  6. Renee74

    Love to shoot my 38

    From the album: The new Me!!!

  7. Renee74

    seriously effed up body image issues

    I have been away from here for way to long!! Came across this thread and nearly cried! I have so many image issues that it makes me insane!! It is so comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey! I receive lots of compliments from both men and women but they don't see what I look like with my clothes off! I don't see what others see in me! All I see is my extra flabby skin and nasty stretch marks! Even tho I do have a great support system I may need to check into some therapy sessions as well!!
  8. I m back from my posting vacation..hehe My last fill was 2 wks ago so I have not been eating a lot. Tuesday~ 1 egg w/raspberry salsa 1/2 of chicken salad stuffed tomato 1/2 pc melon,2 grapes the other half of Tom I have banished all SH*T food from my home....
  9. Welcome to all the NEWBIES... Wednesday~ 1/2 ww english muffin topped w/ham and swiss 3oz cod w/salad steak and sweet potato 1/2c together ice cream that came back up, so had protein shake
  10. Renee74

    So what about alcohol??

    I say you should live it up for your 21st bday. My friends and I go out once a month for margaritas....so I have a margarita then a glass of water then back to the margarita!!
  11. Tuesday~ ww toast w/ham and swiss choc fudge protein shake pecan crusted chicken, spinach salad breadstick -not a good snack!
  12. Monday~ 1 egg scrambled choc fudge protein shake tropical chicken salad dream spaghetti reese's mini pb eggs 5
  13. Today~ choc fudge protein shake 1c sf ice cream chicken salad on 1/2 pc ww toast 2 crab rangoon filling only
  14. Thursday~ ww waffle w/pb cheese stick kfc snacker protein shake *I had my fill today and found out my port has flipped-ERG
  15. I eat tuna salad, chicken salad, egg salad. Sometimes ham and cheese roll up. Wednesday~ 1/2 bagel topped with egg and cheese ate 3/4 of it. tuna salad w/baby cuke polluck w/lemon and garlic. no veggies protein shake
  16. Today~ A good day!! Wahoooo 1/2c yogurt,cottage,oats,almonds,allspice, mixed 2oz tuna with 1/2 baby cuke vanilla pb protein shake greens,chopped egg, cuke,avocado,green onions, catalina chicken -- sf jello pudding
  17. Monday~ 1/2c yogurt/cottage cheese mix 2oz tuna with baby cuke pumpkin flax bar Asian pork tenderloin, mixed veggies rice krispie treat-my son just had to make some!
  18. Thanks KC- I will be making that! Today~ mixture of yogurt,cottage cheese,almonds,oats,allspice cilantro lime chicken salad 1/2c tortilla crusted Tilapia w/spinach ice cream about 1c
  19. KC-do you have a recipe for the pecan crusted chicken? Saturday~ cheerios (dry), spoon pb cilantro lime chicken salad 1/2c chicken enchilada dip and 5 chips chocolate martini, more cilantro lime chicken salad 1/2c apple-snicker salad
  20. Monday~ spoon of pb choc fudge protein shake yogurt margarita chicken, bread and peas I NEED A FILL!
  21. Greek yogurt w/honey and cranberries leftover asian meatloaf 2oz w/green beans more leftover asian meatloaf w/brussel sprouts choc protien shake *meatloaf is gone now* sf pudding
  22. Saturday~ 1 "diva" muffin 1/2 pb sandwich ww toast 3 oreos 3oz asian ginger meatloaf, brussel sprouts

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