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  1. As anyone had both 15830 and 15847 covered by insurance?
  2. I am 10 months out and the last week my stomach has felt sour and is tender to the touch. Could this be diet related or does this mean something more serious?
  3. Thanks! I have been on there daily trying to look for more PS to get opinions from. I have another today and after this one I will see if I feel I need another opinion.
  4. My insurance has approved codes 15830 and 15847. My question is for anyone who knows about insurance. When the plastic surgeon called they said they wanted me to come in and go over my insurance benefits and discuss the "cosmetic" cost of the procedure. Are they going to try and sell me other things or are they going to try and tell me that there are things that are my cost that really shouldn't be? Insurance said they are covering both procedures and everything that goes along with them so what could I possible have to discuss cosmetically? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Here's what my insurance states: Clinical Conditions Reconstructive Abdominoplasty When the following conditions are met: Panniculus hangs to or below the level of the pubis; and causes chronic intertrigo that consistently reoccurs or remains refractory to appropriate medical therapy that includes systemic antibiotics, topical anti-infectives, anti-inflammatory medication and appropriate skin hygiene; OR Repair of diastasis recti in the presence of a true midline hernia (ventral or umbilical).
  5. Thanks for all of that! They have their own facility the surgeries are done in, which saves a lot on cost. I will be sure to get it all in writing so I don't encounter what your friend did. As far as the price, he has been in practice for like 35 years, so when I say he's not trying to make hand over fist, that's why. And honestly, if one doc gives me a price with my insurance that is more than another's price cash pay, I would say she is making bank. Whether it's bc of her insurance and education cost makes no difference to me. Experience and reputation will win me over.
  6. So I just went for a second opinion. UNREAL!! This guy charges 5grand for the TT WITH lipo. That's less than the other doc wanted to charge with insurance. They are going to submit a pre cert today to see what will be covered but I am going with him regardless. 1st doc- $10,000 for TT no lipo $6,000 for TT with insurance paying part 2nd doc $5000 for TT with lipo (no insurance) Waiting to see what amount insurance will cover. I don't think I am going to find a better price and I am hoping if I can't afford the TT that he will give me a little freebie if I do the panni. Lol. This guy is older, board certified, and patient choice award. I don't think he's in it for the money anymore like the younger doctor I saw first seems to be. Please oh please let this work out!!
  7. Where is your plastic surgeon out of, I need him. Lol
  8. Fit2btied


    Do you have any before/after pics?
  9. I feel the same way about the price. It's like I will do the pani but it's not going to look good unless you agree to the TT. I'm thinking I won't go with her regardless of what the others say. She is obviously in it for the money.
  10. Fit2btied


    How are you now? Do you like the results?
  11. Fit2btied


    How did it go? Do you like the results?
  12. I just got back! She wants to charge $6000 for the rest of the TT. Initially the TT was $10,000. I will not pay the $6000. I can't afford it and if I add my deductible into the cosmetic costs it's almost the same as paying outright. I have 3 other opinions to go to this week. So now I need to research getting just the pani done. I will update again after my other consults.
  13. I had the sleeve about 9 months ago and couldn't be happier, it has changed my life. My father is obese, has so many health conditions but just can't lose weight because of them all. I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is any surgery that can be performed by someone with extensive medical conditions. Yes, I know he needs to get an answer from a medical professional. But I am asking because I would like to have a plan if there is at all a chance he could have it. I know he would immediately say no, but if I had facts and hope for him I think he would consider it. I would love for him to regain his life back as I have. Thanks for any replies.
  14. Did your insurance cover both 15830 and 15847? Or was it just the 15830 because that's the code for just the skin removal. 15847 covers the cost of the fixing of the belly button and tightening. Thanks for the reply.
  15. I am seeing 2 other plastics that week..lol
  16. I have been meaning to come and post for so long but hadn't had the time. I want anyone who is considering the Sleeve to stop worrying and just do it. I am almost 9 months out and have lost close to 130#. It's not an easy road by any means but when people say it's the best thing they have ever done for themselves, they mean it. I always thought they were nuts to say how much they loved their sleeve, but it's a life saver. I started at 278 pounds, 5'8" and just like most people I had tried everything in the book to lose weight. When you get to a certain point it's just so difficult and discouraging to stay on track. July 8th will be my 9 month and I am now at 157 pounds. My inital goal was 170, but now I keep changing my mind as the weight comes off. Right now I am loosing a little less than a pound a week. That's just fine by me! Thinking I would love to be 140 but I don't feel that's a realistic goal to maintain for the rest of my life. It was just a year ago that I had decided to look into weight loss surgery. I wanted the Lap Band and went into my surgeron with only that thought. I felt it wasn't permanent and I could remove it if I wanted. Well my mind was changed in 1 consult and honestly I am so glad he didn't go with what I wanted just to have the $$$. I know there are so many wonderful people on here to talk to, but if anyone has anything they would like to discuss with me, I am all ears. I wish more people had the opportunity to get this done and covered by their insurance. It changes your life!!!
  17. Thanks! They are in network and I just get the feeling they don't like working with insurance bc their cut is less that way. So I'm trying to gather as much info as I can so if they try to tell me I owe for this or that I can come back with facts.
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    Considering the Sleeve? DO IT!

    I am not going to say that you shouldn't be scared, we are all scared! I have 4 kids as well, but a little bit older. I am telling you, forget the worry as long as you have a great team working on you everything will be great. The only pain I had was from my incisions, and I am the biggest baby in the world. No pain tolerance what so ever going on here. I think I used the pain pump twice and they finallly un hooked me. You will have a rough first month or two but not because of pain but learning how to eat and getting in your fluids. This site is 100% truthful. You have obviously done all your research. I would do this again in a heartbeat. You have made the hardest decision to go ahead with the surgery. You should embrace that next week is the start of who you will be on the outside, the person you already are on the inside. There are only a handful of people who know about my surgery. I didn't even tell my husband until the day I was going in for it. He thought I was having my gallbladder removed..lol It's not anyone's business if you don't want it to be. Please pm me with anything you want to know. I will even give you my number to text me. You can do this!!!
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    Any Chicago sleevers

    Who did you end up going with? I had mine done at Good Sheppard with Dr. Hoeltgen.
  20. Fit2btied

    Stress = Stall

    I am on a 3 week stall at 3 months out. Does stress play a role on our weight loss? I have been under a huge amount of stress since before Christmas. I'm still not over eating or anything and yes I could eat cleaner but my calorie intake is still very low.
  21. You look freaking fantastic!!!
  22. Fit2btied

    Stress = Stall

    So frustrating when you know you're not eating too much. I need to get back to the gym and get the scale moving. I want to be at goal by 6 months. Good luck!
  23. Fit2btied

    Stress = Stall

    Have you begun to lose again or are you still losing slow?
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    Hi! I'm almost 8 weeks out and doing well. I have lost 55 pounds so far. I'm not keeping track of anything, really. I eat small portions and stick to my dietary guidelines. Can't wait to see what the next 8 weeks brings me.