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  1. Phony people are so annoying….glad I've RID them from my life and are moving on with NO regrets! Keeping super focused and MOVIN" ON!

  2. chasingadream

    It's a family affair

    Wishing all 3 of you much success! Great to have others to go thru it with! Keep us posted on your progress!
  3. chasingadream

    Fitness trackers

    I recently got the Fitbit One….it is GREAT!!! I love it!!!!! Its so tiny…I clip it on my bra and forget that its even there for the day! I love that it syncs up with my fitness pal and shows me the calories in and calories out for each day. I wear it to bed…it has alitle wrist band that it slides into…the band is so smooth on my wrist I don't even know that its even there….and it has an alarm that vibrates on my wrist….its so much more gentle a wake up then my blaring alarm clock….Best $100 I've spent.
  4. chasingadream

    Had to have an emergency unfill

    Congrats to you on your weight loss and for listening to your gut and going to the doctor. Don't look at reaching your anniversary not having lost 100 lbs but a celebration of the 87 you have already taken off. Sounds like you have some time before you get a fill again….so do what the doc says and eat as if your band is filled that way…and do it mentally as well. Plan your meals and eat like you are still filled…and drink a lot to fill you to…. Our minds are amazing things….sometimes I firmly believe mind over matter….you can do this….and even if you make it through this time as maintenance what a victory that would be for you. I say this from dieting all of my life….with my band now when i "plateau" or "just don't lose" I take that as a success especially when i can just maintain…for in the past that would have definitely been pounds packing back on…... That won't happen to you because you know what you have to do…don't let the fear rule you…YOU RULE IT! YOU GOT THIS….KEEP US POSTED!
  5. chasingadream

    Finally banded!

    Congrats to you…sounds like you are already doing great! Listen to your doc and listen to your band and listen to what your body is telling you and you will be a success!
  6. chasingadream

    Celebrating with fitbit

    I just got myself the fitbit one (clip it on my bra and i forget that its there). I love that I can sync it with my fitness pal and it logs my calories and liquid intake on the fitbit dashboard. Definitely keeps me motivated and on track. Good luck with your surgery. April 1st….what a way to start the beginning of Spring….after all spring is about renewal……I think that goes great with weight loss surgery….this will be your renewal!
  7. Valentine's Day is all about LOVE…. I LOVE snuggling with my kids….. I LOVE getting them a sweet valentine treat and knowing that I don't need/want it. I LOVE wearing my new boots that make my husband turn and look at me twice. I LOVE looking in the mirror now and just LOVING ME!
  8. chasingadream

    4 year Anniversary

    You should definitely show off, brag and flaunt it. You look amazing! And that didn't happen overnight with just good wishes! Im sure there was some hard work and sweat in there too! Thanks for sharing ….love to see before and afters!
  9. chasingadream

    First class and totally shocked

    I've been banded w/plication since September 2013. I had an easy surgery and easy recovery. I have had no issues with my band and no complications at all. I have lost weight and only last week received my first fill. It was the best decision I've ever made--especially after 40 years of trying to diet. It was hard though….yes, hard to make the decision of which surgery to have. Yes, researching and reading the positive and negatives. I was on this site and it drove me away before my surgery because of all of the negative comments. But I spoke with MY doctor and we decided this was best for me and it was. Now I read all of the comments on here and am at peace with MY decision. I take one day at a time….follow the rules, as best I can on that day. I'm not perfect and will never profess to be. But the band works….at least for me. It is a very individual experience. Find a good doctor that will give you the truth about all of the WLS out there. Make your decision based on what YOU want and stand by that decision. Follow your docs orders and enjoy the ride. Wishing you success, good luck with your decision!
  10. chasingadream

    Newly Banded 2-6-15

    Congrats on your recent banding….hope your recovery is going well!
  11. Feeling great!! It's amazing what a fill can do!

    1. gowalking


      glad to see you online again!

    2. chasingadream


      Thanks @gowalking …hope you are well.


    3. gowalking


      I'm doing great, thanks. No more cane and am moving and walking like a normal person. It's like a miracle, it truly is. Hope you are also doing well.

  12. chasingadream

    13 year Bandiversary!

    That's awesome! So good to hear! Happy Bandiversary!!!!
  13. Hello all….been a while but feel the need to re-connect here!

    1. yaya1397


      Hello my friend! Welcome back!!

    2. ProudGrammy


      so glad you decided to come home - coming back starting a new - with a little help from us?? happy you're here again Kathy

  14. Lap Band with plication 18 months ago…..no problems with surgery or since. Counting my blessings!
  15. Welcome…you will find lots of support here! Perhaps you would want to try a new bariactric doctor since you weren't successful with the last one as far as fills go. Perhaps a fresh start with someone new and explaining the bad experience you had they can help you with a different approach to help you succeed again. Don't let the embarrassment of life get in your way…yes you gained weight back back there was a big change in your life and sometimes those things are just difficult to deal with. See if your PCP has a recommendation for a new bariatric doctor. You posted here so you are looking for help…we can give you moral support…but you must make that call to help get yourself back on track…you CAN do it. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life…make it a GOOD one! Good luck and keep us posted!
  16. chasingadream

    3 months in (with pictures)

    Great job…it is amazing the transformation in even just a few months…. I am 18 months out and am still learning things about this whole process…..there is a huge learning curve in my opinion. And I agree with you….hard to go day by day sometimes….. You are on a great path….keep it up!
  17. chasingadream

    One year in ... how did i fail?

    I agree with @@Bandista ….get back to your surgeon and nutritionist and maybe even the psychologist (if one is available) to help you figure out exactly what happened and why. In my opinion, the fact that you are posting here means you want some help….kudos to you! We can only give you some moral support here…you must pick yourself up, stop beating yourself up and move forward. Tomorrow is a new day….its the first day to the rest of your life…make it a good one and make that call! Wishing you all the best! Keep us posted!
  18. I saw my doctor every 4-6 weeks post up for the past 18 mos...(actually Physician Assistants--but that was fine with me) I got my first fill ever on Tuesday. My new doc since my old one left the practice is very hands-on and did my first fill. I have to go back in 6-8 weeks.
  19. chasingadream

    Any other September 2013 bandsters?

    @@princesstuiaki and @@PuraVida37 -- CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!! So very exciting. So I am checking in after many months of hiatus! Its good to see so many of you still on here and meeting some new folks too. The past 18 months has been life changing…in so many ways. I got my first fill last tuesday and am adjusting to that now….I kind of feel like I'm starting again in some ways….i got a little sloppy with my mechanics and food choices and now feel like this fill is a "new start" so to speak. So hoping that the weight loss will pick up again and I can take off the last of the pounds. Winter in NY has been tough but I've been trying to walk at work on my lunch in the building and that seems to be working. Having the band has been interesting and frustrating at times…but SO well worth it. For all those struggling I wish you much success…hang in there
  20. chasingadream

    Can't believe it.

    Super job…..you look amazing!
  21. chasingadream

    First fill - Is this normal?

    Hello all….I am 18 months out from my surgery date and have just received my first fill this week…..my doctor said that it could take 1-2 weeks to truly feel the restriction. I've been on and off this site for 18 months and have heard all different comments on fills. It is such an individual situation. Wishing you all a quick trip to the green zone!
  22. Needed a good kick in the pants….love that I can do it all by myself! :)

  23. The band is amazing and like many others have said it is no magic cure! It takes work and commitment…as does most good things in life! I am one year out and down 93 lbs. I have had no fills and no stuck episodes. Everyone is different and needs to make their own path down this journey. There are no comparisons of how much one person lost over another or how much they have in their band or whether you are walking around the block or doing a 5K. You MUST do whats works for you, in conjunction with your doctor and their protocol. This is not a sprint to the end…it is a marathon….and in my opinion, anyone who is trying to only sprint their way to goal is going to feel bad about so many things. Enjoy every pound off of you when the scale moves down…if the scale isn't moving don't cry PLATEAU feel how your clothes fit. See how much more energy you have …see what other NSV's (non-scale victories) you can see BESIDES just the number on the scale. Don't get me wrong…seeing that number go down, down , DOWN is awesome and what WE ALL WANT….but it isn't going to move down every day or every week…its just not always going to happen. I don't even read the negative nellies on here anymore…and its one of the reasons Im on here less and less…it is sad but true….sometimes those people get the best of you no matter how hard you try. Best of luck to all…we ALL deserve the BEST!
  24. chasingadream

    Empty Band!

    I am one year out and have NOT had a fill yet….everyone is just SO different….best of luck to you!
  25. chasingadream

    Any other September 2013 bandsters?

    Hello all, Thanks @@PuraVida37 for tagging and remembering me…what a year it has been! I just went to the doc today for a visit and had a barium swallow….all is good…just needed to have my "tune-up" and that included looking at things inside (that's the first one since the day after surgery). It gives me peace of mind to know that after one year all looks good in there! Still no fill as of today and I am okay with that! It's been an amazing year….lost 93 pounds and gained SO much more. I like to clothes shop for my 12/14 pants and 14/16 or large tops. I love shoes now that I don't have to wear my walking sneakers all the time. I updated my look with a new haircut and color and even make time every day to apply make-up. I still get comments that I look like a different person. Now, I smile and say "Thank you--I get that a lot lately". I've learned to take a compliment and not be quite so hard on myself. My weight has stayed the same the past few months and some say I've plateaued…I say WHATEVER! Im staying the same….eating, living and STAYING THE SAME….that is HUGE in my opinion. In the past that would have been pounds creeping on and on and on until I was back to my beginning weight. I can fit on rides with my 4 and 8 year old now….and not feel panicked about whether the bar is going to close and will I have to get off and leave or worse, EMBARRASS my kids! I have more energy to do things…i like walking and even purchased a new bike this summer. I took another step and consulted with a plastic surgeon to remove the extra belly "hang" and to have those stomach muscles put back where they actually belong! LOL….that is something i look forward to in the future. I look in the mirror and am amazed at what I see and who I see looking back at me. I like me, I like to look at me (dressed that is …lol) and I like when others notice me. I am no longer the quiet wallflower. I speak my opinion more and am so much more sure of myself in so many ways. It has been an amazing year and if I never lose another pound I am happy. I am happy to live my life and maintain my weight. I want to live and eat and enjoy. I never want to lose so much that I need to worry about every morsel of food that enters my mouth. That, to me, is not living. I have been obsessed and pre-occupied with my weight for my WHOLE life. I want that to change now…and I am working on that. Although I would still like to lose a few more pounds I know I will never make it to that ridiculous number I picked out of the air before I even had my surgery (which i just changed from 140 to 165). At 188 people tell me to stop losing that I look like i weigh 160. I don't care what they have to say…I smile, say thanks and move on. The only one I have to answer to is ME…ME….ME….ME. And I say I did great this year and I am a great person who has great things ahead of me. So for all those that have followed me, or encouraged me, or have become my friend on this journey, I say THANK YOU….because I know how TRULY BLESSED I AM IN ALL WAYS IN MY LIFE. Wishing the rest of my september band buddies continued success in whatever way that works for you…for I have learned that everyone's journey is unique and truly their own….own it and make it yours!

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