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  1. Just wondering for those 14cc bandsters where you found that perfect spot. Today is day 2. I am hoping this is mine...it's taken 8 months. Also anyone had night coughs and what is that?
  2. rcaruthie

    12cc in 14cc band

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I have not had a night cough yet but knowing I am pretty tight wanting to be prepared! It is very amazing how very different we all are! I barely felt any restriction until now. It's taken 8 months to get here and been a tad discouraging. Feeling as if I am the only one it won't work for...I know that's not the case at all. I just had a moment;)
  3. I was banded on 2/14/13. I have worked out constantly since I got the band and tracked on my fitness pal every single day since! But I have only lost 40 lbs! I was getting pretty discouraged as I have never felt any issues! Getting stuck etc!!! I have a 14 cc band and get fills monthly. This past month I am finally starting to feel it!!! A little but and I am at 11.5 I think. Maybe just 11. I still don't feel much of a difference I do feel it most in the AM after sleeping and not eating or drinking all night... Is this common? Has it taken anyone this long to lose weight and get to the green zone? I sometimes feel like I am the only person this won't work on. ;( Who has a 14 cc band and how much Fluid do you have? I totally appreciate and love feedback! I need encouragement. Thanks!
  4. It's a good angle LOL and after I lost 40lbs! It's not a full profile tho! I am 5'8 ish and have quite a bit more to go! we will get there!!!
  5. OMG PJ... That is me! I lost the first 40 in the first two months!!! I have stayed the same since! I feel like my body likes this weight... It's what I would get down to before but then right back up! Lets be diligent together and help each other! We can do this and be those success stories too!!!
  6. Thank you that does make me feel better. How are you doing with 10.5?
  7. Than you Jim and Mis! I am very grateful to have kept off the 40lbs!!!
  8. Holy moly I think you have lost a ton of weight in 5 months! That's amazing!!! Good for you! How many calories do you eat a day? Do you exercise? Just wondering what keys to success you have learned and use! I am super impressed!
  9. Name, real or screen~Ruthie, rcaruthie Goal weight for March 31st~279 Weight on March 1st~289 Age~45 Dietary goal for March~Continue to track everything that goes in my mouth - with my fitnesspal. Exercise goal for March~Continue my walking program, and fit in other types of exercises. Personal goal for March~STAY POSITIVE and make good food choices. Date banded~2/14/13 Total weight loss since banding/pre op diet~18 What is your good luck charm? My beautiful daughters.
  10. rcaruthie

    Small progress excitement

    I feel the same way!!! Each and every pound is a milestone no matter how fast or slow! I have lost 18 and I am feeling great!!!
  11. msseven - I feel your pain. I was banded just before you and have the same issues. I have just changed my diet, no carbs, high Protein foods. I do lots of research on the internet for good food choices and then I track everything I eat with my fitness pal. I also downloaded Mapmywalk and use that and walk every single night which helps burn calories and I am feeling great. I think this is a time to help us learn how to eat better and slowly change our thought processes and relationships toward food. Finding new foods that we like and are better for us...clean foods vs those bad foods. I gave up on breads - not that bread is bad...(well some is for our bodies by what it does. I watched Dr. Oz one day and I was surprise at what whole wheat bread can do to our body when we think it is healthy for us. Anyway off topic.) Keep up the good work...find other things to do besides eat...which is so much easier said then done - I know. I also know that we can do this...what is helping me is tracking my food and walking. Although I am in Houston and we have had super nice weather, which is not the case everywhere.
  12. Ok, this might sound strange but I don't feel anything? I have been watching my calorie, protein, carb intake and doing well! No issues at all with things going down or staying down! Is this normal? I drink my fluids! I just don't feel any constrictions? I mean I feel if I wanted to over indulge I could but I don't want to! I realize this is a tool only....but dang thought it would help more? Did they forget my band?
  13. I have been honest to everyone. I am proud that I made this decision. What other people think might vary but their opinions are their opinions...just like politics! I am a strong person with a strong sense of self...and I made this decision with my health in mind. Not their health! It is my life, my weight, my struggle - and nothing to be ashamed of in my book. We all deal with things differently. In my opinion - those that criticize you for who you are, what you are, what you want. Need to stop and look in the mirror and fix them first. Everyone has issues of some sort or another – weight is one of them that you SEE! Be proud of you – be proud of decisions you make, and be proud that you made this decision – it might save your life. I know it will save mine.
  14. rcaruthie

    Lab rat?

    Thank you Jewel - I do stay full and seem to be doing well. I guess in my mind I thought it would be a lot harder. Excited for the new journey and a new me. Good luck all and thank you for the feedback.
  15. rcaruthie

    Lab rat?

    I needed to hear that Chicago! Thank you!!!!
  16. rcaruthie

    Lab rat?

    Surgery was 2/14! Yes I know it's probably way too soon and all of that! But I heal fast and this isn't what I expected I guess! I have no pain or issues still healing but overall feel great...and the same! Well I will use my fitness pal and log my foods so I don't overhear or drink until I get a fill Just thankful others have felt like this and there is hope!!!
  17. rcaruthie


    mine is rcaruthie - but I am new and don't know how to add?
  18. rcaruthie

    1 wk post up

    I am interested in responses too. Surgery was same day as yours and about the same progress. Although, I am so hungry and able to eat if I wanted...no issues or restrictions with the band from what I can tell. Which makes me sad...how are you feeling/doing?
  19. rcaruthie

    Flu !

    You poor thing!!! Hope you feel better soon!

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