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  1. **IP~LB**

    List of NSVs

    Fantastic! So glad to see you have an awesome attitude! Keep up the great work!
  2. **IP~LB**

    Counting calories

    Thanks for post! I hear that a lot also. For ME I account for every bite that goes into my mouth! I was VERY delusional before about portions and calories, hence the reason I got to 317 pounds! Now even if I take one bite of something to try I put it into my food log. I have entered things as 1 tsp of chocolate cake or 1 tsp of ketchup, etc. If it went into my mouth, I LOG IT!!! EVERYTHING. lol. Again for ME it is the only way I will be successful by keeping accountability for myself and get this weight off and keep it off!! Everyone have a fantastic day!
  3. **IP~LB**

    Does size really matter?

    I'm single ha!
  4. **IP~LB**


    Good luck!! Oh man do I have/had a love affair with food. 7,000 plus plus plus calories a day I used to consume! I also, as many people on here have tried diet after diet, fad after fad. Having surgery was the last straw for me, I was READY to lose this weight once and for all. Sure you can gain your weight back, some do, BUT a lot are very successful. Make sure you are also ready in your HEAD to lose this weight, you can't rely solely on the band or on the fills. Remember in here, buying a car, new diets or any other business in life, you will always here the complaints more than the successes of items. It is definitely a lifestyle change! BUT, you can do it!!! Think positive and you will succeed. I wish you the very best!!!
  5. **IP~LB**

    Please read and be aware

    Thank you for posting. First of so sorry for everything that has happened to you!! My friend who had gastric bypass had gastroparesis, a very serious condition. It is actually the vagus nerve that is damaged during this. food then moves slowly or stops moving through the digestive tract. I am so glad to hear you are getting better now. That is actually one of my fears of getting fills, gastroparesis and stomach erosion from the band being to tight. Sorry for all you have gone through and good luck to you in your future!!
  6. **IP~LB**

    1 year later pic

    Slow and steady wins the race!! Plus 70 lbs in one year is not SLOW.....WTG Keep it up!! Looking good! Thank you for posting!!
  7. So nice to hear from someone 5 years out! You look amazing Keep up your great work.
  8. **IP~LB**

    Big Difference ??

    WTG You look much younger and happier. It looks like you lost more than 25 lbs. KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK, You are worth it!
  9. **IP~LB**

    I can't do it attitude...

    Thanks CG, have a great day!
  10. **IP~LB**

    No more double chin!

    You look great! Yes me to, I lose in my face first than downward! LOL. GOOD LUCK (I am going to download that app, very cool!)
  11. **IP~LB**

    No fill?

    Yay!! 36 pounds, fantastic!! I was banded Dec 4 2012 and every time I go back he tells me no Irene no fill, good work and see you in a month! My next appointment is Next Tuesday. I am in no hurry to get a fill and personally I hope I never get one. I can go at least 4-6 hours without being hungry, HUGE difference from before when I was eating 7,000 calories plus a day!! Keep up the good work!!
  12. **IP~LB**

    Fort Myers Beach

    From the album: odds and ends

  13. **IP~LB**


    Gosh, thank you Karen. I just saw this reply!! It is weird looking so different!!
  14. **IP~LB**


    From the album: odds and ends

  15. **IP~LB**

    Banded 2 months

    Yeah NYC!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!
  16. **IP~LB**

    Hair falling out in clumps

    PROTEIN......so important. Are you getting enough of it. I try to get at LEAST 75 plus a day, I prefer 90 plus... I am 4.5 months out and I am good to go!
  17. **IP~LB**

    Here's an NSV for ya.

    Congrats KC!!!
  18. **IP~LB**

    This is very real!!

    Good luck with your recovery! Sorry to hear that. Yeah that was the worst thing for me walking around back when I had my surgery Dec 4. BUT my mom had just had multiple pulmonary embolisms from not walking from her hernia surgery the previous month and she was in ICU 8 days and almost died it had dislodged and went into both lungs, they had to do surgery on her ): She is on blood thinners and had tiny umbrellas put into her lungs to prevent go to her brain. She is doing much better now!! I am glad your health is back to normal. It is a very small percentage but like you said, it is REAL!!! SO I got my ass up every hour even though I did not want to and walked! Take care of yourself!
  19. **IP~LB**

    Please pist success pics!

    4 months 70 pounds..... very excited!!
  20. **IP~LB**

    paleo diet?

    Yeah its hard to go strict Paleo, that's why I am like 90% during a week period. I do enjoy a piece of cheese once in a while. lol.
  21. **IP~LB**

    paleo diet?

    Tans, here is a good list for Paleo peeps. Good Luck Paleo food Lists Foods Allowed on Paleo Food Lists: -Lean meats -Poultry -Fish -Fresh Fruits -Fresh Vegetables -Nuts (non-processed) -Seeds (non-processed) -Fresh and dried herbs -Spices and natural enhancers (garlic, onions, peppers, cloves and etc.) Paleo Diet Foods Not Allowed: Paleo Food Lists Foods to avoid: -All processed food -Dairy products -Margarine and butter -Barley -Wheat -Corn -Millet -Oats -Rice -All processed foods made with rice. -Wild rice -Rye -Wheat -Amaranth -Buckwheat -Quinoa -All Beans -Peas -Chickpea -Lentils -Miso -Peanuts -Soybeans and all soybean products including tofu. -Sugar -Potatoes
  22. Getting your Protein in helps A LOT and what Mis says staying active and multi's..... She is doing amazing!!! She is a good one to follow!!
  23. **IP~LB**

    Working Out Vs Calorie Intake

    On days that I work out I boost my calories 250-350calories. I was also feeling lightheaded and on February 17 about hit the floor at a crossfit competition because my blood sugar dropped A LOT. Once I picked up my caloric intake I haven't had any problems. I am still under my 1200 calories for the day with no issues at all. Also about one hour before I work out I have a progenex Protein drink! CrossFit is pretty intense and I would hate to stop doing it so with the little food increase I can do it! I have also been have almond butter with bananas for Snacks on days I workout. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!
  24. **IP~LB**


    From the album: odds and ends

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