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  1. lousianalady

    First Fill

    I'm having fill 4 right now! Good luck yall !
  2. lousianalady

    Post Op Burps/heart Burn

    You are healing. Could be gas. As for heart burn, don't lay down right after eating or drinking
  3. lousianalady

    First Fill

    My first fill was 4 wks 3cc in my 10cc band. Second fill was 6 wks, he added 1.5
  4. I did and yall are right. It was a cup instead of an egg. Ty!
  5. I am close to having the same situation. Banded 9/20 lost 28 lbs. Last 2 wks only lost 2 lbs. Got my second fill today and i think this will help.
  6. lousianalady

    Mashed Potatoes

    I made egg drop soup! Also get cream of chicken soup and thin it down
  7. I see everyone suggest it but its high in grams of sugar. Why does everyone suggest Greek vs plain?
  8. lousianalady

    1St Fill

    Me too. I go for my second fill Tuesday. I will let you know if its better. I am tight late night and mornings til about noon. After that i could eat a cow!
  9. I use him. Never been to her. He is a wonderful surgeon . He doesn't just do diet surgery. My husband is having gastric next week from him. Maybe i will see u there. Tell him mildred wise referred you
  10. Fyi. My gas and shoulder pain started until day 7 for some reason. It lasted 5 days on and off. Felt like stabs under my left arm in my ribs, in my neck and down my arm.
  11. lousianalady

    Can't Sleep!!

    Y'all Will get better every day. Both normal for having the surgery. Try to roll on your side and tuck a pillow so u can sleep half on your side
  12. lousianalady

    Ok I"m 4 Weeks Post- Op

    As long as your not sick don't worry. Some days Im tight feeling and others Im not
  13. My doc still has me on a shake a day as a meal replacement. Do what feels best
  14. Hope u get well soon! You have such a sweet spirit!
  15. lousianalady

    Newbie From Texas

    After surgery u will not crave coke, at least i didn't. I just had after wks and its not the same.
  16. lousianalady

    Second Consultation!

    I don't understand. Lap band fixes acid refux per my doc and did fix mine Like he said. But bypass isn't bad. My husband is having bypass Nov 7. He chose it over lap band because there is no maintenance .
  17. lousianalady

    5Th Day Post Op, Bloated

    Very normal. I am 17 post op and still gas and sore. Doc said give it 30 days
  18. lousianalady


    I think your doing great. I don't think we are supposed to cut good food out for life. The band offers us help with portion control. I wouldn't worry about having a taste. Sounds like your making the necessary changes that your supposed to.
  19. I had tomatoe blended..avocado blended.. And Brussels sprouts blended.. But i kinda feel like blending is defeating the purpose... Is it? You can blend all the foods the band won't let us have... We should be cautious
  20. lousianalady

    Is Blending Cheating?

    Im asking if blending is cheating for us all. Not what stage i am in.

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