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  1. I had surgery in August 2012 and it was a great experience. I was treated very well and loved staying in the hospital while I recovered. You'll be in great hands!
  2. I went alone and had no problems. They pick you up at the baggage claim and take care of you every step of the way until you're back at the airport. I had surgery on Friday (went there on Thursday) and came home Monday. Definitely not high on pain meds. I didn't need any pain meds after 2 days.Before I left, they gave me supradol which is like tylenol that dissolves easily since you can't handle pills yet. I think I took one at the airport while waiting for the flight, more as precaution than because I needed it. I had a carry-on only and had to ask someone to lift it up and down from the carrier. You don't need much, a carry-on was plenty. I was tired, but drove myself 20 minutes home and then I collapsed LOL. I went to work part-time Wednesday and was back full-time on Monday, 10 days out. I actually liked not having to feel like I had to entertain somebody. I could walk and talk to one of the other post-ops when I wanted to and go back and take a nap when I wanted to. Normally, I can't find my way out of a paper bag without a map, but I was determined to do it and I did. But you have to do what's most comfortable for you.
  3. amykins

    Always cold!

    Always cold. I even wore sock in the 115 desert heat where I live. I have a heater in my bedroom and office and have seriously thought about wearing texting gloves to meetings because the conference room is SO cold. I cross my legs and casually try to put my hands between my knees lol. I should get an electric blanket too.
  4. I was sleeved by him on 8/31/12. Wonderful experience! I went across the street to the pharmacy the day before I left and got a couple extra boxes of the pantaprozole packets they give you. I rarely had heartburn before but I sure do now! And those grains you mix in liquid were really easy to take. For some reason pills scared me for a while.
  5. I had a great experience and I'm sure you will too. You probably won't need that much time off, unless you want it. I had surgery on Friday and was back to work P/T on Wednesday. I was pretty tired at night and passed out on the couch, but by the Monday (10 days after surgery) I was back to work full time.
  6. No, you really are not hungry. I promise. Your head is used to having food every x hours. It's just complaining. It doesn't hear your new tummy saying it's full. Just sip, sip, sip. It will catch up, I promise. It may take a week or so, but you truly are not hungry.
  7. I was a low bmi and have fought the weight battle for at least 15 years. Obesity runs in both my families from my parents on up. I've lost 40 pounds more times than I can count and over the last few years I couldn't even lose more than 3-4#. I felt like my metabolism was busted. I lost most of my weight in 6 months, thought I was done when I held there for about a month, and then suddenly lost 10 more. I've been at 115-116 for more than 6 months and now have to work to keep that weight. Yes, I do know that could change tomorrow. But that's my situation today. You can PM me and I will share before/after pics. I just don't share them to the public because most people (especially my family) don't know I had surgery. Amy
  8. I can only tell you that I went to Dr. Aceves last August and it was a great experience. I had no complications and was treated very well. I think there is a risk in every surgery, and while I am sorry if it happened to someone that was Dr. Aceves' patient, I also know it can happen to any surgeon, in any country. I was willing to take the risk, and am really glad I did. He changed my life. Feel free to PM me and I'll give you my phone number if you want to talk. Amy
  9. For me, I started slowing down and having more plateaus and slight drops. My body naturally found it's comfort zone. Sometimes I do have to pay attention to my food to make sure I eat enough. I'm only a year out, so I still forget to eat until I get a "hungry headache" that reminds me to eat.
  10. I echo what the others have said. I went alone, so I wanted a surgeon I felt comfortable with and who had his patients stay in the hospital for aftercare. Yes, he is more expensive than some, but I feel I more than got my money's worth. I wanted the 24-hour care and the security of being in a hospital just in case... I had very little to no pain. Just like I did 5,000 sit-ups. Good pain meds in that IV The hospital and my room were spotless. They cleaned and mopped my room twice a day. And it seemed every time I did laps around the nurses station, I had to walk around a cleaning cart. Not complaining about that! Most speak a little English. Some better than others. Nina sends you a cheat sheet with the most common phrases English to Spanish. I had one question that wasn't on the list, but another sleever was able to translate for me. Ernesto the driver picks you up at baggage claim, takes you to the hospital for the tests and to meet Dr. Aceves and Dr. Campos so they can answer all your questions. Then you go to the hotel for your last meal and stay up all night cause you're too excited/nervous to sleep. Or at least I was. Sorry this is so long. I just had such a great experience. Starlet did a great post about the process. It was so similar to mine that I copied & edited it on my blog here so I wouldn't forget. If you can't find her post, PM me and I'll give you access to my blog if you want a step-by-step story. Or just feel free to PM me if I can answer any of your questions.
  11. amykins

    Best coffee drink poll

    I didn't drink coffee much pre-surgery (Mtn dew was my daily pick-me-up) but I LOVE Big Train fit frappe mocha and drink that almost every day. Now that it's warm, either over ice or as a homemade frappe'. 20 gs of protein too. I don't think it has as much caffeine as Starbucks. Here's the link, but I buy it at Sam's Club. https://www.bigtrain...inks-c-143.aspx
  12. Apparently Dr. Sauceda comes to different areas of the country once a year to do consults. He will be in Florida this year and Las Vegas next year. I decided to save the money and do the consult by email. If I do have the plastics, I will need to save all I can
  13. I had my surgery last August 31 with Dr. Aceves and was really happy with the care I received from him and his staff. I love/loved ribs (especially beef ones) but the pork ones just sit in my stomach like a rock now. And yeah, one rib fills me up. I haven't tried beer b/c of the carbonation though.
  14. It's hard to fine someone who is more than a year out no matter where they had their surgery. I know I don't check in nearly as often as I used to and I'm only 7 months out. Losing the weight helped me get my life back. I was so depressed and unhappy, I was isolating. Now I'm out enjoying life a lot more.
  15. amykins

    Patients of Dr. Aceves

    Yep, just like the above posters said. I was a lightweight (199 high, 193.5 on surgery date) and was able to hit goal in less than 6 months. They didn't need any info from my doctor, I just filled out the forms online and submitted them. I did get a very thorough surgery report from Dr. A for my PCP here and x-rays of my sleeve with the leak test to give the PCP.
  16. Lots of physicians & surgeons pay for the advertisement in Newsweek and advertise it. There are big cities with magazines that do the same. For instance, it's a big deal for a physician to be listed in "7" magazine (Las Vegas), but they can pay for a larger "article" about them instead of just the small paragraph. I would need a lot more than a mention in a magazine to help me make my choice of any surgeon. I was really glad to have the feedback from the forum to help me.
  17. amykins

    Financing with Dr. Aceves

    It took me 6 more months to save for Dr.Aceves than my Plan B surgeon, but for me it was worth the wait. I used the time to research, research, and do a little more research. We are lucky here in the U.S. that we can choose the surgeon who is best for us and our wallet. I wasn't comfortable with the surgeons in my area, even if they had been cheaper (which they weren't).
  18. Dottie, He's been really good about answering my questions too. I don't know about the sizes. I know from other people who went to him that he really works with you to find a size that works best for your frame. I just met with someone who had them by Dr. S (actually she had a full body lift, arms done, legs, etc...) but I would not have known her boobs weren't real if she hadn't told me. They really were proportionate to her frame. When I see people on his OH site ask, they say bring pics of what you want, or a bra you want to wear so he can fit them,
  19. I went to Dr. Aceves and was very happy. There are many good surgeons, but In my opinion, he and his team were worth every penny. I had to wait a few more months to save the money, but I'm glad I did. For me, the reason I went with Dr, Aceves is because I went alone. I liked the idea of being in a hospital for the three days while I recovered. I felt if anything happened, I'd have someone right there if I needed anything. Someone posted a couple weeks ago about how she had serious health issues after her surgery (not directly VSG related) and how she was grateful to be in a hospital when they happened. I admit, I'm kind of a pain baby, so I liked having the staff there to take care of me if I needed it although I never actually had pain.
  20. I won't be much help. I live in Vegas and still chose to go with Dr Aceves in Mexico as he had much more experience. Also, I was alone and liked the idea of being cared for over the first few days. I needed the warm fuzzies LOL.
  21. I'm not a doctor, but I find when my protein drops, so does my energy level. Maybe try fitting in a protein shake every day for a week to see if it helps? For a long time, the protein really filled me up so I could only have 1/2 in the morning & 1/2 in the afternoon.
  22. amykins

    Scared? Why am I doubting myself?

    I was scared off & on up until the day before surgery. What helped me was journaling ALOT about all the diets I had tried, how they worked for me, and all the reasons I wanted to lose weight. Every time I would start to get scared, I'd pull out my list and read it and sometimes add to it. All I can tell you is it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am so glad I went through with it. Best decision of my life.
  23. amykins

    Drinking help

    Depends, are you talking water or alcohol? Water, the next day after my first leak test. Alcohol, about 4 months out. Just a couple sips of wine, no beer cause of carbonation.
  24. I'm looking at Dr Sauceda too. I have sent him my pics to get his his recommendations and price quote. It seems reasonable to me, especially since I'm single. His patients stay a couple days in the hospital and about a week in the Hampton Inn. I like the idea of being cared for for the first week or so while I recover. Here, it's outpatient and I'd have to have someone come in a couple times a day to help me out. There's a pretty good group on OH just for his patients and most of them seem happy with their results.
  25. Hi, I went alone, but several other people had someone with them. They slept on the couch in your room. There is wi-fi but I didn't use it much. You really won't need to bring nearly as much as you think. They give you a gown but my surgery was 8/31and I found it too warm so I was glad I had brought a pair of PJs (shorts). I put them on the day after surgery. I think it was better than the nightgown I also used since it made it easier for the docs to see the incisions. I recommend bringing a sports bra that is bigger in the band size than what you usually wear. I was so swollen for the first couple days I couldn't wear the one I brought. I am top-heavy so it made my walks very uncomfortable. As MzMeka said, in the evenings there can be a language barrier, but I would just show them my "cheat sheet" or pantomine and we figured everything out with a laugh. My sleeve sister and I went across the street to get some extra pantazol to bring home. They give you one box to take home, but I wanted to use the grains they used while my tummy healed. I can't remember how much it was for a box, I got two. I got extra supradol (pain meds) too but that was a waste of money. I never needed it. They give you one box. I think I used one tablet for my flight home, and that was more preventive than because I was in pain. There is a cafeteria and several restaurants in the area. I know several of the guys went there for meals, and a couple went shopping. They never mentioned feeling unsafe. Dr Aceves, Dr Campos, and his staff are amazing! They all sit down with you one-on-one and really talk with you before surgery and after. The anesthesiologist and one other doc did too. I can't remember what his job was, but I was impressed with the amount of time they took with me. I don't have a single regret. Follow his protocol for after-care and food and you will do great!