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    I'm just over 2 months out, and I've only lost 14 pounds, so you're doing great! My dr said I should be losing 1-2 pounds a week, so you've far exceeded that! Perhaps they haven't given you a fill yet because you're losing so fast? Definitely ask you dr about it. I know what it's like to see the scale go down and not feel it much, but it'll happen!
  2. Christy.Lynn

    1 Extreme To The Other

    Marieistre, the book is very good! I highly recommend it!
  3. Christy.Lynn

    1 Extreme To The Other

    I'm post-op, and about 5 weeks out, but I've really started having some carb cravings like none other!! I bought a book called "50 ways to soothe yourself without food". I'm only about half way through it right now, but it's super easy to read and very calming! So far they've covered meditation and breathing exercises. It's recognizing what triggers the craving and taking steps to avoid giving in or prevent the situation all together, AND if you do give in, making sure you don't beat yourself up over it. That can really make things worse when you're carrying around more guilt, don't we all know how that goes? I highly recommend the book... one of the breathing exercises - basically just breathing in deep through your nose, holding for a second and breathing out through your nose helps me to calm down and assess the situation from a rational point of view. Also, telling myself, I can have ____ in 10 minutes if I still really want it helps so much, too, because I can often calm down by then and then I don't even give in! As for not wanting anything Protein anymore, maybe try fish or hamburger? I've burned out on lunchmeat, but I'm really enjoying tuna or a burger patty with ketchup I know ketchup has carbs, but it's not a lot. And sometimes, I plan out a carb-tastic meal and eat it, and enjoy it, and then get back on track for dinner. I try not to let one "bad" meal blow my whole day. Best of luck to you!!
  4. Christy.Lynn

    Pushing Myself

    I've been eating more than I know I should, too. I'm trying to stop, but I feel guilty, which makes me want to eat more because I feel bad. So I'm trying to stop the negative spiral. I was doing so good the last few weeks, I want to get back there. Just gotta do it. Urges are so frustrating, and I've been quite cranky lately! This forum has helped me so much and encourages me to keep pushing forward.
  5. Christy.Lynn

    Is It Just Me?

    I agree with Sojourner - you're probably retaining fluids. Try drinking more Water to ease the retention. If you stick with your post-op instructions, and stay high Protein, the weight will come off. There's no medical reason why you won't lose. You might try counting the calories of what you're eating to make sure you're not accidentally eating a lot. I know the first couple weeks after my surgery I was drinking too much fruit juice and wasn't thinking about how many calories I was consuming because I wasn't *eating* that much.
  6. Christy.Lynn

    Pushing Myself

    I had my first fill yesterday, and had no idea that they do fills in baby steps. I have yet to try "normal" food after this first fill, but I know that in the last week leading up to the fill, I was also feeling like I was eating too much and feeling like a failure. I wasn't focusing on my successes at all though. I love how you pointed out to remember our successes. For me, that would be not eating any sort of chocolate candy bar since prior to July 31. I didn't know I could go that long without dying!!! or at least feeling like I was gonna die or hurt someone. I am enjoying feeding my body with quality food instead of whatever I feel like eating. I get a strange sense of satisfaction by not eating near the quantity that I used to, and eating healthier. Makes me feel much better emotionally!
  7. Christy.Lynn

    Fill Scam??

    I had surgery August 1, and they put NOTHING in my band at that time. My first fill was yesterday, and they put in 1cc. In one month, I can get another 1cc, then they go to 1/2cc's every month after that until I'm between 4-5cc's. So you're moving much faster than me! I'm sorry you're so hungry... that's tough. I'm hardly ever hungry. I eat mostly protein, is that what you're eating? One of my new favorites is tuna, 1 oz cubed cheddar, 3 tbsp light mayo, and finely chopped pickles. No bread. That keeps me full for 4-5 hours.
  8. Christy.Lynn

    16 Aug Surgery

    "stuck" food feels painful. It's a new feeling, so I don't really have anything to relate it to. You'll know when it happens, though. It's a pain right in the middle of your chest (pardon the description, but it's right between your boobs). If you try to burp, which can really help, chances are you'll throw up a little. However the food hasn't reached your stomach yet, so you probably won't get any of the gross acid yet. I was at the fair on Saturday, ate a few too many nachos, and was walking around and burped and threw up without knowing what hit me! Kinda embarrassing, but my dad thought it was funny. Think of it more like a baby spitting up... it's not like a full on vomit. I get my first fill *gasp* today, so I'll definitely be chewing more and hopefully avoid any future stuck-issues. I haven't gotten into a routine yet for exercise... I know I need to, but I need to plan it into my day just like I do showering or going to work so it becomes part of a non-compromised schedule.
  9. Christy.Lynn

    One Month!!!!

    I love your enthusiasm! It's very contagious :-) I have been stuck at the same weight for a little over a week, and I've finally started losing again. I'm getting my first fill on the 6th, and I'm also looking forward to it helping with the cravings or what I eat. I've noticed I can eat a little more than I want to be able to. I like how when I chew so slow, I generally get distracted before I can finish my meal. I think I'm gonna name my band... Thank you for being so positive!
  10. Christy.Lynn

    The Countdown Has Begun!

    I'm glad you're doing so good! I really enjoyed my first couple days... sleeping, movies, relaxing. The annoying part comes in a couple weeks when you feel pretty normal but have to remember not to lift, twist, push/pull anything over 15 pounds lol. Glad you're doing well!
  11. Can I have their number? I don't think I'm as polite as you and I could get some answers just kidding. Maybe try a different surgeon? Is that an option? You could call the insurance company and see if they have preferred surgeons?
  12. Christy.Lynn

    The Countdown Has Begun!

    I enjoyed the prep I got books and simple projects ready and accomplished quite a bit while I was off. Don't forget to enjoy sleeping, too!
  13. Christy.Lynn

    16 Aug Surgery

    I was surprised too how many people seem against weight loss surgery. When someone asks me what surgery I had, I just say it was a procedure, and that usually ends the conversation. I had a lot of issues with the gas too!! I spent a lot of time the first 2-3 days sitting and laying in all sorts of strange positions to encourage the gas to get out. I found that bending at a 45 degree angle at the waist while leaning forward (like you're reaching for something 3 feet off the ground) helps me burp! I'm glad you are feeling well otherwise! A scrapbook would be a great idea and a huge source for encouragement and motivation in the future
  14. Ok, I'm just recapping: so your bmi is between 35-40 so you have to have an exiting co-morbidity that you're treated for daily. The surgeon's office won't see you because you don't meet the co-morbidity requirement. Your insurance says they may/may not pay but they need something from the Dr. Which dr do they need something from? Your primary care or the surgeon? Because your primary Dr could do a recommendation/referral for surgery and then that might get you an appt with the surgeon. Or, you could pay out of pocket for a consultation and try to get something from the surgeon that would cause insurance to authorize the surgery. If I were in this situation, I would first call the surgeon's office and ask to speak with the insurance coordinator person. Explain your situation and that you don't know yet if insurance will cover you, and ask them how they recommend you find out (whether that be seeing the surgeon and getting a surgeon recommendation or something). Tell them you don't have textbook co-morbidities, but that you have health issues that would greatly benefit from surgery. If the surgeon's office won't talk to you, clarify from insurance (get the person's name and direct extension if available) exactly what note/something they need and from a primary care or a surgeon? Then see if you can call the surgeon and tell insurance said if I get _____ from your office, they will submit my case for review.
  15. I think comorbidities are pretty straight-forward. My dad played the insurance game to get a gastric sleeve and he didn't have to do hardly anything because he had a diagnosis of sleep apnea, and plenty of others to support his need for the surgery. Waiting if very frustrating! But if you play their game and jump through their hoops, it will be very worth it! It can be a lengthy process, but just try to keep patient. And maybe practice eating less and slower? I am shocked at how eating so slowly and chewing so thoroughly can be so satisfying. I eat much smaller portions, but I truly enjoy my food and find that by eating so slow, I often get distracted by something else before I'm done! I feel like I'm eating like a skinny person and it's oddly enjoyable
  16. wow!! How do you feel about getting a referral? Scared? Excited? Both? What's your next step?
  17. Christy.Lynn

    Starting To Get Freaked Out:(

    I had the same thought when I was on the pre-surgery diet - I can do this on my own! Oh, wait... no, if I didn't have pending surgery I would not be on a liquid diet, and therefore I cannot do this myself. I look forward to a new me and a shopping spree too! Congratulations on your upcoming banding!
  18. Christy.Lynn

    Starting To Get Freaked Out:(

    Kmrawls, isn't that anti-anxiety stuff amazing? It's like sober-sh**faced in 2 seconds! I asked the nurse if I could try to stand up cuz I knew I'd fall over... they said no lol. I didn't remember a thing after that... sleeping a lot and being cared for are lovely things Pjenkinson1970, see? you have nothing to worry about. Once you get the stuff to "help you relax" it's all giggles from there! At least until you get home And then you've got us to help you through that!
  19. Hello! I'll start with the basics... I'm 24 years old, fought with my weight pretty much all my life, and decided to do something about it while I still have so much life ahead of me. I'm engaged, and we're going to wait until I get the bulk of my weight off to get married. I'm really looking forward to actually looking decent in a wedding dress and marrying my best friend of 7 years :wub: The last few days have been rough. I don't ever want to look at another Protein shake ever again, but know I *need* to be drinking them to keep nourished. My doctor put me on a 2 week full liquids, 2 week pureed post-op diet, and I'm really burnt out on what to eat. Plus, all this down time at home is confusing because I would normally be stuffing my face if I had this much down time at home. Pain level is excellent; I went off pain meds 24 hours after surgery. I've been pretty uncomfortable with getting air in my stomach, so I need to figure out how to swallow differently. I've been on the cloud nine of "my struggle will get easier" to walking past my beloved mixer and wanting to make Cookies I've cried a few times, but mostly just being doing the pity party thing! I'm really looking forward to finding inspiration, support, and motivation from everyone here. Thanks for reading! ~Christy
  20. That's a good reminder... that I did this voluntarily. And I did it for a reason! It'll get easier the more time that goes by. Today has been the roughest day yet... I've been smelling everyone else's lunch and/or dinner, and it's driving me up the wall that I can't even have a bite! I'm still on liquids and don't want to mess anything up, so I'm not risking it. Soon enough I'll be able to have a bite of chicken Thank you for your positive attitude!
  21. I'm so glad your husband is supportive!! So you're kinda doing this for the two of you! Try to think of it as a new fun way to do things together... cook together, shop together, get him involved in this forum maybe? It'll be exciting to see what the doctor says! I'm also glad you're used to exercising regularly. I'm not, and I know it will be a change/fight to start exercising but I want to. I need a healthier outlet, and since I can't binge eat anymore, exercise is a very logical choice!
  22. Thanks Luv80s! I keep reminding myself I can have those tasty foods in the commercials in awhile, just not near the quantity I was used to. And that's ok. Eating slower, I've discovered the strangest thing... I am satisfied much quicker than I realized!
  23. Christy.Lynn

    Starting To Get Freaked Out:(

    You're staying over night? Then you'll be golden Mine was done in outpatient, and I was home by 2:30 in the afternoon lol. I'm really glad you've got your husband there for a couple days, use him! Don't be afraid to ask him to get something just because you can't reach it.
  24. Christy.Lynn

    Duration Of Pre-Op Diet?

    very interesting... my pre-op liquid diet was one day. Tuesday liquids, Wednesday surgery. My bmi is 40. I see you got your surgery on the 1st, so did I!
  25. Christy.Lynn

    Start Liquid Diet On Monday

    I'm glad you were able to get your band replaced! It's also good you've done the liquid diet thing before so you know what that's like. I got banded one week ago and I'm struggling with never wanting to look at a Protein shake again! But I'm finding ways to get creative with Soup... Best wishes!!

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