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  1. So I thought it would be fun to start a topic on the things we will NOT miss after our surgeries! I think we should write one or two, or three things we hate about being "big" "fluffy" etc... I'll start... i won't miss people call me "big guy" i wont miss children staring at me and saying "Daddy he's fat" i wont miss shopping at Casual Male XL and spending $65 on a shirt!!!! How about you...what will you not miss!
  2. Edan Ren?

    Things I Won"t Miss After My Surgery!

    Got to get rid of my dl fat man chair today at work! Victory is mine!!!!!!
  3. Just looking for a local lap band buddy...I live in Daybreak/South Jordan. Anyone in the area?
  4. Cool, I see you're surgery was three days before mine. How did it go? It's nice to meet you, what is your real name?
  5. Edan Ren?

    My Progression To My New Life

    Some Pic's of me as I progress down the path to my goal weight which will be down 165 lbs. so it will be a journey of a 1000 miles, so to speak.
  6. Edan Ren?

    Day7 Post Op

    From the album: My Progression To My New Life

    August 23, one week after surgery, felt so good! New hat...cool huh!
  7. Edan Ren?

    Day of Surgery

    From the album: My Progression To My New Life

    Picture of me the day of surgery. I was not sure it was going to happen so when it did I snapped this and went off to surgery.
  8. I was banded on August 16th and since then I have lost 19lbs!
  9. Edan Ren?


    Not to sound like an idiot but what are soft scrambled eggs?
  10. I got banded on the 16th, and now when I eat anything, like pudding, or an popsicle since I am still liquids I get heartburn when I lay down. The surgeon said he fixed my hernia and that would stop, any suggestions?
  11. Wish me luck, they told me yesterday that they may have to postpone my surgery if the Anesthesiologist believes I am to high risk and move me to the hospital instead of the surgical center! That will mean another delay and one more set back, but if it is OK, I will get my band with plication today! Wish me luck my fellow banders!
  12. Edan Ren?

    Heading To The Hospital For The Surgery!

    Home after my surgery I'm sore and tired but doing good
  13. Edan Ren?

    august 2012

    Soon Chicka your going to be muy chica! You go girl...you look great!
  14. Edan Ren?

    Calorie Intake Goal????

    Sure no prob's... You might find me under edanramos
  15. Edan Ren?

    I Love Been Banded And Plicated!

    My surgeron, Dr. Darrin Hansen, started adding the plication as part of his surgical procedure and the cost was the same to me. In fact I had no idea he did it until I did some research on here, and on other sites, and then I asked my Dr. and he told me he started doing it in January as a general rule. I am hoping it helps me with extra weight loss, he said it should be around 70% as opposed to 60% with just the band, but again there has been no long term study thus far.
  16. Edan Ren?

    One More Day Of Work!!!

    My surgery is on Thursday too! Good luck to both of you guys...I can't wait! I took 10 days off from work so I hope i do well. This has been so many years in the works. Every time I got close something would happen like losing my jobs, or my wife telling me she wanted a divorce, closing my business, or foreclosure...one way or another something happened. This time all is going well, I have it paid for, time off from work and now I just need a ride to an from the hospital! Good luck to us all, let's stay in touch post op. Good luck....
  17. Edan Ren?


    Wow you look gorgeous! Congrat's..
  18. 17 lbs. in 12 days...amazing! I hope I have that kind of loss too!
  19. Edan Ren?

    Calorie Intake Goal????

    I have heard of liquid protein you can add to your water, or even Powered Protein from Herbalife, I used to put that in my shaked for even more protein..
  20. Congratulations, I have my surgery on Thursday! When did you get your band?
  21. Edan Ren?

    Pics Of Oversized Clothes

    Way to go Mis 73. I am thinking about just burning my fat clothes, but maybe I'll hold onto one so I can do this too!
  22. Edan Ren?

    August Roll Call

    Yo I am getting banded on the 16th!
  23. Edan Ren?

    Things I Won"t Miss After My Surgery!

    Christy Lynn, I thank you for the comments this has been good to read these things as I have my procedure in one week! Awesome.... and yes it will be nice to see things south of my belly button again...like my toes! I also will not miss getting rid of my "XL" office chair!
  24. Edan Ren?

    Seven Days To My "new Life"

    Thank you all so much, it is so nice to be in a group of like minded individuals..
  25. 7 days from today my life will change forever! I'm scared, excited, and ready to get going. On my preop diet I have lost 9 lbs.. in two weeks,and one week left! So that's without the band, excited to see after I get the band! I am going to be a Bandalero.....since I am Latino!