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  1. OMG.....my yoga experience taught me that I am shallow....ok I knew that LOL but really....yoga maybe with someone who isn't all nuts about it, but those who are serious.....gad they're ummm well "nuts" about it. I took a yoga class with a rather famous person. She's rather irreverent in person and on camera so I thought it wouldn't be too bad...if her yoga person could handle her she'd be fine with me. But we had to gad like hold our hands in some sort of prayer to gad knows what god, and then "center ourselves". Hell I didn't find my self in the 80's when it was popular, so centering is likely not going to take. I ended up dying laughing...tears running down my eyes, cuz the other person was making faces at me during the centering moments. It was something akin to hell and heaven at the same time. Hilarious...but could I ever take a yoga class seriously....NEVER. I did do Pilates though (on a reformer) and LOVED it! It stretches everything you need, works you hard...and you don't have to pray to a dang thing!
  2. iggychic

    Just ate a Wendy's cheeseburger!

    I'm not surprised. That's pretty early. Most doctors don't allow bread for the first six weeks minimum and if it's allowed it has to be toasted. It swells in your stomach and can cause issues further down the road (burst staples etc). That said, I always say to people, listen to your doctor, then if allowed, try what you want. Your tummy may think you're nuts, which will keep you off the sweet/fat etc stuff for a while LOL
  3. iggychic

    Just ate a Wendy's cheeseburger!

    I went to the market today and had neurenberg sausage (low fat brats) on a bun with spicy mustard. My first since the surgery. It was yummy I will say that the bun was too much to handle for me, I ate about half of it and then DH received the balance of the meal, but I enjoyed it and will likely have another half next saturday at the market. The old me used to eat the whole thing and then come home and have a cookie I didn't have this surgery so I couldn't enjoy life again. I refuse to eat on a tiny plate or carry plastics with me LOL I still enjoy wine and I eat carbs ::SHOCK:: And I'm losing weight and doing fine. I just don't eat an entire loaf of bread or a burger at every meal. Enjoy life and don't listen to the grumps. There is nothing worse than a hungry and jealous former fatty who's sucking on a lettuce leaf while you enjoy a healthy portion of a yummy treat
  4. iggychic

    How much protein do I need?

    I am assuming you don't have a doctor or nutritionist to call? Your Protein goal is typically specific to you given your current body size and then it's readjusted when you hit goal. Mine is considered fairly low around here at 60gs daily during the weight loss phase and then I go down to 50. Many people are in the 80 plus range. If you really have no medical support, ask the question again but put in your height and weight now as well as your goal and see if someone with a similar size can tell you what they do. That would be much more valuable to you than to just ask how much we are supposed to do as obviously the last poster and I have vastly different goals...which suggests to me that they're a wee bit taller than this little leprechaun.
  5. Have some, see how it sits on your tummy (if your doc allows carbonation at this period). Mine said no carbonation until four months so I had champagne at 4 months and about 32 seconds For me champagne is fine but the larger bubbles in soda's are not comfortable. We'll see how I feel when gin and tonic weather comes around....I can't afford to drink champagne all summer LOL
  6. iggychic

    Gift to myself

    I think the shoe issue is less of an issue for lower BMI folks than higher. My shoe size hasn't changed and I'm nearly at goal. But my calf size has so boots fit nicely now where as before I had to wear them under jeans and not leave them zipped up all the way LOL I put on a pair of boots I picked up in Italy maybe gad 15 years ago (good gravy it's been that long) and they fit nifty keen just as they did when I was a size 2 so many years ago LOL
  7. I didn't have the surgery so I could never eat a burger. Hopefully you didn't either. Burgers are good. It's just that more than one of them is not good for you You recognize that you shouldn't have made the effort to go back and eat the other half. Work in progress as Laura says. That said, what would your old self have eaten? Fries and a soda or milkshake with that burger??????
  8. iggychic

    VSG Urban Legends

    LOL Laura I didn't say not to drink it, just not to lump all wine in with it BTW I do too LOL But I must admit that whenever I've had a lovely enough evening to warrant the port coming out I always say yes and I ALWAYS regret it LOL And don't even mention a cigar when I have a port....they go hand in hand or head in toilet for me LOL Since the surgery I haven't had a port though. I really don't do well with high sugar content and think it might cause major puke factor. Have you tried it since surgery?
  9. iggychic

    back to hospital!

    Symptoms vary but a few to watch for are a low grade or high fever (mine was around 100 to 101 for weeks). Left shoulder pain. Weakness that is unrelenting and getting worse, not better after the surgery. Vomiting is common though was not an issue for me until the end. Shortness of breath (which typically means a high leak that is effecting your esophagus or diaphragm). Conversely you can see lower abdominal pain or kidney/liver pain cramps if the leak is low and the sepsis is hitting those organs first. Racing heart beat is common. Any of these that continue on for more than 24 hours should be reviewed by your doctor. And if the idiot does not order a leak test order your own Honestly, insist. I kept asking and he kept saying I didn't need it as did his partner....fools nearly killed me. (BTW that doc is not on my profile...Dr. Hunter rocks!)
  10. buplee, I'm sure you didn't intend to insult...but just to be clear, people who have complications do not necessarily do so because they did something "wrong". Nor because they chose the wrong doctor, etc. Nor because they cheaped out and didn't go to a center of excellence....sometimes it is due to surgeon error, good surgeons screw up too. Sometimes it's just how their body reacted to the surgery. I went to a surgeon who had excellent reviews, had seen people on this forum, was quite experienced, not the cheapest (very expensive actually) and who runs a "Center of Excellence". All that great thought and it nearly killed me.
  11. iggychic

    VSG Urban Legends

    That explains why I'm growing taller!!!
  12. iggychic

    Blood Clot Prevention Shots

    There are pros and cons to the shots and meds so most doctors make it a case by case decision. I actually had a blood clot from the picc line and took the shots for one day, then put the next one in the bed LOL (cuz the damn nurse wouldn't leave me alone about using it) and then talked to the doc and was taken off of them. The clot I had was not dangerous and could be monitored via ultrasound so I did that instead and it went away. The medications can put some people at risk. I do not live the kind of life where I'm not on a ladder or jumping off a wall or running or whatever so the risks for excessive bleeding in an injury over ruled the risk of the clot. I totally agree that blood clots are dangerous, and each situation should be carefully considered, but I for one do not take a medicine just because they give it to everyone else. I want to know the "why" and then make an informed decision after that. But I want to hear that "why" directly from my surgeon's mouth
  13. iggychic

    VSG Urban Legends

    That you'll end up a blithering drunk if you touch a drop of anything tasty.... (I started out a blithering drunk so I'm safe from that one LOL) Actually the biggest...that there are any absolutes. I can't eat much sugar or chocolate. I find many unhealthy foods make me really sick. I don't get drunk if I have a drink (it's actually less potent).
  14. iggychic

    VSG Urban Legends

    Gad what's wrong with you that's a watermellon (and then your tummy will get really big) heh heh
  15. You're a doll I hate to read that anyone is having issues, especially when we go through so much to get this silly thing done. That whole stomach size thing is a mystery isn't it? I'm 5' and am told I have a very short stomach (my second doc says he would have used a larger boogie even because it's so short) but here you are at 5'2" and obviously that's not the case for you. I wonder...are stomachs like boobs? All sizes, not always proportional to our height LOL
  16. No it's a fair question I don't mind answering it, but sometimes the backlash for stating my thoughts gets ugly so beware I have lost weight, true, but I have long term lung damage because of the complications I had (which required many holes to be cut into my lungs, my ribs to be spread, etc). The treatments to save my life were excruciatingly painful. I was bedridden for two months, over a month of that in hospital far away from my family. I am now left with a stomach that is too small to allow adequate nutritional intake when I am done with the weight loss period and at that point may need a feeding tube for life to keep me healthy. Feeding tubes come with all kinds of fun risks like infection, slippage, ya da ya da...it's a life long medical condition that I wasn't hoping to achieve by losing weight. People say they do this surgery to be healthy (the majority say that). I (and many others) do it to be slim, to take the easy route to weight loss. In becoming slim this way I actually ended up making myself not healthy Thin/Slim isn't everything. A dear friend of mine just died as a result of a rare complication of RNY. She had a nice small coffin I don't think that's what she was hoping to accomplish with her surgery.
  17. I have six ounces of coffee with a sugar free vanilla syrup and 8 oz of skim milk. I get a latte and Protein this way Later in the morning I will have something else. One thing I like is to do scrambled eggs (mix with Water not milk for fluffy eggs) and then I add cheese, sour cream and salsa. I also do a poached egg with cheese and canadian bacon on occasion and I do like the Special K protein cereal. Yoghurt or cottage cheese, either plain or with fruit works for me as well.
  18. At this point regrets aren't likely worth discussing. You've done it and now you move forward and face the new day. I personally think the time to read and discuss regrets is when you are choosing to have the surgery or not. At that point you can weigh and measure the risks and the outcomes and decide if this is for you or not. After the surgery, focusing on someone else's inability to lose, etc, isn't much help to your battle of the bulge. For the record, I had severe complications and deeply regret the surgery. Stupidest thing I've ever done in my life (and I do some stupid things on occasion LOL). That said, all I can do is share my experience with others so that they can learn from my mistake and take what they can from it if it applies to them. On the plus side, for your benefit, I have lost weight and it's pretty easy to do once sleeved. I'm sure you'll do great!!!