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  1. Starting Over!

    Anyone From The Kansas City Area?

    When is your surgery? Best of luck!
  2. Starting Over!

    Anyone From The Kansas City Area?

    I really liked him very professional! Scars are flat and he was very easy to talk to.
  3. Starting Over!

    Surgeon In Kansas City?

    Weight loss surgical center peformed my surgery wishing I went to Dr Malley! No support bad fill experiences admin issues filed complaint with no response! Loved my surgeon and the hospital stay was wonderful, beyond that I do not have many positive things to say. Oh, and my biggest complaint they do not have a nutritionalist on staff! REALLY!
  4. Starting Over!

    A fill

    Lady Laine...Best of luck! Yes, you can do this! Stay determined and you can win this battle.
  5. I am feeling at a plateau with 4cc in my large band after 2 fills the scale has been very slow! At this time 21 lbs lost from surgery day. Am I on track? Just wondering if I was falling behind, really hard on myself. How are you all doing? Wishing success for everyone!
  6. I am so happy to hear your successful results! Your are encouragement for us all to obtain our own success in our journey! Thanks for the update, I have been thinking about you and praying for your success!
  7. Starting Over!


    The jawbone up has no monthly fees and it plugs into your iphone or iPad to update your information. I wanted something I would or could not misplace I also like the sleep tracking. It will wake you by shaking on your wrist when you have meet your optimum sleep time. You may scan, type or search food lists tracks salt cholesterol carbs etc. I challenge myself to obtain my 10,000 steps each day! Love my up!
  8. Starting Over!


    I am wearing a jawbone up bracelet which is similar to the body bug designed for iPhones and iPads I love the idea I can track activity, intake and sleep.. My up is my new favorite thing!
  9. Starting Over!

    Missed fill?

    My last fill gave me another huge bruise and I really think they missed my port. It was a brand new practitioner very sore at port? Don't feel any new restriction at all! . I am going back next week to find a solution! Good luck with yours!
  10. Starting Over!


    I have been on Biotin and find I continue to have hair in the drain at the end of my shower! So Depressing! I am my parents daughter, both light on hair!
  11. Starting Over!

    Finally My Ahahah Moment!!! Any Advice???

    Hummus and cucumbers for me no heating necessary. Will also alternate with chicken salad with pineapple mixed in with cashews. Protein bars low in sugar and carbs. I keep one in my handbag for emergencies.
  12. Starting Over!

    Boots and calves

    Same here...always have had large muscular calves, boots have never fit, even as a size 9.. You may have to look for boots made for larger calves. Good luck!
  13. Starting Over!

    Looking for input/advice

    Yes.....do your research, it is so important. Make sure you have access to a nutritionist and support groups. Get to know who would be running your support group and be sure you like and trust them. Know that your support system will be in place and rely on them for your success. I wish I had done more research in the beginning. Loved my surgeon not thrilled about the lack of support. The center does not employ a nutritionist so I have to seek my information on the web. Working through my challenges and determined to be successful! My only true regret is that I waited so long! Good luck in your journey!
  14. Please keep us posted! Best of luck on the new you! Thoughts and prayers are with you in your journey!
  15. 4th fill getting less restrictive, time for another fill!

  16. Starting Over!

    new jeans

    That's great news! How does success feel? Congratulations on your great success!
  17. Starting Over!

    Ban Hell

    You have it right...band hell until the fills begin to do the work. I feel to a degree I will have to work at this always and forever....however, fills do assist and make it easier! Good luck in your journey! YES....you can!
  18. Starting Over!

    Fallen Soooo Far Off The Wagon :(

    Your band is newer and you are not at optimum restriction! You are in bandster hell! Remind yourself it is not you, just don't have your band fine tuned yet! Do not give up, start new habits today, journal and exercize show yourself how successful you can be with the tool you have.....give it more time before you become discouraged! YES...you can!
  19. Starting Over!


    Great success story...I am within my 6 months of post op. just now seeing how this tool will keep me straight! Well written post with great information. So happy for you! Health is so important and why I am here too! Thank you for sharing!
  20. Starting Over!


    This question is often asked. My suggestion would be to research on line the two choices and see for yourself the differences. Between my on line searches and a candid conversation with my Doctor I went with the lap band. But, please for your own peace of mind, do your own research and see for yourself! Good luck in your journey!
  21. Starting Over!

    I Think I Am Too Tight

    I have had similar experience from my 4th fill. Challenges with protein getting stuck. Have really had to slow my eating and take very small bites. It has begun to get a little better as time goes on my band usually will loosen a bit. If you do not have a comfort level with what is happening, you should reach out to your doctor. Good luck to you in your journey!
  22. 4th fill complete challenges digesting some foods such as chicken and steak.

  23. 4th fill complete challenges digesting some foods such as chicken and steak.

  24. 4th fill complete challenges digesting some foods such as chicken and steak.