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  1. If I'm correct I believe you would need a 12. When you go to buy them each pack has the sizing chart on the back
  2. jeani81

    What I Hate About The Band

    I'm sorry to tell you this but your band does not move at all it is stitched into place. If your band is moving then youve got issues
  3. Walk that is all that helped me. Gas x didn't do anything
  4. jeani81

    Mushie Phase

    I was told not to purée food by my doctor that you should stick to the foods that are generally mushie. He told me when you start pureeing food you think you can eat anything you can purée and there's a reason your on a specific diet.
  5. jeani81

    Craziest Thing....

    I was told microwaving anything changes it. My doctor says to avoid microwaving
  6. jeani81

    2 Months Post Op

    That is great progress
  7. jeani81

    Afraid To Lose More Weight

    A true friend would be there to support you and not out you because they have a problem with your weightless. You need to do what is best for you and your true friends will be there by your side. If you think that they are just not educated on your new life and how the band works then educate them so there isn't anymore miscommunication.
  8. jeani81


    I totally agree it is a complete want situation. I have been overweight my whole life and I want this so bad I have changed my whole life not only for me but my husband and kids too. When I had surgery that was the end of me bringing any bad foods in the home, no cookies, candy, chips or anything, if there is no temptation then you won't eat it.
  9. I feel like you also. I hardly ever make it to 900 calories in a day, I exercise and am losing about 10 lbs a month. I do think about food but I have restriction and have from the beginning. I guess I don't worry so much about how much I'm eating but more about how healthy I'm eating
  10. jeani81

    In Pain - Help!

    The stuck feeling is more in the middle of your chest, not under the rib age for me
  11. jeani81

    Lap Bands And Fills

    I asked my surgeon and I have a 14cc band because my stomach is shorter and wider. He told me someone with a skinnier longer stomach would most likely get a 10 cc band.
  12. jeani81

    First Fill Today, My Progress!!

    Congrats. I know it seems like forever for me too but it is so worth it and slow and steady is the best way to lose weight. Your doing great
  13. I love that your always positive and uplifting and that is what so many of us especially in the early stages of the lap band need. Thank you for your inspiration.
  14. jeani81


    It wasn't until about a month out that I could sleep on my stomach but I used a body pillow and propped myself on the side.
  15. jeani81

    The Scale Finally Moved....

    I was banded on 5/24 and I have went through some crazy phases. I went a week and didn't lose a pound but then the next week I lost a lb a day and now this week nothing. It is so funny how our body works.
  16. jeani81

    May Bandsters!

    My Surgery was may 24th
  17. jeani81

    One Month Out

    M one month out today and 35lbs down. I am working super hard on diet and portion control and do a vigorous workout every day. I have also lost 2 inches off my hips and chest and 1 off my waist. For anyone struggling just hang in there things get better.
  18. jeani81

    Realized How Bad I Need To Lose Weight

    Good luck with your journey it is so well worth it. Stay positive and you will succeed.
  19. Was banded on 5/24/12 and have been doing great but about a week ago I noticed the corner of my large incision had a funny bump and it was shiny so I figured it to be a stitch but last night I was itching around the incision and the whole top of a stitch popped up and now has a longer thread to it. It doesn't hurt and isn't infected. I was told once the inside part dissolves it should just pull off. I have an appointment in July to see the doctor because he is only at my office every two weeks. I watch to make sure there's no pain or redness. Has anyone else had this issue?
  20. I was always a big drinker at meals, so I just make sure that I drink alot through out the day and when it comes to meals I am not thirsty then. Also make sure what you are eating isn't dry and that will help. My surgeons rules are 15 minutes before you eat and no drinking for an hour after.
  21. I have lost 31 lbs since my surgery 3 weeks ago and just by following the surgeons guidelines and eating right. I'm on soft food now and haven't gained anything back but I also exercise alot. I feel as I could do the same but at the sometime I want to get more restriction and take advantage of my band. I've read stories on here of people being six months out and still no fills because they are losing weight. It's your band and I'm pretty sure you can do it any way you want.
  22. jeani81

    Reg Diet

    4 weeks is what my doctor has me and I did not get a fill yet. The first one for me is about 6 weeks post op.
  23. jeani81

    Newly Bsnded

    Soft foods for me is applesauce, mashed potatoes, cooked vegetables, tuna pureed, scrambled eggs,cream of wheat and chicken that has been pureed.

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