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  1. wendy1974

    CPAP Too Strong?

    I was just going to post a question regarding sleep apnea... maybe you all might know... I had my surgery 7/5 and couldn't use my cpap for quite a while, but seemed to be doing fine without it, but recently, about the last two weeks, I've been waking up with severe headaches and my hubby said I was snoring... louder than he's ever heard me, so I was wondering how common it was to have a relaps with sleep apnea? My pressure is pretty low, only 9. I started using my cpap again a couple nights ago and I have stopped snoring again, but I'm bummed to have to use the cpap again. Anybody know about this? Thanks.
  2. Hey everybody... I have a real quick question for you. I'm getting a major tension headache (3 kids will do that to you! LOL) and my doc says Motrin is a no-no (questionable I know, but want to follow his 'rules'). But now it's 10:30 on Sunday night & I don't wanna call the doc's after hours number just for this. Anyway, so my mom gave me a vicodine (only a 500mg) which has knocked my headaches out in the past. So, do you think it will bother my stomach if I took it tonight till I can call the doc tomorrow am? I had my surgery on July 5th (almost two months ago). Thanks in advance!
  3. wendy1974

    Can we take vicodine?

    thanks everyone! I tried crushing it up and putting it in a little Water to dissolve it... talk about yucky!!!! LOL... I got it down, but it wasn't easy! Oh well, between that and having my best friend message my scalp, neck, and head (she's a message therapist) I hope I'll feel way better by morning! Thanks again!
  4. Okay, so I started soft solids a couple days ago & made veal peprikash ... the veal was very tender and went down fine the first day.. I just ate some leftovers (only like 1/4 cup..maybe) and puked it up (I think I ate too fast).. but what I'm not sure of, is if we're supposed to eat something to replace the 'lost' meal? I hope not, I'm not feeling like eating anything anytime soon.... Thanks in advance!
  5. wendy1974

    If we puke up our food...

    Just EEEEEWWWWW!!!! But you know, after my original post, I re-read the title and kinda thought the same thing.. my wording really sucked! LOL After a week, things are going much better, but those first few days, things were rough!
  6. wendy1974

    Eating Slowly

    I'm having trouble eating slowly too! Especially when I'm really hungry ... I just lost my lunch after eating way too fast !! I just posted this question a few minutes ago... but when we do this and toss our Cookies, do we need to eat another meal? I'm sorry, I don't have any suggestions, but will be reading this thread for any good ideas myself! Good Luck to you!
  7. Hello Chatty.. I had my surgery on 7/5 too!! Just a thought, but could you be constipated, or have gas? Are you getting in all your fluids for the day? Maybe you could try some Milk of Mag to see if you have to 'go'? I hope you find answers soon! Good Luck to you!
  8. Tried soft foods today.. puked both times :0( Maybe tomorrow....

  9. Okay, so I'm still planning on visiting Cedar Pointe with the fam at the end of September and got the okay from my surgeon to go on the roller coasters, but he said that the G force would affect me more strongly now after surgery, so to be careful of what and how much I eat before I go on the rides... So, do any of you have experience with this? Did the rides affect you any worse after surgery than before? I've never gotten nauseous from rides before so I'm hoping that I won't get sick before my 9 yr old! Thanks in advance...
  10. wendy1974

    Recliner or couch?

    Honestly, I spent most of my recover time on my couch with my feet up on the ottoman.. I have a very comfy couch Then, after a few days I started sitting in a reclined position and ended up sleeping laying down, wedged between the back of the couch and pillows supporting my belly (as if I were preggo)... I was sooo comfy! Add the Lortab and I was good to go for the night! Really, I would save the dough for your new wardrobe and just use the couch. I agree with Kristie, don't spend tooo much time laying down.. get things moving w/ frequent walks to loosen up the gas and muscles! God Bless and Good Luck!
  11. wendy1974

    Feeling Lethargic

    Ha! Talk about tired... I am 2.5 weeks out and I just want to sleep all day... Today was super bad! My hubby let me sleep in till 10 (that NEVER happens, btw). Then around 4 they had pizza and birthday cake for my best friend's daughter (they are staying with us for a while)... OMG, that pizza looked so darn good, it was all I could do to not just eat a bite (or two, or three...LOL) so I told them I was taking a shower and taking a SHORT nap.... I woke up at 8 PM!!!! I don't think I've slept like this since I was a teenager! And I KNOW I didn't get in my protein or my water today since my lazy butt was sleeping most of the day, so here I am at 1am drinking my water and getting ready to eat a boiled egg....
  12. Took a four hour nap and woke up weighing a pound less than when I went to sleep... where'd it go? LOL (just water, I know, but funny to me anyway!)

  13. wendy1974

    Aching back muscles?

    I got my sleeve on the 5th, and after surgery, my back was KILLING me for the first two weeks straight! I slept with my heating pad behind my back it hurt so bad the first week! The heat (& Lortab) helped tremendously, but it still hurt a bit... My chiro told me that I had to wait 6 weeks for a full adjustment (same as a c-section, or any other abdominal surgery), but she did adjust my neck and shoulders since I came in for an appointment (for free ). The biggest help was my friend (who is a massage therapist) who gave me a back chair massage a couple nights in a row to ease the pain.... Good luck! It will go away......... eventually......
  14. Happy Birthday to me ;0) Still on blended food, so my mom made me a jello cake with my girls! I <3 my mom!

  15. Helena... is it possible that you could be getting dehydrated? I know that all of those issues can be exacerbated by not getting enough fluids in you... Have you tried calling your surgeon and see what their viewpoint is? I really hope you start feeling better... Good Luck
  16. wendy1974

    My wife seems jealous or upset

    I think Kristi is 100% right about this... let your wife know that you'll take care of her and also, you'll have first hand knowledge of what she'll be going through and can offer better advice and assistance to her! I think she just might be a tad bit jealous because you'll be sleeved two months before her and she's prolly just a tad bit disappointed in herself because if she had been more diligent she'd be getting her sleeve a little bit earlier... Good luck either way.. (I know we women can be weird! )
  17. Huh, who knew I liked Green Jello so much? LOL

  18. wendy1974

    weird random pain

    It's a relief to hear that you're going to be okay and being released.... back to square one, but as long as you're healthy... not a bad deal?! I'll still keep you in my prayers, that you'll heal up 100% very quickly and that pain that got you back to the surgeon in the first place goes away quickly! (sometimes bad things do serve good purposes, go figure!)
  19. This is the same message that I posted on the OH website, but I thought I'd get all of your expert opinions as well... Thanks in advance! Hey everyone! I am two weeks out and I am needing my c-pap! I know I need it because I have been snoring, waking up multiple times at night, sleepy during the day and I also have a very dry mouth when I wake in the am (so I know my mouth is opening while I sleep) and I have been waking up with headaches.... While I was in the hospital, my surgeon did not want me to use my c-pap because of the air it could/would put into my stomach.. but now that I'm two weeks out do you think it would be okay? I see my surgeon on Monday so I'm going to ask him then. When I called the nurse, she told me to use it and see how I feel when I wake up, if it bothers me, don't use it. Sounds easy enough, but I'm worried if it could cause real problems with my sleeve? So yeah, I thought I'd ask all you experts w/ the actual experience what you'd do, or have done in the past? Thanks again
  20. I had a pretty tough first few days with my sleeve as well... but just know that it DOES get better! Just keep walking & sipping as much as possible w/o getting too nauseous! I was sooooo nauseous the first couple days and had a bought here and there during the first week home, but took advantage of the anti-nausea medicine the doc sent me home with! Now I'm two weeks out and starting my blended diet tomorrow! Yeahhhh! Welcome to the losers bench!!
  21. wendy1974

    Feeling so Ughhh!!!

    I was going to say the same thing... call your surgeon's office. Keep us updated in the AM, after you get a hold of them. In the meantime, I'll keep you in my prayers...
  22. wendy1974

    Day 1 Post-op

    Congrats MLD! It is nice to hear a good surgery story I'm really happy for you, now you get to be a loser, too!
  23. wendy1974

    Some complications to start

    I'm with Robin, I can't imagine having so many complications! You poor woman! Your husband is a saint and the love he has for you just shines through every word you wrote! You have to be a very strong lady to overcome all of those obstacles! All I can say is May God bless you on your continued weight loss journey and may it be smooth sailing from here on till goal! ((((((((((((Cyber Hugs to you))))))))))))))
  24. Okay, so my kids were watching Finding Nemo today and now I got Dori's voice stuck in my head~ but instead of 'just keep swimming' I've changed it to 'just keep sipping, just keep sipping, just keep sipping, sipping, sipping' LOL

  25. I'm having a heck of a time keeping track of the liquid I'm drinking and the Protein I'm eating because I can't finish a darn thing!!!! It's driving me bonkers and I'm only two weeks out! I'm sure it will be easier once I get further along and can actually finish a measurable portion of something, but right now, I take two tablespoons of cottage cheese and finish 2/3 of it? Forget about Protein shakes, it takes me HOURS to finish one of those... the only way I can get protein for sure is if I drink the chicken Soup unjury or the unflavored unjury in beef broth and they both have to be pretty warm when I start drinking because I guarantee they will be cold by the time I finish! uggghhhh, now, don't get me wrong.. .I'm LOVING the thirty pounds I've lost, but not being able to keep good measure is just making me crazy!!! I would love some suggestions!!! Thanks.