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  1. Well, It's just over 2 years, how are you all maintaining? All's good here. I do notice if I'm lax on taking my vitamins, I sure do feel tired & crummy! I would rather take the vitamins than the meds I was on!!! I wore a bathing suit for the first time in over 30 years this summer!
  2. Well, It's been just over 2 years & I'm maintaining!

  3. Doreykn

    Baby Food for Puree Phase

    Please read the labels on baby food... lots of sugar & sodium.
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    By having a liquid diet, you are not only shrinking your liver, you are also emptying the solid particles from your stomach. Cleaning out your system...
  5. I still have knee pain, but it's from an old injury. Tylenol #3( with Codeine ) works best for me on my bad knee days! Extra strength Liquid Tylenol works better than the pills.
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    NSV - tmi

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    Hey you, yes you!

    Nicely said! Best thing I ever did for myself
  8. Cameron69, It does get better! It was the BEST thing I ever did for myself! No regrets here! Take your measurements & keep a log of your weight too. Walk & sip, walk & sip... Follow your dr's. & nutritionist's orders. Good luck & keep us posted.
  9. Good SUNNY morning to you all!

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    Need suggestions!

    I used to add different seasonings to my broth to change the flavors... Mrs. Dash & garlic powder were my favorites. SF jellos were good too.
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    Before & After

    From the album: Transformation

    I'm in a brochure!
  12. I still do 5 to 6 small meals & I'm 16 months out. I'm maintaining with 1000 - 1200 calorie intake.
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    From the album: Transformation

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    From the album: Transformation

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    From the album: Transformation

    16 months after WLS... Maintaining a 96 lb loss. Would still like to lose 5-10 more lbs!
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    Why Should i Get Sleeved?

    I'm 16 months out & my only regret is.... that I didn't do it sooner! I feel so much better & I'm off most of my meds! I need to post newer pics (coming soon). I haven't had any complications AND I followed doctors orders too the letter! Some people don't and they pay for it.( I do realize complications can happen either way). Do a lot of research and you will make your own decision on what is right for you. Good luck
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    spanx everyday

    I wear a cheaper version of spanx every day.(the granny pantie kind). EVERYTHING gets saggy (if you know what I mean)... and they help hold it all together. At my age, I don't plan on having plastic surgery.
  18. At over a year out, I still have gurgling...

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