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  1. Hi, I also live in Ulster county. Had my sleeve done at ORMC July 2,2012. I am just over a year out. I have lost 80 lbs and would like to lose another 25 or so.
  2. ChristineS NY

    Any Upstate NY groups?

    I'm not far from this area. I haven't found any other than in Middletown at ORMC. First Tuesday's of the month at 7 pm
  3. ChristineS NY

    Leg Cramps - Is It Common?

    I experienced the same right after surgery. I was told to drink more water. You can also possibly be lacking potassium.
  4. I am so excited and can't wait to have tuna of all things! Eggs, cottage cheese...(it's the little things in life lol) .I hope my new tummy can tolerate it!
  5. It'll be here before you know it!
  6. ChristineS NY

    Surgery Date Moved...i Am Sick!

    Sorry about your delay, I am a July 2nd sleever as well! Welcome
  7. ChristineS NY

    Leak Test Drink

    Thanks! I thought so.
  8. ChristineS NY

    Starting Out

    Congratulations on making the decision to change your life! I made the decision to get the sleeve in March and my unofficial surgery date is July 2nd. I have days where I question my decision but then I bring myself back to reality and I know that I need to do this for myself and my family. I guess I am alittle afraid of the unknown hence the reason why I stalk this forum! It really helps reading what other's are going through. Good luck with your journey!!
  9. ChristineS NY

    I Am 2 Days Post Op!

    So glad to hear you are doing well!
  10. ChristineS NY

    Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

    Good luck to you!!! Post an update when you can
  11. You look so great! What a difference 7 weeks makes, so inspiring! When my mind flip flops back and forth it helps to see before and after pictures. Thanks for sharing!!
  12. ChristineS NY

    Any July Sleevers Yet?

    We're in upstate NY csawiniski?
  13. ChristineS NY

    Changing Life...different Game

    Congratulations on your success! Great post, I am pre op and needed to hear this! Thanks
  14. Good luck to you! I can't wait to hear an update
  15. WoW! You look amazing! I can see a change from your head to your toes, you go girl!! Keep up the great work
  16. ChristineS NY

    Updated Photos Before And After

    Gorgeous! You are doing amazing!
  17. ChristineS NY

    Nsv That Made Me Smile Ear To Ear

    That's a wonderful NSV!!!
  18. I am not banded yet either, I am still doing the pre op testing. Some days I have all the confindence in the world to go forward with the surgery and then my thoughts turn crazy with the" what if's".....What I DO know is that I can't keep living this way yo yo dieting. I know I need to do this for my health and I am grateful that I have the opportunity. I just have to get over the worry hurdles and just do it!! This forum has been a wonderful place for me to come to daily to build my confidence and ease my fears. I hope you feel better about your decision too!
  19. ChristineS NY

    Surgery In Approx An Hour

    Congrats! You'll do great!
  20. I will be finished with all of my pre surgery appointments on May 23. So here's my issue....I have three kids, ages 18, 12 and 5. My daughter will be graduating June 22 (party on June 16th) My 12 year old is in track, practice after school with meets being on the weekends. My 5 year old is in pre school from 9 to noon monday through friday with me being the one that does all the driving back and forth, dropping off and picking up. My question is should I wait until their out of school to have the surgery done or should I do it at the end of May? I am wondering if I will be ok by graduation. I don't want her day ruined because I'm not feeling well and have to struggle through the day. I have had 3 c-sections and my pain tolerance is pretty good. I had no complications other than nausea with them. I was up and about with all 3 and even left the hospital early with two of them. I wonder if the sleeve surgery is comparable to c-sections??? Decisions, decisions!! I hate not being able to foresee the future
  21. You look awesome! It's posts like yours that get me excited and feeling very ready for my journey! Thanks!
  22. ChristineS NY

    Surgery Today!

    Congrats to the both of you!
  23. I went to the seminar this past week and while some of my surgeons patients talked to us about the procedure of the sleeve, they all mentioned that our surgeon double stapples the stomache when he closes up the new pouch as an extra precaution. My question is, is this customary? Do all surgeons do this or is this something extra? I am so worried about having post complications.
  24. ChristineS NY

    Ok I Need To Vent...

    A serious case of restless leg syndrome too! lol On a more serious note, that would've been hell for me!

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