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  1. Hi, I also live in Ulster county. Had my sleeve done at ORMC July 2,2012. I am just over a year out. I have lost 80 lbs and would like to lose another 25 or so.
  2. ChristineS NY

    Any Upstate NY groups?

    I'm not far from this area. I haven't found any other than in Middletown at ORMC. First Tuesday's of the month at 7 pm
  3. ChristineS NY

    July 2Nd Surgery

    Hey there! I'm July 2nd also, down 51 lbs! We're on pretty much the same track. I also have issues from time to time with acid issues. No regrets at all, loving life I have about 45 more lbs to go to get to goal.
  4. ChristineS NY

    Leg Cramps - Is It Common?

    I experienced the same right after surgery. I was told to drink more water. You can also possibly be lacking potassium.
  5. I started at 245 (my highest) surgery 7/2 almost 6 weeks post op current weight 207 I can't almost see ONEderland!!!
  6. ChristineS NY

    Three More Days Til Pureed!

    @LesKra. that sounds so good! i can't wait to see what concoctions I can come up with! @Amy, thats so reassuring, I hope I have no issues either!
  7. I am so excited and can't wait to have tuna of all things! Eggs, cottage cheese...(it's the little things in life lol) .I hope my new tummy can tolerate it!
  8. It'll be here before you know it!
  9. Had my surgery yesterday morning. Alittle gassy but I'm ok. I've been sipping water and walking around the hospital floor.
  10. ChristineS NY

    Ive Been Sleeved!

    Thank you everyone!!! It's been a week today and I am so happy I did this! I am drinking, swallowing pills with ease and eating alittle (pudding and jello) and I am LOSING!!! I had a very easy time with the whole experience. I came home the day after surgery and have been able to sleep on my tummy from the thrid night on without any pain. Each day is getting easier!
  11. It's been one week today and I am doing great so far! I am drinking, eating alittle bit (pudding and jello) protein is getting better. I am swallowing my pills just fine too. According to my scale, I am down 22 lbs! I go tomorrow for the official one week post op so I will go by that amount. This decision has been incredible!!
  12. About all the pre appointments and testing that I've had to do to get ready for my surgery. So far I have had the consult, blood work, upper GI x-ray, Endoscopy, seen the cardiologist, stress test, pulmonologist, Gastroenterologist, NUT, psych eval, EMMI online tutorial, pre op ed class, 2 support groups and soon to have a sleep study done. I had my appointment with my cardiologist this morning to get my results from the stress test and as I get up to sit on the bed he pulls out the papers and told me that the test came back within normal range (great!) then he asked if anyone called me concerning the results (no) and he pulls out the paperwork and on the front page it says in all caps in green marker " MAMOGRAM NEEDED!!!" <-----writen exactly as that, only underlined three times as well.. Not once but writen three times throughout the paper work.....He explained that the isotope goes throughout the body and shows in any areas of concern. "There is a mass in your left breast that we need to check out that showed up on the x-rays" Mamo and sonogram tomorrow morning for me. While he is telling me this the nurse puts the BP cuff on me and I tell her of her lovely timing. Ha ha but I wasn't really thinking of laughing. I barely remember driving home... This "mass" maybe nothing.... and that's what I am tending (trying) to believe. Kinda hard though when the nasty "C" word runs in my family. Breast cancer in particular. So I have been known to complain about all of these pre appointments, but I won't anymore. I'm choosing to look at this in a positive way (at this moment anyway ) and deal.
  13. ChristineS NY

    Surgery Date Moved...i Am Sick!

    Sorry about your delay, I am a July 2nd sleever as well! Welcome
  14. ChristineS NY

    So I've Been Know To Complain Alittle

    All three of your responses have really eased me, THANK YOU! Lissa, I breastfed up until about 2.5 years ago, Praying that's all it is! Thank you guys so much! This was just something I never thought I'd hear my cardiologist say. Threw me for a loop! I'll keep you all updated!
  15. ChristineS NY

    July Sleevers

    So cool to see so many of us for July 2nd!
  16. Is the leak test drink the same as what you drink before an endoscopy? (Barium?)
  17. ChristineS NY

    Leak Test Drink

    Thanks! I thought so.
  18. I've never heard of this.What is the banding made out of? Is there any chance of it slipping or eroding the sleeve over time? Those would be my concerns as your not left with much of a stomach to begin with. Just my thoughts. I'd love to know more about this though.
  19. My brother in law gives himself insulin injections in his stomach because he says it's less painful there. I'm sure it'll be a lot easier to have your wife do it for you.
  20. Congrats! I am also July 2nd and know all about the anxiety setting in!
  21. ChristineS NY

    Ignorant People

    April, I just went and watched your response and I LOVED it! You have a way with words girl! I hope you don't mind if I use some of your lines to combat the ignorants I have come across during my journey! LOL
  22. ChristineS NY

    10 Hours Post Op!

    Glad all went well!
  23. ChristineS NY

    Today's The Day!

    I love that mantra! Good luck to you!
  24. ChristineS NY

    Todays The Day

    Good luck to you! Happy Surgery Day!

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