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  1. How much time did you take off work before going back? Was it full time, part time? I took 2 weeks off, supposed to go back on Tuesday, not sure if I'm going to be up to it yet. What about others?
  2. lizzyshade

    10 months happy (pictures)

    Beautiful results, congrats on your success!
  3. lizzyshade

    100 LBS LOST!

  4. lizzyshade

    One year surgiversary!

    I'm 13 months out now, lost 104 lbs. I stalled out completely until I connected here again recently & read some advice. I also started fitnesspal & realized I was eating nore calories than I thought. I went back to 800 calories, protein first (even bought the powder again) & am still walking. Lost 2 lbs this week, first loss in months, has to be the portions! I want ti lose 35 more pounds. I have to repeat my mantra & live it too! Eat small, Be small! Either way, like you, I am so thankful!
  5. lizzyshade

    Always Thinking about food!

    Im really glad I read this thread tonight. Ive been stuck at the same weight since January. Thinking of food all the time again & eating more often than needed. Today I downloaded mfp to get a calorie reality check & came here for advice/ support. Mindfulness is a great word to end tonight with & begin with again tomorrow! Thanks, Eat small, Be small!
  6. lizzyshade

    1 year, wow what a difference!

    Beautiful inspiration!
  7. I downloaded & tracked my calorie intake today on myfitnesspal. I needed the wake up call! Weight loss has stopped, my caloric intake is a lot more than I thought & my protein less. Good tool if you chart honestly to yourself, I need to get back on track! Eat small, Be small!
  8. I'm 13 months post sleeve, Ive lost 104 lbs. I haven't lost or gained weight since January. For me this journey has become about staying the course. About not fading back into what I was & not giving up on my goal to lose 35 more lbs. Im hungry again, I eat more & sometimes I don't choose what I should. Those times I have to acknowledge my choices & forgive lmy weakness, so I can make better choices next time. I won't give in, give up, be that big stranger again. It would be easier to fade into food, but through my WLS experience, I discovered strength, I am capable of living thin. Eat small, Be small! Stay the course!
  9. lizzyshade

    Stay the course

    I guess I needed to give myself a little prep-talk
  10. lizzyshade

    9 months, 134 pounds - Pics included :)

    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing, I needed this today. Ive lost 104 lbs, but have been stalled out for a while. I need to get back to basics, so my tool can work. Thanks for the reminder, you are an inspiration!
  11. This is very personal, but I am 7 months post op and although my wt loss is great, my sex life is not. I have pain during intercourse & extreme cramping after. Has anyone else had this problem post sleeve?
  12. lizzyshade

    pain after sex

    I'm thankful for the support here. It's amazing how many aspects of our lives weight gain & weight loss effects. You'd think with a hundred pounds gone everything would be great, but there are still challenges everyday, just different ones. Happy New Year everyone.
  13. lizzyshade

    pain after sex

    I was not looking for a diagnosis, just support from other sleevers that may have experienced negative changes in their sex life due to pain. Before being sleeved I never had low abdominal cramps after sex & wondered if I was alone or not. It's not a lube problem or misunderstanding of my anatomy. I have an apt made to see a doctor. Doctor's aren't your support group though, here was supposed to be that.
  14. I'm 7 months post op & 100 lbs less today! I have had complications, I had an infection after surgery, then another in my intestine and have endured pain, nausea, depression & finally lots of hair loss. I missed 3 months of work since surgery in May due to surgical complications & then the infections. However, I've learned a lot about myself, I've learned to exercise, forced to learn portion control & would do it all again. I'm not the typical story & even I think its been worth it. One thing I've learned is that under my layers of fat & skin, I'm still me. So the struggles I had are still there. Also there is the reality of whats left of my body, my skin with a lot of fat gone... not a pretty sight. Looks ok under clothes though. And still with all that, I would do it again. Today I'm am half of me, surgery set me free.
  15. I did the same. If gummies are the only thing staying down, then thats better than none. Will work in the rest as we progress.
  16. Hello everyone, its been a while since I was here. So much has changed in my life since my sleeve surgery. I just moved from OR to Austin TX, are there any sleevers near by? I'm 7 months postop & stuck at 97 lbs lost. Not complaining really, but the scale hasn't moved for almost a month now. Also for the 1st time I am having food cravings like before surgery & that scares me. Would love to talk & walk with another sleever close by. Any advice regarding the stand still & cravings? Included is a photo from 1/12 & one from 12/12. [ATTACH]7477[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7479[/ATTACH]
  17. lizzyshade

    carb/portion reality

    I've been stuck @ 97lbs lost for all of December, its a great success, but too close to 100 to have it stall before the new year. A friend reminded me to go back to measuring & using fitness pal to record calories. Wow, an eye opener this wk. Somehow I reverted slowly to higher carb/fat intake than my proteins & my portions were more than I thought. I'm 7 months out & eating 1/2 cup per meal. But I get hungry every 2 hrs & found that I was eating 1/2 c during snack time too. So yesterday I went back to protein 1st, 1/2 cup meals & 2 oz protein snacks. My caloric intake was down by 300 & the scale moved down 1.5 lbs! So if you or I get stuck, we need to get back to basics ... protein 1st & honest portions. I have a feeling this will still be a lifelong battle, even when I reach my ultimate goal.
  18. lizzyshade


    I'm 7 months out & still struggle with that. At dinner I place a shot glass next to my plate & occasionally take a sip when I feel like food is like glue. Most of the time I have most of the water left, just knowing its there helps.
  19. lizzyshade

    7 months stuck

    Thanks, I'll try that. Keya, it would be great to meet you. I'm not working yet, so I'm free a lot. Let me know what works for you. Give me a call or text & we'll figure out the details. 503-347-7113. Beth
  20. Happy Holidays, to you too! Hope the new year brings us all weight loss & better health!
  21. lizzyshade

    5mths Post Op 100lbs GONE!

    You're awesome, thanks for sharing your success so far! I'm having a lot of hair loss too, I just picked up some hair/nail vitamins, hope it helps. 4 kids, full time job, & exercise... wow, I think I would try DVD that can be put on anytime you want & the kids can jump around with the music.
  22. lizzyshade


    Made my 2nd weight goal today ... 200 lbs, 69 gone forever! Haven't weighed 200 for over 15 years. So excited
  23. Today I went through clothes way in the back of my closet that I haven't been able to wear in a long time. I felt like I was shopping from my own home. It was great to put on old favorites and have them fit! I went to dinner with my husband and felt pretty for the first time in a long time. I'm not near to the weight I want to be, but for now I'm going to enjoy the little victories! It's amazing how two less pant sizes will do for your self esteem.
  24. lizzyshade

    8 Weeks Post-Op

    Hi Chimera, yes they did notice! Almost everyone has said something good about it. I'm glad I was very up front about what I was doing, so at least I don't have to explain it all after the fact. I'm glad you have the time off to really learn this new way of life we have now. Your co-workers will notice and I hope it's great for you! Lizzy
  25. lizzyshade

    8 Weeks Post-Op

    I finally returned to work today. My two week surgery vacation turned into 8 weeks of medical leave, it's been a long road back to pretty normal. I am down 50 lbs from my pre-surgery start weight! I'm excited about the weight loss and hoping to lose another 100 lbs before I am through. So thankful for all the support I have found through this website!

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