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  1. I took 4 weeks off and I have a desk job with no lifting or physical work. I could have done fine at 3 weeks. I think you need the extra time to get used to your new eating. Like what your eating works or doesn't work. Also I did not tell anyone I was having WLS so I wanted to make sure I was fine when I went back. Good luck and best wishes for a wonderful experience..
  2. LGoz

    Any Whey Protein

    I had a bad reaction to whey. I can only take non lactose. that is just me good luck you won't have a problem finding either one
  3. I did not have any medical issues except being over weight.. Diabetes is big on my fathers side of the family and it scares me to death. I just lost my father last April due to complications and after watching his issues it scared me. I was sleeved on Dec 14th and am down 25 pounds!! I want to lose 60 so I'm almost half way there. I'm not going to lose it all in a month or two. It's going to take me several months to a year to meet my goal. I do not regret it at all..
  4. LGoz

    Meat Just Ain't What It Used To Be

    My hubby made dinner last night because I worked late.. He made turkey burgers in the oven with low fat gravy.It was wonderful and not dry at all.. Sometimes the ground turkey gets to dry. We had it with some mashed potatoes.. I have found I have to have something on my meat to help it go down better.. Chicken I dip in low fat mayo for example. I'm almost 8 wks out and down 28 pounds. Everything tastes different now!! it's crazy.. tomorrow night we got a small steak to split for valentine day.. I won't eat but a bite or two but I'm looking forward to it. We have not had red meat in months.He does not have a weight problem but has changed his eating habits for me so it will be a treat for him too. Take care and you are not alone with your new taste buds!
  5. LGoz

    Should I Be Worried?

    I'm 7 weeks out and I fianally can drink fluid without any problems. I slowly worked my way up to where I am today.. Your body will tell you how much is to much and slow worked for me. Now, I drink an ice tea ( no sugar) from McD's in the morning (32 oz) and 1 - 20 oz Isopure ( with 40 grams of protein) during the work day and at least 3 bottle waters until about 8PM - I still sip the Ispoure because to much of that makes me sick due to the taste but I take it Slow
  6. I bought 1 box from a co-workers daughter.. I'm proud of myself for not eating any!! I left them on the breakroon table at work and they were gone... I still supported the girls and myself at the same time
  7. I'm 7 weeks out yesterday also!!! I'm down 25 pounds and my gol is 60 so we are doing good.. keep up the good work .. take care
  8. Terrific!! You are going to do wonderful....
  9. LGoz

    Day 4...

    I'm almost 7 wks out and the first 2 weeks where rough.. it gets better and I never cared to see anyone eat around me. My mother came to help me at day 3 and see was worried to eat around me and it really did not bother me at all.. It's weird to not be hungry but now I do get hungry and when I eat I'm full very fast!! That is kind of a strange feeling also.
  10. LGoz

    Last Meal...lol.

    I'm almost 7 weeks out and am eating 3 oz total at eat meal. No steak at all for at least a few more months.. It's just to hard to digest now per my doctor.. You will know when it's time to stop and trust me you will not be hungry - Good Luck
  11. I'm 6 weeks out and I get that sometimes but not alot.. It happened more earlier in my journey. I have a feeling it will fade as time goes by.. tell him I wish him great success !! We were sleeved almost at the same time.. take care
  12. you sound like me!! same story.... I'm going to up my carbs to see if that helps me feel a little better.. I don't feel bad. just litte sluggish - thanks for your post
  13. LGoz

    I Have A Leak!

    Get better Soon!!! You have beenn through so much already,,, I hope this starts your healing and recovery....
  14. LGoz

    30 Pounds Gone

    WOOOHOO - that is so great! Congrats I was sleeved on 12/14 and am down 25 pounds.. Some days I will be down more then it comes back so it's kind of confusing ... I know "they" say don't weigh everyday but it is so hard at this point not to. Let me know your progess and I will let you know mine!!! 2012 is going to be our year to SHINE!!!!
  15. That is TERRIFIC!!! I hope to be able to say it soon.. I'm 5 weeks out tomorrow and 25 pounds down!!! YOU inspire me - Congrats
  16. FYI - go to the local Vitamin shop and you can get 20 oz bottle with 40 grams in it!! green apple is my fav or gape. My local grocery only has the 8 oz and it cost alot more per once. It's 3.99 for the 20 oz and 12.99 for a pack of 6 - 8oz and the flavors are not as good.. Just trying to help. I was sleeved 5 weeks ago - Good luck
  17. That is terrific.. Keep it up I'm dowm 25 pounds in 5 weeks.. It's exciting isn't it!!
  18. I am 5 weeks out yesterday and today for the first time I got terrible heartburn! What the heck is going on?? I would have thought I would have had it before now. I stopped taking the PPI a few weeks ago because I didn't feel I needed it. I started taking again today. I also have not been able to have a "poo" but once a week for the past 3 weeks. I started Miralx yesterday and I'm still waiting to see if that is going to help. I don't understand how I'm eating very little and with all the fluids I'm drinking that not going Poop! I hope it's not a stricture or something. thanks for listening
  19. LGoz

    I Disagree With You But...

    Your choice is going to save and change your life. Sorry you have to defend your decision. You need to do what you need to do. Doing that was an issue I have had for a very long time. I finally said it's time for ME and I need to put me first.. By the way ... I'm almost wks out and SO HAPPY!! take care and good luck
  20. LGoz


    Same thing happened to me. I am 5 wks and can not go "Poo-Poo"...I am strarting Mirilax in the morning for the first time. I have had 2 "poo-poo's" in 5 weeks tomorrow!! crazy!! My hubby always told me I was full of you know what and I guess he is right!! LOL
  21. Woo-Hoo.. I went to lunch at Chili's today with my mother after we went shopping.. I ate just a little bit of refied beans with some melted cheese and I was so full (like 4 bites).. It has been just over 4 weeks and I can have this at home (their's have more FAT and I knew that). But my BIG ahha moment was when I realized I was perfectly fine with eating it out. I did not want anything else nor did I feel unhappy not eating anything else. We had a terrific time and I passed my first test.
  22. I'm worried that because I can eat more now that I have stretched my sleeve.. It's 4 weeks and a few days. I thought being able to eat more of the right foods would be ok.. Am I wrong?
  23. LGoz

    Before And "after" Pics

    you look sooo good !! congrats!
  24. Feels great doesn't it NyanBunny56!! We are going to make it! 4 small bites over a lunch and that was it..