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  1. kespy74

    Sick Of Compliments And Comments

    My boys always like to say "Mom, are you getting shorter?" They don't mention my weight loss but they do say they are proud of me for being healthier. Every week, when I weigh myself, I let them know, and they just give me a way to go mom. They both leave for college next month, and I am going to miss them so much. At least they are only a few hours away.
  2. kespy74

    March 2014 Losers

    The hair loss is a little surreal. I thought I was prepared. But the amount that comes out is unreal and it freaks me out. I've been taking 10,000 MG of Biotin and using Nioxin and lavender soap to help. I keep asking my hubby if he sees a difference or any bald spots. I hope it stops soon.
  3. kespy74

    Atlanta GA Area

    The first three months were really tough. I wasn't able to eat anything without severe nausea. I had to have an EGD (laparoscopy) April 11th and May 5th. The surgeon used a balloon to open my pouch and even took out a staple due to so much swelling. On the 15th of May, I was admitted into the hospital for malnutrition and sever dehydration. They inserted a PICC line to feed me then ran a bunch of tests. I ended up having to have my gall bladder removed on the 18th of May. After a week in the hospital (I had to beg to be released so I wouldn't miss my sons graduation) they let me out on the condition that I continue the intravenous feedings. I was finally able to get the PICC line out on June 18th. I still struggle with nausea a couple days a week and I cannot eat meat. I have lost 66 pounds and I feel much better. Even though I had a lot of issues, I've never regretted my decision. I no longer have migraines or sleep apnea. I used to need my rescue inhaler 20 times a day, I no longer need it. My joints don't hurt anymore and my depression is gone just to name a few of the positives.
  4. I'm just curious on how many folks have given up on meat and follow a vegetarian diet. I have had to give up meat, which I loved before surgery, because it just does not sit well in Winnie the pouch. Since I cannot tolerate meat anymore, and actually crave veggies (I used to not like veggies before surgery), I would love to hear if this is common and if you were ever able to tolerate meat again. And how do you get your Protein in without meat. Protein shakes don't sit well either, by the way. I had RNY on March 5, 2014, and had some complications for the first 3 months and was in and out of the hospital several times.
  5. I tried the Boca crumbles last night with taco seasoning and ate it as a lettuce wrap! OMG, it was so yummy and I ate it again today for lunch. I made tortillas for my family and let them eat it without telling them it wasn't meat. and they loved it and couldn't believe they had another meat free supper. The vegetarian lifestyle is fitting my new lifestyle very well and I'm at the point where I don't really miss meat or chicken anymore. I am still exploring fish options because I've never really liked fish. I am allergic to shrimp but would love to try in case I am no longer allergic, but I'm kinda scared.
  6. @@Lthomas were you a vegetarian before your surgery? I tried the Morningstar patties and I didn't really like them, but I love the "chicken" nuggets and patties. I've also discovered Amy's spinach pizza. Yummy!! I bought some tofu to try soon just not sure how to cook it.
  7. kespy74

    Atlanta GA Area

    @@Roostertail2 Hi, I have already had my surgery on March 5th but you can ask me anything. I live south of Atlanta in Peachtree City but had surgery in Marietta. Good luck and best wishes.
  8. kespy74

    nauseous all the time

    Not sure what TPN stands for, but it was intravenous nutrition given to me through a PICC line. I had to take zofran and phenegran as well as carafate and protonix because I couldn't keep anything down and was pretty much malnourished and dehydrated to the point where it got dangerous. The gall bladder can have a lot to do with nausea and it was the reason for most of my nausea issues. I am doing great now, as long as I don't eat meat.
  9. kespy74

    nauseous all the time

    I had that problem and couldn't eat or drink. My surgeon did a couple EGD (endoscopy tube with a balloon) which didn't help and then I was admitted and had to get my gall bladder removed 2.5 months after my bypass and had to have TPN for a month after I got out of the hospital. I still wear a anti nausea patch and I am over 4 months post op and cannot eat any meat, as it makes me feel really sick. Call your doctor and let them know.
  10. kespy74

    March surgery

    I'm not sure what it stands for but it was nutrition and Vitamins given to me intravenously thru a PICC line. I was able to tolerate a little beef yesterday and today. So happy that I don't have pain when I eat.
  11. kespy74

    How long be for i can go two the gym

    It took me a little over 3 months to be able to be cleared to go to the gym by my doc. I had surgery on the 5th of march. But I had some complications and had to get my gall bladder removed on May 18th and was on TPN through a PICC line for a month. Just got that removed last Thursday and went to the gym on Saturday. It was wonderful, but I over did it and so sore. Listen to your doc, and you can't go wrong. Good luck!!
  12. kespy74

    March surgery

    Good Morning my March surgery pals! Well after a month of having my PICC line in to get TPN, it has been removed and I feel good, at last!! Unfortunately, I cannot not eat any type of meat, so I am now a vegetarian, which is ok. I went to the gym on Saturday for the first time since my March 5th surgery, and yes I over did it. Holy sore batman!! But I am so happy that I finally feel better. It took two surgeries, 4 hospital visits that included a one week stay but I have come around the corner, and have lost 59 pounds even after a month stall due to the TPN. Even though I had some rough times, I have never regretted getting the surgery. My sleep apnea is gone, my asthma is 95% better, my joints do not hurt, and I do not have migraines anymore!!!
  13. kespy74

    March surgery

    I had RNY on March 5th. I've had some complications. I've had two EGDs and ended up in the hospital for a week. They ended up removing my gall bladder and I had scar tissue and a twist. I am still on intravenous food through a PICC line. Been on it for two weeks and it will be at least another two weeks. And found out today. I have a UTI. But I've lost over 50 pounds and I am getting better each day. No regrets.
  14. I had my RNY on March 5th. First couple of weeks were fine then the next 8. Weeks have been really hard. I has severe nausea and couldn't eat. I had two EGDs that didn't help. I ended up I the hospital last Thursday. They ended up removing my gall bladder on Sunday and I got released yesterday but I have to keep my PICC line in because I am on TPN for the next few weeks. I'm finally feeling better but still can't eat quite yet, hence the need for the TPN. A couple days before I was admitted my legs were really sore, as if I had done a thousand lunges. The reason, my potassium levels were really really low. All this to say, if something doesn't feel right, tell your doctor. You are your best advocate.
  15. kespy74

    Anybody south of atlanta

    Good luck aece304! You will find some great information and folks here that can answer any of your questions or concerns. I had my surgery (gastric bypass) in Marietta on March 5. June 25 will be here before you know it!
  16. kespy74

    Hello everyone. First post

    Welcome!! I had my rebirthday on March 5th. I had surgery in Marietta, GA and live in Peachtree City, GA. I've lost over 40 pounds so far and have had some minor complications with my pouch and stoma swelling. I am getting better each day, although I can't eat anything solid without throwing up or feeling sick. I've had to have a scope and balloon to stretch open my pouch and stoma and I go again on the 5th of May. I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel but it's been kind of rough, but I would do it all over again. This is a great place to ask questions, and get support. Wishing you all the best!!
  17. I am five weeks post op and I cannot tolerate any kind of food. I feel nauseous most of the time, and my anti nausea medication doesn't help. I can't even tolerate my Protein drinks or chewable Vitamins. I let my doctor know, and I'm going in tomorrow morning. The only thing I can tolerate right now is Water, and that hurts sometimes. Has anyone else had this experience. What can I expect from my doctor tomorrow. I feel hungry but as soon as I put anything in my mouth, I gag, dry heave, or throw up all together. I'm kind of miserable.
  18. kespy74

    I want to cry

    Oh no, I'm afraid it might be happening again. My pouch is hurting every time I try to eat again. No vomiting but I have nausea. I'm kind of hating food right now. I go to my dr on Thursday for my 6 week follow up, so I will let him know.
  19. kespy74

    I feel so selfish...

    You're not selfish, just ready to start your journey to a new and healthier you. You are very fortunate your journey to this point has been speedy, Just hang in there, it will be approved and surgery date will be here before you know it. Keep us posted.
  20. kespy74

    I want to cry

    Well my doctor ended up doing an upper scope (EGD) and I had so much inflammation my opening was so narrow hardly anything could get through. He used a ballon to open it up and I am feeling a little better. Unfortunately he said it is something I may need to have done more than once. I am hoping not. I'm on fluids again for the next couple days then I can try soft solids. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  21. kespy74

    I want to cry

    Thank you Kelly and Ginger. I started out being able to tolerate some foods, but it has gotten worse in the past week. Unfortunately I was in Orlando for spring break and couldn't get to my doctor. I really hope the doctor tells me something. I haven't been able to eat in over a week and I fear getting dehydrated. I know I am definitely Protein deficient right now. It feels like I've done a whole bunch of ab exercises from all the dry heaving and throwing up. On a positive note, I've lost 38 pounds from my highest weight and 34 pounds since surgery. Trying to find the silver lining.
  22. kespy74

    March 2014 Surgery!

    I'm 4 weeks out today and I struggle to get 300 calories a day. My Nut wants me to try to get my protein from food which is so super hard. I try to eat and after a couple small bites I feel like I can't eat anymore. Nut said if I can't get it by the food, drink my protein. I've lost nearly 30 pounds total and I'm really happy about it but I am so tired all the time. I think it's because I'm not getting enough calories. I do feel good though.
  23. Hello My fellow GB family, I have a couple questions Question 1 I will be 4 weeks post op on Wednesday and we are heading to Orlando for spring break for 5 days next weekend. We aren't going to any parks but we will be in a hotel room with no kitchen, so cooking is kind of out of the question. What are some WLS freindly restaurants that offer foods that are low carb/low fat/low sugar. I am in stage 2, which is soft foods that I can cut with a fork. Question 2 I am constantly thirsty, and sipping just does not help. I've started sucking on ice chips. Does anyone else do this and is it ok? Thanks family!!
  24. I currently weigh 204.2 and my highest weight was 234 and 230.6 on surgery day. So 25.8 pounds since surgery and 29.8 total. I'm actually feeling pretty good. I get tired a lot though.

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