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  1. Ok Ladies lets try to set a date for us to get together to exchange clothes...
  2. I was thinking that we could have a clothing exchange a get together would be nice anyone in the area could clean out there to big clothes and we could all meet up and switch them for something that fits...I have a bag of clothes and shoes. Size 8 to 9 in shoes and 22 to 20 in shirts and pants. If anyone is interested hit me up and maybe we could plan something
  3. So instead of feeling sorry for myself I am pissed at myself!!! So all the young girls at work are doing the 30 day squat challenge and I am trying to do it too...well I have to break it up more through out the day to get all of mine done...one of the larger young girls made a comment that it will take me forever....so instead of going with the desire to bounce her head on my desk...just kidding... I told her please use me as an example of how not to let yourself go, its a good thing you are taking charge now and getting back in shape. Yes it will take me longer cause I am slower and have arthritis but I do way better when I am pissed of then when I am feeling sorry for myself... so screw the poor me crap I did this to myself only I can get myself healthy again!!!!
  4. wow all I can say is wow no not all of us have the issues she had I did have the problem of food coming back up but that was because I was eating too much or the wrong type of food. No I did not lose any of my hair. It seems like scare tactics. ITs your life live it the way you want. My usual comment for people who want to tell me how to live is...Tank you for your concern but I got this!
  5. Hi now exercising and inches coming off but no progress on upper arms. Can someone please tell me how to tone up my bat wing arms...its driving me crazy! thank you in advance for your help
  6. rayanne

    First fill not going well

    I go to the one in Houston and had the same issue. Mine was not tilted sometimes its just more difficult for them to find the right spot.
  7. so catching up with other girls in my office, now getting major attitude..sorry if my weightloss pisses you off looking forward to passing her now

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    2. Miss Mac

      Miss Mac

      Sweet revenge......I love it.

    3. gowalking


      oh, the green-eyed monster is alive and well!

    4. rayanne


      yes and she snapped at me so I snapped right back...oh well I am the big engine that could


  8. Went shopping for some shirts and got a cute one but realized I want it in different colors so called the store and told them I need it in plus size gave them the sku number and they said mama that is incorrect that in in junior/missy sizes...trying not to cry!!!! I am now in regular sizes!!!
  9. so My last child graduated high schhol last night ...time to focus on me!

    1. LilMissDiva Irene

      LilMissDiva Irene

      Congrats to all of you! ;-)

    2. rayanne


      thanks after raising 3 boys now all finish with high school I can focus on my weightloss journey better

  10. rayanne


    I am an emotional eater too...I find I need to get away from whats causing the emotions... go for a walk work on a hobby and if its past stuff leave it in the past move forward you can do this!!!!
  11. rayanne

    What size to sew?

    that's really a hard one cause everyone loses different amounts I honestly would ask you doctor.
  12. favorite new app...30dayfitnesschallenge

  13. rayanne

    if band has slipped...

    mine slipped we just unfilled it and it went back in place in a few weeks got refilled
  14. whos laughing now!!!! I did all mine even thru the weekend and all the young skinny ones no one did them...little engine that could I think I can!!!
  15. well maybe we should start a 30 day challenge together!!!
  16. go to the website 30dayfitnesschallenge.com they have different challenges you can do to help you get in shape...I have break them up like if its 50 squats I will do ten at a time five times a day so its not so hard on my arthritis
  17. thank you I am usually strong as nails but once in awhile it gets to me
  18. rayanne

    Can't find my port

    they could not find the right spot last time for me and I said look either stop or find it one or the other cause that crap hurts we took a small break then she found it..I understand your pain...
  19. ok those of u that are interested lets pick a place that would not be too out of the way for all of us...any suggestions?
  20. First and foremost you need to love yourself. You are your worst critic right now...give yourself a break and stop kicking yourself when you are already down.... Now chin up make little changes. Friends come and go so let that one go and find some new ones here. Close that door and move forward. you can do it. I too have very slow progress but you can not get yourself down you have to work thru it and food is our crutch...I had a slip and had to get completely unfilled. Just got refilled yesterday....So I know how you feel I got the are you exercising at all from the doctor.... It hurt but I was able to say yes I have a 5k on Sunday..... you can do this .... Good Luck
  21. yeah refilled so much happier

    1. Mikee57



  22. I just started drinking aloe juice and it seems to help with trapped air. Not sure if anyone else has a problem with burping I have air stuck a lot and the aloe juice seems to be helping. I sound like s boy at a frat kegger but feel so much better!!!!
  23. rayanne

    Drinking Aloe juice

    it is ok for taste not too bad
  24. I am quite literally the worse water drinker...I do good for a day or two then stop then try again then forget....

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