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  1. beautifulsoul

    I Failed The Lapband - Please Help Me.

    i am very frustrated right now ! there are many reasons why i eat, and one is because of the fact that i am overweight and i am upset so i just say f*ck it and keep eating. One thing that really helps me though is not going out to eat at a restaurant. As long as I sit down with myselft and eat with no distractions im okay. but once i have distractions it is almost impossible for me to do the right thing. I feel your pain and just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this.
  2. beautifulsoul

    Did I Expect Too Much?

    wow ! i feel the same exact way as you do ! this is crazy ! ive been really upset and getting down on myself because i had my surgery in august 2011 and i've lost about 20 pounds.... i cant believe that i had this surgery to only lose 20 pounds. yeah i am over eating and not doing the right thing ALL of the time but i am trying sooo hard ! im just really fed up !
  3. i am four days post op and I have terrible shoulder and chest pain. My doctor gave me this thing to help me breathe with and it helps a little. But mainly I take vicodin for the pain. Hope you are feeling better
  4. beautifulsoul

    Calling all A11s!!

    Hey August bandsters ! My name is Marni. I get banded tomorrow (August 17th) ! I am 19 yrs old. My starting weight is 272. I'm so relieved that I dont have to feel trapped in this weight anymore! Anyone going away to college with the lap band?
  5. beautifulsoul

    August 2011 Bandsters????

    my date is august 17th ! soo excited but i hate this liquid diet its giving me the worst headache ever !!! i just want to chew something!
  6. beautifulsoul

    Surgery Day Check List

    if you have sleep apnea you have to bring the cpap and i believe you just need to bring a change of clothes and a tooth brush etc. Good lucck to you my surgery is schedualed for wednesday!
  7. hey everyone ! i just joined this site today and would love to talk to other college students who are getting/ got the lap band surgery. Im 19 and my surgery date is August 17th. Im on day two of the liquid diet and i can't sleep. I dont know what to do. I don't want to watch t.v. because everytime I see a commercial of someone eating it gets me upset lol. Im trying to deal with it though. It's comforting to know that there are other people like me going through this journey. good luck to everyone !

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