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  1. Low sodium V-8 (not regular) is the best potassium source I have been able to find. One 11.5 ounce can has 1180mg of potassium. A banana is only about 450. Regular V-8 has about half the potassium of the low sodium.
  2. I totally agree! Even if the stuff is on your pre- or post-op diet, don't overbuy. Tastes change. I overbought the Unjury powder, and ended up trying to find a home for it. That was a waste of money, and that stuff is not cheap.
  3. Amanda 3.0

    No Pre-Op Diet?

    Dr. Cribbins is in Plano. See my post above. While still a "pre-op diet" it was very easy. I was very pleased with all aspects of my experience with Dr. Cribbins' office and Texas Health (Presbyterian) Plano was a wonderful experience as well.
  4. Amanda 3.0

    No Pre-Op Diet?

    My pre-op diet was simply vegetarian and very low fat for two weeks prior to surgery. Of course, nothing to eat after midnight the night before. I felt very fortunate, although my birthday plans for a Brazilian steakhouse dinner were dashed. It was okay, though!
  5. Amanda 3.0

    Funny Nsv

    That's so funny! You look FANTASTIC! Congratulations on your success, and thanks for showing your photos.
  6. Amanda 3.0

    When Can We Drink Coffee Again?

    This sounds like a good way to "temper" the protein powder and prevent lumps. As for plain ol' coffee, I was traveling this week and didn't bother to pack powder. I had plain black coffee each day with no problems. I used to take sweetener in my coffee, but I don't want to use artificial sweeteners forever. I have never had any issue with coffee, before or after sleeve. I really like that caffeine kick in the morning, and sometimes that is what keeps me upright in the afternoon.
  7. Amanda 3.0

    Anxiety Meds?

    I did not take them ahead of time, but when I was in pre-op and started to lose it, as in I wanted to pull the IV out and run away, the nice nurse gave me a couple of valium. If she hadn't done that, I don't know that I would have made it to surgery. Definitely ask!
  8. Even if we don't have comorbidities "now", that doesn't mean they aren't coming later. Sorry, but 200+ pounds on a 5 foot frame doesn't work well when you get older. I didn't have comorbidities, but who is to say that next year I wouldn't be pre-diabetic, or have a back injury? In my 40s now, my knees were feeling it. I was terrified to get down on my knees to clean something because it hurt to get back up. Now, eight months post-surgery, I have to remind myself that I don't hurt anymore, crawl under that desk and clean the dust bunnies! I didn't even know how many ways this weight negatively affected my life until I started to lose it after surgery. And, I haven't even always been fat! If you are unhappy, and you have really tried other means, and you have a doctor supporting you, I think you should go for it if you want it.
  9. I agree with all of the above. People will say you don't need it because they love you as you are, or they are worried, or it is a way to minimize you referring to yourself as fat, whatever. But the facts are that you qualify, and you want it. Like Rootman says, no need to suffer for 30 years before you decide to take the bull by the horns. My beginning stats were similar to yours, and I cannot tell you how happy I am now, and how even people who loved me just the way I was love the different person I am now. It is your personal choice, between you and your doctor.
  10. Amanda 3.0

    Sleeve And Perimenopause?

    I have already completed menopause, and am eight months post-surgery, and have not lost much hair. Knock on wood. I still take protein supplements every day though. I like having hair!
  11. Amanda 3.0

    Scrambled Eggs...

    I am eight months post surgery and I still can't tolerate scrambled eggs. They sit like a lump all day. Actually, it's a good weight loss plan because I am uncomfortable for the rest of the day! lol I remember, during my liquids stage, looking forward to that first scrambled egg. And, it was miserable. The good thing is that a hard boiled egg is easy to tolerate!
  12. Amanda 3.0

    When Can We Drink Coffee Again?

    Totally agree! I even add two teaspoons of Benefiber to my coffee and Protein.
  13. Amanda 3.0

    When Can We Drink Coffee Again?

    It probably depends on the type of protein. I know some powder, like unjury brand, cannot be added to very hot liquids or it does get lumpy. The maximum temperature is listed on the label, at least on Unjury brand. I am currently using Cytosport powder for coffee. I buy it at costco, 27 grams protein for a serving. I let my coffee cool a bit before I add it, not because of the protein texture, but because I use a shaker cup (blender ball) and if the liquid is too hot, the top leaks and makes a mess. My husband pours my coffee into the shaker cup and I let it cool for a while. I can't stand lumpy, curdled protein!
  14. Amanda 3.0

    When Can We Drink Coffee Again?

    Like stated earlier, the answers are across the board. I was allowed coffee immediately, while in hospital, but no cream or sugar. Now just over eight months out, I still have at least a cup per day. I add a serving of Protein powder for 27g of protein. I don't add milk or sugar/sweetener, just Protein Powder. I have never had an issue with coffee. I don't have reflux or acid either. But I would definitely ask your doctor's office.
  15. Amanda 3.0

    Advice Please!

    Can you ask the insurance company to treat your preferred hospital as in-network? It seems ridiculous to have to drive 1.5 miles for your aftercare. I would definitely try to work it out with the insurance company. Perhaps you can enlist the help of your employer's HR department/insurance administrator? They can make exceptions sometimes.
  16. Amanda 3.0

    So Upset.......please Need Advice And Input!

    Have you talked with your primary care physician? Your regular doctor should have all sorts of medical history for you. Maybe there is some useful info in your file and your regular doctor will write a letter of recommendation. Mine did, which was the start of this process for me. I also had records of prior weight loss attempts from a diet center, Weight Watchers, etc., and even history of my primary care physician trying to help me lose weight. Think of anything at all that you can submit. Good luck, it sounds like you will prevail on this.
  17. Amanda 3.0

    Vs Drama

    I am very happy for you, but also sad that you jumped through a bunch of hoops for your original surgeon. IMO, their office staff should have checked insurance coverage before scheduling any of the pre-op procedures. Congratulations now that you overcame all that! Yay!
  18. Amanda 3.0

    So A $3.50 "split Fee" In Our Favorite Restaurant

    I am a writer (and reader) of online reviews, but I would not rush home to write up a restaurant over the split plate charge. I would do so for the piss-poor service though. However, this was a restaurant that the OP previously enjoyed, so is this an isolated experience? I just wrote a negative review on Yelp for a service, and the company is definitely monitoring Yelp. I received a message through Yelp to contact them about the bad experience. I don't feel that I need to contact them, my experience already happened, and I shared it. I love online reviews! I have seen the split plates charge on menus before. We don't know it wasn't on the menu in this case. It is often listed separately from the Entrees or in small print. I would pay it and move on rather than make a scene and get my blood pressure up. Tipping is discretionary. If the server gave poor service, then the server was not screwed out of a tip. The tip was not earned. The server should have made sure the diners had everything they needed. This didn't happen. Unhappy diners should not leave tips. As a side note, I don't have a problem with split charges if they are posted on the menu. We can also ask while ordering if there is a split charge if we are adamantly opposed to such things.
  19. Amanda 3.0

    So A $3.50 "split Fee" In Our Favorite Restaurant

    I don't mind paying a split charge, but for that they should split it and make sure that the presentation is appetizing. Tipping is discretionary. I am not concerned with how the waiter is taxed. If a waiter is taxed with the assumption of 10% tips, and isn't making 10% tips, that should tell him that he is not a very good waiter and perhaps he should find another line of work. I am not good at sales, so I am not going to pursue a career in sales, that would be crazy. I am not trying to be mean, it is just reality. It is not right to tip for bad service and that people expect it these days is ridiculous.
  20. Amanda 3.0

    Stupid Question .... Protein Shakes

    I think it depends on your doctor. If I am getting my Protein in I don't have to drink the shakes. However, it is often just too much trouble for me to prepare high-protein foods, so the Protein shake is a no-brainer meal for me until dinner. For me it is a lack of appetite for real food, and a bit of laziness. When I was traveling, I knew I couldn't count on getting my protein on the plane and in airports so I felt it necessary to take my shakes.
  21. It was a great trip. I do love the trains there. We have no public transport where we live. I hope you have a great trip too!
  22. Hi all, I'm just getting ready to leave on a long international trip and so thought I would share what I have found about traveling and managing Protein. I found out that I can buy Protein powder that, if not the same, is comparable to what I am using here. So while I am packing a canister of powders?utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury, I can buy more in the countries to which I am traveling. I posted questions regarding supplement stores in the TripAdvisor.com forums for the cities I am visiting and locals were happy to recommend stores. Getting my protein during two solid days of flights is another challenge as I thought I would not be allowed to bring my 11 oz. ready-to-drink Premier shakes. I was happy to be wrong! The TSA will allow my Protein Shakes as medically necessary. I don't need a doctor note or anything, just to declare them as medically necessary and pack them separate for they will screened separately. So, I am taking six shakes for two days of travel. I called the TSA to verify all this, and they were very nice (although definitely all business). They even offered a confirming email: Travelers are not limited in the amount or volume of medically necessary food items and liquids they may bring through Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening checkpoints. However, if these items exceed 3.4 ounces and are not contained in a single, quart-size, clear plastic, resealable bag, the passengers must declare the items to a Transportation Security Officer (TSO) for additional screening. TSA has established procedures that allow TSOs to screen medically exempt liquids, gels, and aerosols. To prevent the spoilage of medically necessary food items, TSA recommends, if possible, that food is frozen, securely wrapped, or placed in a spill-proof container before carrying the items through the security checkpoint. Gel packs are permitted in accessible property for the purpose of cooling medically exempt items. Additionally, after clearing the security checkpoint, passengers may purchase ice from inside the secured areas of airports for cooling food items during flight. We encourage all travelers to familiarize themselves with TSA’s Travel Tips prior to their trip. In addition, our Web site, www.tsa.gov, has information about prohibited and permitted items, the screening process and procedures, and guidance for special considerations that may assist in preparing for air travel. If this is not the case when going through airport security, I will certainly report back!
  23. Where are you visiting? OMG, Pimm's was so good. Is it a salad or is it a cocktail? :wub: I am going to go to the liquor store today to make Pimm's lemonade here at home.
  24. In Scotland, we visited Glasgow. There was plenty of good food to be had, but most of it was a high in fat. Prior to Glasgow, we spent 12 days in Sheffield, England. Again, plenty of good food, but since we were there so long we figured out the healthier options for restaurants. If you just want to pick up a Protein snack, be sure to check out Marks & Spencer food halls. They have a nice selection of cheeses in ~ 1 oz servings, and also ready-made salads with chicken, etc. While on the go, look for M&S Simply Food (at train stations, etc.) which is the same chain and a fantastic selection of foods on the go. I am not a fan of the chain restaurants, but I don't always want to sit in a restaurant and sometimes a little snack from M&S was perfect to take back to our hotel room, or to take on the train. Oh, and I finally discovered Pimm's! What a refreshing cocktail!
  25. So I am finally back at home. As posted above, I was able to take my ready to drink Protein shakes through security at DFW, but with a complete pat down and swabbing. At London Heathrow, security wanted a doctor note, but since I didn't have one I just had to open a shake and drink it in front of them. They were very nice about it. Protein powders were easy enough to find, but I did ask my question in advance on TripAdvisor forums, as we were visiting a country where we did not speak or read the native language. I found it helpful to take my protein. Airline food can be too low in protein and way to many carbs for comfort. I'm pretty religious in my protein intake. There are no foods I cannot tolerate, I am pleased to say! I was confronted with a lot of greasy foods but in moderation everything sat well (except once, one bite too many of a potato). I actually lost a pants size while on vacation, can't beat that! I found that while most wait staff here in the USA are more accepting of my not finishing my food. I got a lot of questions about not liking my food when I didn't finish it, while in Hungary, England and Scotland. Replying "Everything was great, I am just full" didn't work as well abroad. One time, my husband told the waiter that I had already eaten, because they were determined to bring me something else more to my liking (since I didn't finish much of my entree, which was delicious).

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