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Cleaning Out The Closet (Surgery On 12/11)



My surgery is now set for 12/11, and I'm so very excited. On Tuesday of next week I will start the liquid diet, and then I'll be counting the days until surgery.


Last night I decided to start organizing my closet. I'm a bargain shopper, so few of my clothes are terribly expensive, but I have a lot of clothes. As many of you can probably imagine, I also have many different sizes of clothes. Right now, I'm comfortable in a 20 and sometimes an 18. It's been many years since I've been less than a 16, though. Still, I'm not good at getting rid of my favorite clothes. I still have the size XL dress I wore to my college graduation in 1999. I found that last night as I sorted through my "I Have a Dream" section of my closet. My son graduates from high school this spring; wouldn't it be wonderful if I wore that dress to his graduation?


To save space, I always put my out of season clothes in a couple of rubbermaid tubs in the corner of my closet. Last night, my ritual had a strange element to it. Will I need those clothes in 6 months? I hope not! But I still couldn't find the nerve to give them away. So I compromised: I put some of the clothes that are big (or roomy) on me now in a pile for Goodwill, and then neatly folded the rest and put them in the tub. But before I closed it up, I took a moment to write myself a note.


Exactly what I wrote is kind of personal, but I was very aware of the fact that I will probably be very different-- at least in size, but I imagine in other ways as well-- when I open that tub this spring.


I'm glad I'm doing all of this, and documenting it. I've actually started loading video blogs into Youtube, but they are pretty amateur, so don't expect to be dazzled. Still, if you're interested, go to youtube and check out: NewAndImprovedJennie.


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Jennie, I feel your pain and your anticipation of what is to come in the next several months. As a guy, I am not a big clothes hound, nothing like my wife anyway who sounds quite a bit like you with clothes. Anyway, I had surgery 4 months ago and Sunday was the first time I went through my closet to clean house....it was eye opening! As I pulled each item out, dress clothes, sweaters, sports jerseys, jeans, etc, I was shocked and appalled at how big I was just a couple months ago.

What I was not expecting was to see all of my favorite "go to" clothes be stuffed in a trash bag to be sent to Goodwill. This also included my winter coats that I could wrap around my body 1 1/2 times. My first impression is "holy $#!%, I have to replace my whole entire closet for the most part, that is going to be expensive!" Then I thought how great it is to be able to shop in the normal section of the store rather than try to find those one or two things that I feel might fit and look ok on me. I completely decimated my closet and I realized just how few clothes I have left now that all of the "too big" stuff is gone! One of the greatest "victories" I have experienced because it was very visual.

Jennie, you will be utterly shocked when you try on the clothes you are setting aside for the spring! Even if you feel they are too small for you now, you may be surprised and you will find them way too big when you go back to them. I had this happen with a few items that my wife bought me that were too small to wear prior to surgery. I never wore them because I missed that window of opportunity between too small to way too big.

You have no idea how being AVERAGE or NORMAL can feel so good. It may seem like a weird thought right now but you will know when you hit that point and it is nothing short of amazing!

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cleaning out my closet was emotional for me, i did it after surgery. i kept thinking oh i can still wear this...then my friends would say absolutely not! i still have about 40 pounds left to lose, but it was hard accepting that my body had FINALLY changed. i still see myself at 310 pounds, even tho im at 190. there are days im super proud of myself and other days i dont see any progress. i didnt keep any clothes and i wish i had, so i recommend keeping one whole outfit just to try on every few months, during those rough periods. congrats on making the best decision for yourself! your life will be changed so many ways for the better! and welcome to the vsg family!

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Thanks, both of you, for your responses! I have to say, this is the only place I feel like I can go where people "get it". There's just something about making that decision that you're ready to change the way you live. I can't wait to open that box in the spring! Have a great Thanksgiving, guys!

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What a good idea to go through the closet! I think I will do that this weekend (trying to get the house cleaned before my surgery on the 10th. There is not a hugh difference in seasonal clothes here in Texas (especially after 20 years in Iowa) but there are quite a few pieces of clothing that I am praying I will never be able to wear again. I have a "REWARD" shopping list for both personal and work clothes for when I meet my goals. Good luck and thanks for the idea.

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good for you, get rid of clothes that are too big, putting clothes away that are presently too tight, starting a blog, Utube!!!! I love the "writing yourself a note pe-op" you are definitely mentally prepared for this WLS :)

probably already know this, but - take measurements and pictures through your journey - you'll be amazed at how things change

if you do as well on your food prep, dealing with your food, drinking etc etc etc. - girlfriend you will do great!!!! So happy for you :)

FYI - i meant to do all the above one year ago, didn't follow through - sob sob

DOS 12/15/11

235 lbs


136 lbs

i have all the good intentions to start a private blog - called"one year after WLS"

blog will consist of food and regular stuff normal life - wish me luck

as far as your concerned - - great start and future toward health, and happiness with WLS!!!!

your DOS 12/11/12 - right around the corner - good luck, speedy recovery :)

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