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hair loss



For the past 3 weeks i have been loosing more hair then usual. I'm starting to really freak out. I have lost about half of my hair now :( I talked to my nutritionist twice about this topic before surgery and believe it or not i got two different answers. 1 answer was i will go through one major cycle of hair loss but it will grow back and she said there was no magical vitamin i could take to stop it. Story # 2 was the week of surgery she asked if i had anything that concerned me i told her hair loss and she said you wont have any hair loss due to the fact that your weight loss will be slow. I looked at her like she was crazy and told her what she told me the first time we spoke and she told my i must have spoken to one of her interns that she would never say that. (she was what i like to call crazy town) with all that being said what should i do. I take my daily vitamins, i make sure i get my protein in. Has this happen to any one else.


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​Sorry about your hair loss. I take Biotin 5mg every day. It helps with hair and nails. I get mine from Bariatric Advantage. They are capsules but being that they make all their products for WLS they go down very well. I buy about 5-6 different vitamins and minerals from them.

I did have a small section of hair thinning. I didn't know until my husband said something while I was getting a haircut. My stylist had class and wasn't telling me.

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Holly, That is one of my biggest concerns, I'm in the process right now of getting approved for my surgery. I keep reading about Biotin and making sure that you get all the protein in everyday. Have you been able to get your protein? I'm sorry for you and I hope it stops for you!

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