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Clothes shopping



I was banded almost 4 1/2 months ago & have lost 45 pds so far. I haven't lost any weight in the last 2 1/2 weeks, but I didn't really exercise as much or eat as healthy as I had been. I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm not stressing about it either because I"m much more aware of what I eat these days. I still struggle with getting enough protein in, but I'm working on it...


So, with that said, I've done quite a bit of closet cleaning the last few weeks. I'm happy to say that I've donated A LOT of clothes to Good Will. Time to put all the over-sized clothes to rest.


I went to Dress Barn, and found myself, comfortably, in size 18 pants, and 1X shirts. Well I'll be damned if they didn't look pretty good on me. Hum... go figure. Since it takes me around 20 - 25 pds before I go down a size in clothes, I figure these clothes will last me a while.


My goals are now limited to 10 pounds at a time. I think this is much more manageable & it'll make me feel better about myself. I still have another 50 pds to go to make my goal, but it's OK. I'm enjoying the journey!


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Congratulations! It's awesome fun buying new clothes. I keep on doing it :)

In fact, today I went to a clothes store at a shopping centre because I wanted a pair of three-quarter length pants for work (it's summer here in Australia). The shop was having a sale with a whole rack of clothes going out at just $3 each! So I picked up a pair of slacks, shorts, a lovely sun dress plus the three-quarter length pants I went in for.

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Here's a virtual high five! I cleaned out my closet and dropped off a lot at Goodwill recently too and it was fun :). I loved trying all of the clothes on the closet floor (always throw them there when they did not fit) and they all fit and most were too large, woohoo!

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Your making excellant progress, half this journey and battle is learning and making improvements in our lifestyles. I do a lot of shopping in the 75% off sale racks along the way. But cleaning out the closet is excellant. I did keep one out fit, I wanted one reminder of how big I really once was. You have a great outlook and very positive attitude, you will reach your goal.

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AWESOME good for you!! Isn't it a GREAT feeling? Since the surgery - I've had to clean out my closet 3 times.. and I'm with 2012 who tries on all the clothes in the closet and throwing the clothes on the floor when they don't fit... yep awesome, accomplished feeling when you see that pile growing.. clothes too big? FABULOUS!! Keep up the good work!! and have fun shopping!! Clearance racks are the best!!

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