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Viral Pharyngitis (strep throat)

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So I have viral pharyngitis. It’s basically strep throat without the strep bacteria. Today is day three. It’s the worst. I’m 6 weeks out from a gastric sleeve. I only got one Protein Shake, and two bites of dinner yesterday. Today I’m 1/3 of the way through a Gatorade zero. Things are getting dire. Dehydration is a real threat in the coming days if I can’t get fluids down because of my throat pain and nausea. I tried the throat numbing lozenges but they don’t work and make me nauseous. I tried Tylenol to no improvement. In the past ibuprofen worked but I can’t take that anymore. I just downed a zofran, a Pepcid, and a left over norco. Any other advise? I go back to work tomorrow and I’ll be damned if I’m calling in. Though with Covid they might not let me in.

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