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Any tips on keeping some muscle after surgery?

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Hey all,

It's my first time posting here! I really love how everyone here is so supportive of one another!

I am having my surgery done on October 6th. Luckily for me the nerves haven't kicked in yet but I do think about my post-op results a lot.

I am a male and I think my biggest worry with this surgery is that I will lose too much muscle and appear very weak after surgery. I haven't really done much work out since I assume I would just be wasting my time and energy only to lose all that I gained. I am thinking about getting a 10/15lb dumbbell and working my arms out with that over the 6 week period where no more than 15lb lifting is allowed. I know the Protein is key as well. I was wondering if anyone had some tips on retaining muscle? Especially in the shoulder/biceps area.

By the way, good luck to anyone having surgery soon.💪

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It is inevitable that you will lose some during the process - when you are 100 lb lighter, your legs have that much less to carry around all day long and things adapt - you don't need as much leg musculature as you did before. Trying to reallocate the muscle mass and limit the loss is the best we usually can do - I lost about 10 lb of lean mass going through a similar loss to what you will be doing. I had been doing regular gym workouts (weight circuit and swimming on alternate weekdays) for several years before surgery and worked back into that over time after. I used to be able to leg press close to 500lb, but its more like 300 these days (it's also ten years later, and my goals have shifted some; Covid doesn't help either.) I have never been overly intent on numbers but rather strength endurance that allows me to do the things I like to do, along with the occasional aberrant chores like tree trimming or ditch digging, without significant muscle pain - exercise most everything so they are all used to getting some regular work.

There are others here who are more into it who may chime in with more specific advice.

During these Covid days and limited gym availability, look into TRX as a possible home alternative that can work a lot of different things in a limited space and budget.

Good luck

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Hit the weight bro!!!!! Take no prisoners!!!! Hit the weights and I guarantee You'll gain muscle and keep the weight off!!!

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