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Food makes me sick

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So I have been... not doing well. Since the surgery my eating habits haven’t been the greatest. I tried hard to get things under control but I always ended up going back to food. I have a feeling my surgeon gave me a larger pouch than most ppl. He told me something about not wanting me to be like my brother who became underweight from 350 pounds.
Anyways. The past two months I have had insatiable hunger. No matter what I ate about 20 minutes later I felt PHYSICALLY hungry. I’m not an emotional eater so I know the difference between that and hunger. Real hunger. I’ve been trying to make it stop.
All this eating was making me so bloated and gassy and worst of all I even had oil leakage.. I was so embarrassed..
I literally stopped eating for a few days. All those symptoms stopped but I was dizzy and all that stuff and knew I was wrong so I started eating again. Healthily this time. But now I’m bloated from eating normally and I don’t know what to do... so if anyone has any advice... I would appreciate it

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I had the sips done btw

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