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  1. Hi! I’m 9 months post-op the loop ds. I lost a bit (ok, a lot) of control over my eating habits and it’s time to rejoin the band wagon! So here I am trying to refigure out which foods I can eat that are both healthy and won’t upset my stomach. I’ve had IBS prior to surgery and the malabsorption has complicated things so I’ve been eating whatever didn’t make me feel sick. Those foods are not exactly the right foods to eat, but I couldn’t handle being in the bathroom all day especially in school. (I’m 18. Had the surgery done when I was 17. Don’t freak out.. 😝) with the Covina virus, and living in NYC, I’m Learning remotely now and have more time to focus on what I eat. I want to do high Protein low fat because, ya, protein. And the fat gives me GI issues. Any ideas on meal planning?
  2. So.. I’m leaving the app.. sorry if I sounded rude or um.. unwanting to get help like some ppl said. Just for the record I’m literally 18. I had the surgery done when I was 17. I never found any support from someone who fully supported me. I guess if you are not perfect at wls you are not good enough. Just like everything else in life.... I want to thank anyone who took the time to speak with me and I’m sorry to anyone who I hurt because that was totally unintentional...
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    PS Costs

    Hey I’m wondering if anyone knows about how much money it would cost me to get a full body makeover. Upper and lower body. Arms and thighs included. (Not breasts or face or neck but just about everything else)
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    Weight gain.....

    Due to Covid 19.. this and that.. so sick of hearing it. Due to Covid 19 I got scammed and PayPal was unavailable to pick up the phone ...
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    PS Costs

    Nah. I’m one year out. Not even near my goal weight and am already dealing with loose skin issues
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    PS Costs

    I’m 18. No clue how I can begin to afford this. I am in the process of moving out of my house to rent or board by someone else. Even with working full time it’ll take me 4 years to save up for this..
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    PS Costs

    If I have it proven that this is causing me depression, does that count? I get rashes on my thighs but not so much in other places
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    PS Costs

    Where to get the money 😭😭 seriously. Insurance should cover for this. It’s not like I want to I’m prove my looks. (I do of course) but I literally walk around hanging all over the place. I am uncomfortable and get skin chafing all over the place. It’s overall quit depressing
  9. Dunno. I will try to call in.. thanks for the help! ❤️
  10. Hey guys. I really need help. I am exactly one year post op. I haven’t been eating right at all since the surgery. I lost weight the first 9 months and have basically plateaued for the last three months. Abt 3-4 pounds down collectively. I lost 100 pounds and still have 35 to go to hit a normal bmi. I thought that I was just being lazy and that’s why I couldn’t get my eating habits under control. Since COVID-19 I’ve been home and paid all my attention to my health and eating habits. If I follow a strictly high Protein diet, I am so constipated I feel like I’m going to pass out from pain. If I do fruits and vegetables I get insanity gassy. I need to stay away from too much fat because I get oil leaking if not.. so that literally just leaves me with carbs. And not even complex carbs. I’ve been naturally gravitating to these foods before surgery-obviously, and now anything else I eat makes me sick. Anyone else went through this? And this point, it’s not so much about the weight loss. I reached a point mentally where I don’t NEED to be thin in order to be happy. I just want to be healthy and feel good. And junk food is not doing that.... any advice?
  11. Yeah but I never actually met her. I only met some assistant who literally did nothing for me so I only saw her twice pre op and post op. Hoping to meet her this time
  12. Fiber gives me insane constipation. I tried to be strict with myself as a last resort to save face. I ended up in SO much pain I almost ended up in the ER. I tried laxatives, not really doing much. I use gassx which helps to a certain extent but I’m still gassy all day. I quit that type of eating as a desperate attempt to feel better... and now I’m having a massive oil problem... WHY? I am so sick of this. I almost regret having this surgery. Almost. And for those people who said I’m ruining it for myself NO KIDDING. I’m trying. Every way of eating makes me sick. And now that I’ve been trying to play around with what I’ve been doing this year, nothing works. All foods are giving me an issue one way or another. It got so bad I actually stopped eating for a few days just so that I shouldn’t be in the bathroom all day, which in my case with the surgery I did is very dangerous. I’m so frustrated. 😩😩😩
  13. @starwarsandcupcakes thanks! Will try
  14. Really? I thought it was sort of common. I’m meeting with my surgeon in two weeks for a post op visit. I was trying so hard to get this under control before I go because I’m kinda embarrassed that I failed at this.. I hate the loop- ds by the way
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    Anybody tried Keto post ds / loop ds?
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    Food makes me sick

    I had the sips done btw
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    Food makes me sick

    So I have been... not doing well. Since the surgery my eating habits haven’t been the greatest. I tried hard to get things under control but I always ended up going back to food. I have a feeling my surgeon gave me a larger pouch than most ppl. He told me something about not wanting me to be like my brother who became underweight from 350 pounds. Anyways. The past two months I have had insatiable hunger. No matter what I ate about 20 minutes later I felt PHYSICALLY hungry. I’m not an emotional eater so I know the difference between that and hunger. Real hunger. I’ve been trying to make it stop. All this eating was making me so bloated and gassy and worst of all I even had oil leakage.. I was so embarrassed.. I literally stopped eating for a few days. All those symptoms stopped but I was dizzy and all that stuff and knew I was wrong so I started eating again. Healthily this time. But now I’m bloated from eating normally and I don’t know what to do... so if anyone has any advice... I would appreciate it
  19. How can I learn to not feel embarrassed every time I eat in public? I’m pretty much good with how my body looks. (I mean everyone sees flaws in themselves) but I can’t seem to shake the feeling of shame every time I eat in front of ppl. Like they r looking at me and thinking‘ well obviously she’s fat, look how she’s eating’ I know I’m wrong but how do I stop?
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    Self conscious

    @BlueIGT wow... that sounds amazing. I wish I could do that... I also struggle with a touch of social anxiety which makes that whole thing u wrote about nearly impossible. But I will try. I’m sick of living for others, because of others, and by others. I’m an adult now and it’s time for ME to take control. Everything I’ve been doing was to fit in and be liked in school. From the way I dressed to the way I spoke to the way I thought of myself. I graduated a week ago and up on that stage I made a promise with myself to be ME and not live for others. My friends were not to keen on that idea..... I’ve been getting better slowly. But this eating shame is something I really still struggle with. I think I might have gotten that from an eating disorder I went through about 4 years ago. Although I’ve gotten over starving myself I still have that shameful feeling. I am trying really hard to do this without professional help. I managed to overcome an eating disorder alone without even my parents knowing. I feel I am strong enough to do this. I just need a bit of direction
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    Self conscious

    @jrt mom, thank you!!!!! I really appreciate it! I’m going through a bit of an identity crisis transitioning from High school to getting a job, having my entire group of friends betray me, and having my summer plans canceled due to COVID-19... thanks for putting this all into perspective
  22. I’m no longer obese!!!! I have been obese since I’m 5 years old. This is an amazing accomplishment for me. I never thought I’d get to this point. I can go shopping in whichever store I fancy. My last shopping trip EVERY item I took into the dressing room FIT! I had to get out of there fast. I came home and balled my eyes out... it’s crazy!!!! I am so thankful for this... I can’t explain the emotion going on inside me so I won’t try, all I’m going to say is, if anyone out there is considering surgery but is scared, PLEASE do this for yourself! I promise it will be the best decision you’ll ever make!
  23. I also have 20-30 pounds to lose. And I’m also checking up a lot about plastics. I’m wondering if anyone was covered by insurance due to skin irritations and fungus from the loose skin? My dermatologist told me to do research to see if I would get insurance coverage
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    Obese? Not me!!!!!

    Thanks everyone for the amazing support! It feels so good to know others understand exactly what I am experiencing and are celebrating with me!
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    I hit 100 pounds lost today!

    Wow!!! I’m 3 pounds away from 100, so I really feel your excitement. Keep it up!