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  1. Kimmes

    3 weeks out

    Today I am 3.4 pounds from Onederland and just 6 pounds from my half way point. I just realized that at 197.4 I will be half way to goal weight! I have lots to be thankful for! My sleeve is a blessing!
  2. Kimmes

    Easter Challenge!

    Good morning! I have decided to join this challenge to help me focus! I am 13 months out from surgery - made goal in 10 but want to get back on track. My goal was 155 - got down to 144 but currently at 149 - I allow myself 5 pounds of "bounce back" and have seemed to stay within that 5 pounds for the past 3 months... but today at 149 I am at the top of those bounceback pounds and want to stay focused on doing the right things - So here I am. My goal will be to get back to 145. Feb 27 - starting weight: 149.2 Goal 145 I am accountable for what goes in my mouth and how much I move my body! Good luck everyone! Kim
  3. Back on track and ready to focus - need to get in more proteins! I do not want to cross over my 5lb bounce back - keeping it below 150 and sitting today at 148.9 - goal is to get back to 146 in the next couple of weeks!

  4. I used Dr Kelly and Trish too - and could not be more pleased. I am a year out - made my goal in less than 10 months. I consider Trish a friend... Please tell her hi from Kimmie in MInnesota... she'll know me - we still talk and text often. I love them both! Kim
  5. Kimmes

    B4 And after

    Amazing and beautiful!
  6. 9 More days till we leave on vacation - Playa del Carmen MX here I come. First time in 20 years that I wont be afraid to wear shorts or swimsuit! Trying to get back to 145 in the next 9 days!

  7. Kimmes

    The Basics Boot Camp

    I just updated my status... I need to get my carbs under control... I have been super busy at work and NOT making good choices so I am going to start my own bootcamp basics starting NOW. I am currently weighing 146 - up 2 from my lowest of 144... UP is not the way I want to go - and I know exactly why it happened.... POOR food CHOICES. So back on track I go! This is a journey!
  8. I need to get my carbs under control. Up 2 pounds from my lowest weight of 144 - carbs creepin back in that is what is happening. I will get it under control starting NOW!

  9. I need to get my carbs under control. Up 2 pounds from my lowest weight of 144 - carbs creepin back in that is what is happening. I will get it under control starting NOW!

  10. Kimmes

    Hit My Goal!

    Oh what a feeling! Congrats to you - pat yourself on your back you deserve it!
  11. Kimmes

    All Inclusive (& Affordable) Self-Pay In Us

    That is a great price point for those who are self pay and wish to stay in the USA> But there are so many wonderful doctors in MX who have preformed the VSG many more times than most docs in the USA. I go for those with the most experience and best out comes. My best advice is to do your research - whether in the USA or out - check references.
  12. For those of you in a cold climate like me...Warming thought-first day of spring is less than 60 days away!

  13. Shut your eyes and see what can be...

  14. Live your life today... not tomorrow!

  15. Need to drink more water this week - feeling sluggish!

  16. Kimmes

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    I gained a pound this week... but I am ok... I am still 10 under goal and glad to have at least a 5 pound cushion! Surgery Jan 6, 2011 5'8" starting weight 239.8 Goal 155 Current 145
  17. CONGRATS! I am a Dr kelly patient also - your experience sounds similar to mine. My journey has been pretty easy... stay focused and on plan! Protein first, lots of water - and you will do great! I am one year out as of Jan 6th. I am 11 pounds below my goal weight. Best gift I ever gave myself!
  18. Kimmes

    Post-op Gallbladder Issues

    Yep - Just had my gallbladder out on Dec 12. My VSG was Jan 6, 2011. I did not start having problems until this past November when I had a couple of GB attacks that dropped me to the floor in a fetal position.... PAINFUL. Now that its gone I am just adjusting to what I can eat (most things) and what I cannot eat... Get it out - that is my advise!
  19. The secret is this. You make your own happiness. ༺♥༻ Harold Klemp

  20. Kimmes

    Super Saturday Weigh In

    I weighed myself and forgot to post it! Surgery January 1, 2011 5"8"" Starting: 239.8 Goal met November 1, 2011: 155 Current weight: 144.0 OH NSV for me today... Bought a pair of size 2 pants..........Thank you LORD!
  21. Kimmes

    Tanning Bed

    Yes wait a few weeks till your incisions are healed or they will scar! Mine did - because I went to a tanning bed 3 weeks after and my scars are dark... way darker than my skin or any other scars I have.
  22. How can anyone not like mornings? God gave you another day, Get up, give him your worries and enjoy the day!

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