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  1. I am 3 months out and all day today I am having sharp, stabbing pain in my left upper abdominal area under my ribs. It is quite painful and has me worried. Has anyone else had anything like this? Has anyone ever developed a leak this far out?
  2. Congrats on the baby! I remember reading your posts in the past about trying to conceive. I can understand how you feel about not being able to wear your sexy clothes. Although I shouldn't I am more obsessed with my weight and looks now than ever. I am so paranoid of regain now that I am finally thin. You seem to be like me where the weight continued to come off. I have had a hard time figuring out how to stop losing but not regain. I am considered "under weight" now with a BMI less than 18. Did you get a lot of comments like "you are too thin" "you need to gain some weight" or the kicker, "are you sick" :) Anyway congrats on the baby, I can't wait to see baby pics!
  3. Well I am taller at 5'8" and I weigh 154 and my 10's are getting loose. I probably could get into some 8's but haven't bought any yet.
  4. sam30204

    coffee ???

    Yes I have 1 cup daily. I put sweet n low and some flavored creamers. I feel like it helps with my appetite.
  5. My hair is everywhere too! My husband hates it cause it gets all over him and if I'm not careful it will drop in his dinner. If I run my hands through it I will have like 20 long hairs in my hand. I used to have really thick long curly hair. I already have a spot right at the front of my head where my bangs part that is getting really thin. If it lasts 3 months I may be bald
  6. sam30204

    Hiccups when full

    I too get hiccups when I am full. ALWAYS!! My aunt who had surgery the same day as me gets a runny nose. They are not really painful but are strong and only last a few minutes
  7. sam30204


    I wish it were just a band thing:( It has happened to me 6 times and I vomited 4 of those. Ive never seen anything like what comes up. It was a large amount of really thick looking clump of spit. It was so gross yuk!!
  8. sam30204

    I'm finally in Mexicali

    Hi You can refuse the epidural and request a medicine ball containing morphine, thats what my aunt did. She did great. I had the epidural and wished I had done what she did. Good luck
  9. I have seen a few folks talking about a spinal with meds for pain after surgery, does he do this on everyone or just certain people? Sounds kinda nice to me I am scheduled with him June 15!!
  10. Day 1 was LONG the flight was an experience! Ernesto picked us up right in time. He is very polite loads your bags for you. The drive to Mexicali was crazy! They drive a lot different here very wild. The were so many mountains and high rocks. The drive was about 1.5hrs. When we got to the hospital they drew blood, collected urine did a EKG and Chest Xray. Met with the anesthesiologist, he is very nice and welcoming. He explained everything very well.Spoke good English he just talked really fast:) Then off to the hotel. It was AMAZING! It was like a little resort.Had 3 nice places to eat, Italian, mexican, coffee shop. The pool was fantastic! Take your suit I didnt know about the pool so I was so disappointed I couldnt get in. We were allowed a last meal and I had mexican of course! YUMMY Dr Aceves came to the hotel to meet with us (Can u believe that:) to go over the process and what he expects from us ect. He spent about an hour there with us. Then off to lay down and we had a 5.9 earthquake!!! It was a little scary but way cool!!! I just cant say enough about the hotel it was SO NICE. So day 1 is an A+++++++ Day2 Picked up at the hotel right on time 0700. Taken right to my private room. Has a nice leather couch for the husband to sleep on. The floors are large beautiful tiles and the bathroom is very nice with a tile shower and it is private so I loved that. They gave me a shot in my abdomen (blood thinner) and my machine for my breathing exercises after surgery. The wait was long as I ended up being the last of the day. When she finally came in and gave me my "happy" pill I was so excited, I knew it was finally almost my turn! They came to get me. I got on the OR stretcher and they wheeled me to the OR. Every one is the room said hello and told me they would take good care of me. Then out I went. I had a spinal so when I woke up in recovery I couldnt move my legs. It lasted a long time too. I couldnt go back to my room until I could move them so I tried and tried until finally I could. They wheeled me back to my room. At this point I was feeling ok. About an hour or two afterwards I became very nauseous! I was dry heaving badly and the nurses must have heard me because they came in right away with meds. I had another episode of that again that night but then that was it. I slept ok that night. Dr Aceves came in that night to check on me and told me I had a wide hiatal hernia and that he had repaired it for me. Day 3 I drank the blue dye which wasnt near as bad as I though it would be. Passes that! YAY So then they brought me in some apple juice, it was so good but I had a really hard time getting anything down. I walked some and visited with other patients I had met. It was a very uneventful day. Day 4 Today I got some chicken broth, it went down SO much easier that the cold juices. I also had the other leak test, now that was VERY nasty, yuk!! Dr Campos was present and told me I was having some spasms and thats why I had been having a hard time getting stuff down. He said it was probably due to my hernia surgery, BUT I passed the test. No leaks and got to see my tummy. They also took my drain out. It was weird not really that painful just uncomfortable and strange. I felt so much better when that was out. I took a shower and felt like a new person. We walked over to the pharmacy to get our RX'x for home. Day 5 HOME! The flight home was brutal! We had a total of 19 hours of travel time from the time we left the hospital to home. Now extra tidbits and helpful hints... Dr Aceves/Dr Campos both came in twice daily to check on me and educate me. They were never in a hurry and always very friendly. My only complaint about the hospital was the beds were very uncomfortable but I think that is true of all hospital y in Protein before because you probably wont like it after. Stock up in Popsicle's, Jello, chicken noodle Soup (to strain) and diet gatorade before you go. Overall I give my experience with Dr Aceves a 10. He is very professional and runs a tight ship. The staff was great! They do this daily and know what they are doing. When you push that call light they are there right then. I am so happy to be done with the surgery so I can move on to the losing! Good luck to anyone thinking of doing this. If I can help or answer any questions about Dr Aceves or the experience please email me.
  11. I notice different doctors have different post op diets and wondered why the big variances. For example when is it generally safe to have things like tuna, oatmeal, grits, mushies. I notice some doctors say right after some say 1 week and then some 3 weeks. What is the general consensus? Thanks!
  12. sam30204

    Calling all Nurses.....

    Hi! I am 35 and live in Alabama. I am an ER nurse. I was sleeved June 15 in Mexico with Dr Aceves and have lost 18.6 lbs so far. My goal is 160!
  13. Well im only 3 weeks out but I am have discovered I can not tolerate eggs anymore. I actually threw them up YUK! Nothing to drink appeals to me. The only thing that is tolerable is the Vitamin Zero Peach and Sobe zero melon. I had s "swig" of sweet tea just to see if I still liked it and I got so nauseous. I LOVED it before. I would crave it daily. Tuna fills me up pretty good.
  14. sam30204

    When did you stall?

    I know exactly how you feel! I lost 17 in days but since then NOTHING! Not one oz!!!! It is so depressing!!!!!!!!!! I too feared I am going to be the person it doesnt work for!
  15. My first stall started at day10! I have not lost an ounce in a week! I didnt even make it to the 3 week mark, I too am so discouraged! I knew it would happen but I didnt think it would be within 10 day :thumbup: I know it will break eventually but geesh....
  16. I know every MD has different instructions but I am curious as to when others started certain foods. I would like to know about stuff like: oatmeal, grits, tuna, refried beans, THANK YOU!
  17. What was his reasoning for not being on liquids?
  18. sam30204

    When did you stall?

    Hey girl we are going to Universal on the 15th! I am so excited and praying I will fit in all the rides I have a question for you, Did you make it till 21 days on all liquids? I am struggling BAD with it right now. I am so tired of liquids and not at all satisfied. I really want some tuna or grits/oatmeal ect. How did you do? Thanks!
  19. sam30204

    When did you stall?

    Hey great question! I had lost 17lbs since i came home but today I have gained 3 lbs! Its so discouraging but I think if I could have a good BM (tmi i know but im among friends:) Actually yesterday I had gains 1 then today 2 more so thats 2 days in a row with gain did anybody else do this?
  20. thanks guys. Im supposed to wait until day 21! I just dont think I'll make it :drool5: Liquids for this long is really rough on me
  21. sam30204

    i want to cry....

    I too am still in clears and I am starving and bored out of my mind. I wish I could just sleep for 2 days until its over. I cant even have cream soups or pudding yet. Only juice, broth, Popsicle ect. The thought of tomato soup of something thicker I get so excited!!! I am so so so so tired of this phase. I am hungry all the time.
  22. sam30204


    Hey there! Did you make it until the 10 day mark on the clears only? I am STRUGGLING badly. I cant tolerate any of the clear protiens at all, they gag me so bad. If I could have the shakes I could do it!
  23. What a trip! WOW!! I am totally exhausted (trip travel time was 19 hrs) I am so happy to be on the other side! I will blog my trip soon!
  24. sam30204

    Mexico or Bust!

    Janet I bet that hoho was yummy! I went out to eat tonite with my BF and was behaved again! Low carbs ect ect blah blah now I remember why I never kept the weight off long term:)

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