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  1. Diva your an awesome motivator..sometimes I need motivation..sometimes I need a good swift kick. Thanks for always being there
  2. welcome to the losing bench.. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a shout..good luck and best wishes
  3. Have you tried putting something sweet (bite of pie, bite of cheesecake and I am using these as examples) in your mouth and chewing it up until you just about to swallow it and spit it out. I know it sounds gross but for me it tends to make my situation a little more brighter and I get to swallow what is left after spitting 99% of it out. Other than that I really don't have anything else..other than suffering..lol
  4. :guy_handsacrossamer its kinda weird. I never have seen my collar bones. It takes a little getting used too..lol but I like it..
  5. Billy363627

    Frustrated that the Sleeve is "just another diet"

    Well I can only help so here it goes!! Try upping your Water intake to 64 ounces. The akins bars you have for Snacks are loaded with carbs..try to cut them out all together. If you like yogurt buy some carbmasters from kroger and replace the snack bars with yogurt one yogurt has only 4 grams of carbs and you are probably getting around 25 carbs for the atkins bars. You have to mix the food up try just eating chicken breast for a week with greenbeans for a week. I think you are getting too many carbs. I realize how much your struggling and I know it really does suck. You have to always remember why you did this and try to stay positive no matter what. I have been out of sugery for 9 months and I can tell you that I struggle every once in a while. Sometimes its ok to have bad day ( we just have to live on the hope the next day will be brighter and it usually is). Also the less you weigh the longer it takes. When was your sugery??
  6. Billy363627

    Pre-op diet protein shakes

    It will only suck for the first 2 days. you need to follow what your doc says to the T. If you want to chew on something get some sugerless gum. It helped me soo much just don't forget and accidently swallow it. Your not the first to be on liquid and you will not be the last. Everyone here had to endure it ..You just have to set your mind to do this and remember what you are doing it for and stay focused on the goal. It is only 2 weeks..
  7. Well first of all you have to remember this is a tool. I will tell you it will be hard to binge eat after surgery you will feel like your going to die..I have been a really big sweet eater all my life and after my sugery I was too scared. I have learned to eat the right things as well as occasionally eat something sweet in very very small quanity. It is a learning process and sometimes your upset you cant have that big ol burger and fries and milkshake, but you learn by follwing what the doctor says as well as making mistakes. It is a true learning process. You will do fine and you will realize what you can and cant do really fast. I know for me a lot of my sugar cravings went away and I really try to focus on what My body needs and not my mind. If I listened to my mind I would eat fast food every night and eat cakes and cookies. I will tell you one thing and everyone will tell you the same thing. It is a new way of life and you have to embrace it and It will be rewarding to the utmost.
  8. Billy363627

    February sleevers

    Just a small note to check up on my feb peeps. I sometimes feel like you all are part of my family. I hope everyone is doing well.
  9. Billy363627

    What fitness routine worked best for you?

    I usually walk about 1.5 miles a day and lift weights 2 to 3 times a week
  10. well first of all congradulations. You will wake up and get ice chips of course. when they tell you to start drinking drink small sips. Drink as much as you can. the most important part of healing is walking..walk walk walk. when you can get in your water usually within a week or so start working on your protein. The most important thing is the water for the first week or two
  11. When you first start out you will have different taste bud you need to get in at least 60 grams of protein. Try cheese string, carbmaster yougurt, I know everything tastes different but you need to start getting your nutriention in. Drinking protein shakes are good right now but you need to start eating what ever you can eat. Take baby steps and add just one thing a week and start reducing the number of protein shakes you take in. In therory as long as you are taking your vitamins, and calicum citrate the only thing you need to survive is protein. When I first started out I ate apple sauce pintos and cheese from taco bell and protein shakes. I still drink protein shakes every once in a while because I just dont have time to cook all the time.
  12. Billy363627

    Scared to get wls

    Well first of all you have to make the decesion.. Second you cant let what ifs make you second guess your decesion. YOu sound like you have a lot of complications with your weight right now and they dont get better with time they get worse.. When I made a decesion to have my surger almost 6 months ago I didn't look back. I lold my wife that I loved her and if anything happened to tell the kids that I loved them.. I never looked back and didn't let my second guessing get in the way. Sure we all nerves and wonder if I really need the surgery. YOu are doing this for your health and longevity. Benefits include no sleep apnea,no blood pressure problem,losing weight , controlling diabetes and on and on and on. I feel soo much better about the standing I have in society. I love to go into stores like tommy and rue 21 and look on the shelf and buy the clothes and not going to the big and tall to find shirts that fit me. Sure your stomach is small after surgery but when it heals there is nothing limited that you can eat other than carbs in moderation. When your stomach is healed it is just like the one you have but a lot smaller. But I will tell you seeing the pictures of the surgery and what your stomach looks like. OF course you will be in a little pain , but you will not ever feel like you've had anything done until you start eating again. When that weight starts falling off I promise you will turn that frown upside down and start smiling again.
  13. I guess to make a long story short I had to go help another warehouse that was in dire need of help. I live in Nashville and the plant is in pennsyvania. I am soo struggling with eating. I have been doing really good but have been incorporating some bad carbs here and there. I am truly ashamed but there is sooo much food here. OMG And these people eat and eat and eat..It kinda makes me sick. I don't have a scale to scare me and I am worried I don't have my scale.. I am starting a new day tomarrow I wil not go back to the carb eating anymore.. I just hate not knowing what weight is doing.. The good thing is that I am exercising I walk about 1.5 miles per day for 3 to 4 times a week and work 12 hours a day 7 days a week. I will be on this schedule for 7 weeks. Please give me some advise or some comments on what I should do. I have been doing really good on my eating its just them damn peanut m&ms..
  14. Billy363627

    February 2011 - Sleevers

    MIne was february 1 2011
  15. Billy363627

    Help - I'm still hungry

    I was on a ppi before surgery was even discussed and to the day I take it regiously..Protein shakes should help with that hungry feeling. Does it help?
  16. Billy363627

    Help - I'm still hungry

    chewing gum helped me a lot. but dont swallow..lol
  17. I think you will do fine you ju st have to be sure that you don't lift more than 10 for the first couple of weeks..I needed no one to take care of me post hospital.
  18. Billy363627


    If you going to bonnaroooo you probably should carry lots of water...where you from southern chick??
  19. Billy363627


    I was told a month out that I could drink coffee as long as I could get all my water in. Coffee is a diretric so when you are a new sleever you have to be careful with losing tooo much water. But if you can get your 64 ounces in with not problems I think you would be alright drinking one cup of regular coffee a day. I do I have been drinking a cup a day since the one month anniversary. I will tell you that your doctor may not want you too. But every doc has there own rules. My doc is completely cool about the caffiene thing..good luck
  20. well I don't know if I can exactly answer that one. When you have surgery you will need help through a support group or therapy. We didn't get fat overnight. There are reasons for being overweight. when you have this surgery you are forced I mean literally forced to change your eating habit as well as your life. Well the only problem with that is that you ate the way you wanted too for years and years. So now you get depressed because you cant eat that big mac and large fries anymore. This place is a sounding board for people who need help. So when you help others you inturn help yourself. As far as thinking about the surgery I think about it everyday because i know were I was and were I am going and I don't want to ever forget how unhealthy and unhappy I was at my weight. I believe that you learn something every day and this place lets me know that I am not the only one who thinks the way I do.
  21. Billy363627

    Taste Buds....

    Lots of times when they put you to sleep the medicine will make food taste a little different for 3 or so monthes. I know my taste buds are just now getting back to me.
  22. Billy363627

    annoyed with my sleeve

    we usually go out and eat and I have lunch the next day, dinner the next day and lunch for work..lol. I would rather spread it out over a couple of days then to eat it in one sitting.
  23. Billy363627

    So it begins!

    good luck and please keep us posted..
  24. Billy363627

    5k race

    It is really awesome I finally finished my first 5 k race. I walked it but I have never walked 3 miles ever.. It was such an accomplishment for myself. It made me feel so proud to do something for my community as well as earn my son's respect for doing this with them. I will tell you that it was probably the hardest thing I have ever done , but we finished in the top 25% of the racers. So I had to probably walk around 4 miles an hour to keep them from passing me.. I think next year I am going to run the race. At least right now that is the plans..
  25. Billy363627

    Bad day and NSV's

    sorry to hear about the suckey day but the nsv were awesome wasn't they.

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