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  1. Yes, call for an appoitnment . It is never too late, as the others said, that is the greatness of the the lapband
  2. Hi, drink a couple sips of coke, or pineapple juice. I find if I drink it at room temperture it is best.
  3. kll724

    Banders #6

    I don't come here much, anymore, just wantd to wish you all a Happy 2015
  4. kll724

    Happy Thanksgiving! - 2014

    Thank you, Alex, I hope that you and your son had a great day.
  5. kll724

    Banders #6

    Really cute from an "oldie" to a young'n!
  6. kll724

    Banders #6

  7. Love my coffee, can't wake up and function without it!
  8. kll724

    A new NSV

    Great NSV!
  9. kll724

    Banders #6

    Love your hair cut Aunt DI, and also, yours lisacaron. I cut mine into a bob about 5 years ago, and have gradually changed it recently. (look, I actually thoguht about shaving it!). Anyway, I now have teh side I wear behind my ear, as very short and the other side in a bob; have actally seen a couple of actors on TV with the same cut.
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    Banders #6

    Wowweewoowoo! Looking great CG!
  11. kll724

    Banders #6

    It was so beautiful out this morning. Went for my walk, and enjoyed it! Did you get to see the "nlood moon" yesterday? We missed it overhead becaue we had a cloud cover. Boo!
  12. I refuse to get into an argument with anyone on which is best. I would never criticize toerhs opinions. Just remember, opinions are like butts, everyone has one! But, on teh other hand, I don't liek Rosie O'donnell, so I would not go on her website to advise her that she has her own opinion, and she hasn't done such a great job losing wieght either!
  13. kll724

    Gall stones And pancreatits

    Oh definitely not lapband related. I have hear dit is connected to loosing a bunch of weight. In my case, I don't even think that was it. But wherever it comes from, be thankful when you are done with that critter!
  14. kll724

    Gall stones And pancreatits

    If you have had a baby, it is worse than labor pains!. I felt like a hot knife was piercing my from the front and twisting when it reached my back. It is pain in the upper chest but not like heart pain. A sure signal is when your urine is getting orange or bright red. The ER nurse asked me if I was on my monthly when I had my pancreatitis attack. I also, got jaundice with mine.
  15. My port is tiltled a little, but the surgeon said that there is no problem because the band is in the proper position. He has alittle problem, but since he knows what angle it is at, he is okay about it. (He is the only one that fills me, now)
  16. kll724

    6month wait pd

    Use this time to build new and better eating habits. I started by adjusting the size of my plate after my visit to the nutritionist. I have used a salad palte nad fork ever since. I have been banded for almost 5 years, so sicne April 2009 I have used a small plate. Listen to the advise of the nutritionist, too. They will advise you of the proper size of the food that you eat. Best wishes on your upcoming journey!
  17. kll724

    Gall stones And pancreatits

    I had pancreatitus and gall stone with the gall bladder removal before my lapband.I was very sick with stones stuck in my esophagus. I nearly dies from that experience. Best wishes to you. Heal well. It is common that gall bladders go bad when you lose a lot of weight. My lapband surgeon also does gall bladder surgery. My own daughter had her's removed before lapband too!
  18. kll724


    You should check with your surgeon's office, but generally waiting for 6 weeks is required. Best wishes.
  19. Congratulations on your upcoming baby and best wishes for your future!
  20. kll724

    Banders #6

    Looking good Debbie3sons!
  21. kll724

    Banders #6

    Happy birthday to you! Its my grandson's 8th birthday to day, too!
  22. kll724

    Death or Divorce

    That's true, I had that happen to me when I was losing.
  23. kll724

    Share Your NSVs Here Please!

    You look fantastic!! Wow, looking great!
  24. Great job, Miss Pearlie!And you too, Prettythick1!!!
  25. kll724

    Starting Again 6 Years Later

    Best wishes on your start over!