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  1. I went through the same thing! I was crying as they rolled me back into the operating room because I was so scared I would never get to see my daughter again. We all have mixed emotions going into this, you just can't let them steer you away from the ultimate goal of getting healthier to be with your family longer. If you think that you can do it on your own, well give it one more shot. I couldn't, and my life was wasted with many many years of me trying. I don't regret this surgery for a minute, I am 8 months out, 100 pounds down, and life is so much better now! I can eat what I want now, and it almost feels like I didn't even have surgery, except for my smaller meals! I wish you the best of luck either way, keep us posted on what you decide.
  2. Prayers sent!! I hope all goes well, let us know how your doing when you feel up to it.
  3. angel96049

    *** Shrinking Feet ?***

    My feet shrunk a little, now all my shoes are a little more comfortable...but I haven't had any change in the width! I guess my family is right, I will always have flinstone feet...ugh! Do they have surgery for that...lol! Just joking, but I do wish they made more cute wide width shoes. I do have a few more pounds to go though, so maybe it's all in my feet...lol!! <--- (keep dreaming)
  4. angel96049

    I have at least 145 pounds to lose

    I started around where your at (299) and have lost about 95lbs. since my surgery in January. There was alot of slow times, sometimes weeks but then it would pick up again. I haven't actually worked out that much, tried many times but just can't seem to get motivated! Now I can eat whatever I want, but I still try to keep it healthy! I just wanted to say I know it looks like you'll never make it, but have hope! I felt the same way, and now I feel great about my weight loss and am still hoping to get these last few pounds off sooner or later! You are still very early out, give it a chance and hopefully things will start speeding up for you! I wish you all the best on your journey, keep your head up girl!!! You got this!!
  5. angel96049

    Is anyone from northern ca.

    I live in Redding, Ca.
  6. angel96049

    Dying for BBQ here! Ya think I can....???

    I would say go for it! Be careful that the sauce isn't too thick! I had some wild cravings early post-op, it's normal! I even licked some doritos, and it did help with the cravings! Good luck, and I hope your cravings subside soon! In no time you'll be eating normal food again try to keep that in mind when the cravings hit! Keep us posted!
  7. angel96049

    Whats up with...

    Great question! I have the same problem, and I hope there is someone out there that can help us out!
  8. angel96049

    Are antibiotics ok to take?

    Thanks everyone! Great advice always helps!
  9. I have had bronchitis for a few weeks now and finally made it to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed me antibiotics and an inhaler. I'm not sure if this is something we aren't supposed to take or if I can take it with all my other supplements. Any feedback would help, or anyone post-op that has had to take them please let me know. I just want to start feeling better without taking any risks! Please help!
  10. angel96049

    Mentor PLS.

    Tildab, I also had alot of nausea after my surgery, it got soooo bad I was regretting my choice. For me, I finally realized that it was from crushing my medication and the chewable vitamins I was taking. I am not exactly sure why they bothered my stomach, but to swallow my medications whole, or to take regular vitamins (not chewable) doesn't bother me at all! Once I stopped those everything started looking up for me, and now I love my sleeve!! Hope this helps and I hope you start feeling better soon!
  11. angel96049

    Is this a true stall?

    Wow 108 pounds! Congratulations on your success so far! My weight loss has also slowed down, and I still have quite a ways to go. I think you are on the right track by shaking things up a bit and working out. My doctor recently told me that after our initial healing from surgery, new studies show that 40 grams of protein a day is plenty. After hearing so much about the importance of getting protein in, and atleast 60-70 grams a day this concept is still hard for me to believe. But atleast on the days when I don't get enough, I'm not as worried about it. I would just try to drink more water, and continue working out, hopefully your body will finally let go and you'll start losing again! That's what I've been hoping for anyways. Good luck with your continued weight loss, and let us know if things improve.
  12. angel96049


    That is such exciting news! A great milestone if you ask me...getting to the "normal" range is such an accomplishment, and I bet you feel great! What an inspiration!! Keep up the great work and the rest of the weight will drop off sooner or later!!
  13. I feel the same exact way Lan2k! It is so hard to explain to my family that I just need a few minutes after I eat for everything to settle in. It is weird, and I hope that part eases up soon! I don't want my tummy stretching out, but a meal without discomfort would be nice. I am also confused about the sloooooww weight loss, especially since we aren't able to eat much???
  14. angel96049

    Because of you.....

    Welcome! These people have helped me before, during, and after my surgery! It is a great site! Good luck with your loan and surgery date, keep us posted!
  15. ----->Making room for ya! Sounds like things went great! So glad to hear your up and about already with minimal pain. I had a hard time finding a decent tasting broth too, finally I just ended up draining it out of a cup-o-noodle...tasted great! Keep us updated!
  16. angel96049

    Run Away !!!!!

    Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your complications! What happened to make everything go so wrong? I hope you are feeling better soon!
  17. angel96049

    Cost for VSG

    Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce you to my mom (eclipse). She is very interested in getting the sleeve, and ofcourse I have told her about all of you wonderful people, and how much you all helped me along my journey! We were curious about insurance, and how it works. When you have to appeal, can you also appeal when they say that they won't cover wls whatsoever, if you have health conditions? How does the appeal process work? Also, if we can't get approval from insurance, we are interested in heading to Mexico to get it done, can any of you with experience give us an idea on how it is down there, cost, treatment, etc. We've never been out of state, let alone out of country and want to get all the facts, and research as much as possible. It is a little scary for us, so any input, experience, advice, or help of any kind would be much appreciated!! Thank you all in advance!!
  18. angel96049

    Monday Morning Weigh In

    Hooray for Lee!! You made it to onederland, that is so exciting! I can't wait to get there. Congratulations!!
  19. angel96049

    Quick update...

    Yaaaa, glad to hear your doing better!! I was a little worried about ya!
  20. ----->Moving over on the loser's bench to make room for ya! I hope all went well! Seems everyone has a different experience, can't wait to here how yours went (when you feel up to it ofcourse)!! The first few days are the hardest...walk, sip, rest, repeat! You'll be feeling better in no time!!
  21. Wishing you all the best!! We're all here for you as soon as you feel up to it! Prayer sent!
  22. Did you talk to her yet? How did it go?
  23. Well, I am a little over 3 1/2 months out, and weight loss has slooowwwed way down! I still have a long way to go, so this is getting pretty depressing. I am doing everything right, low carbs, working out, lots of Water. I have seen many people post their difficulties in the past and have tried some of the suggestions to kick start weight loss again (upping work out, more water, less carbs, etc) but nothing seems to be helping. I hardly eat, I mean gosh, what else can I do? This is an example of what I eat: B- 1 Atkins shake (15 protein) L- 1 Atkins shake (15 protein) D- chicken salad, kidney Beans, cucumber, tomato, cheese, fat free salad dressing S- 1 Premier shake (30 protein) and lots and lots of water!! I am very happy with my weight loss so far, but am disappointed in how slow it has gotten recently, and this is supposed to be the main losing stage!! I am scared that I am not going to get anywhere near my goal, and the dream of becoming a new, smaller, healthier me is just going to be another failure in my world of many!! I know that I am doing everything I can to make this wls a big success instead of just a little dent, but I am getting very discouraged and am wondering if maybe I should of had the bypass or something different. I really hope that I made the right choice and that things start looking up for me, but for now it is still up in the air...Thanks for letting me vent, I needed to get this all out, along with a few tears...am I the one that is going to fail at this? Why isn't it working for me? Sometimes the scale doesn't budge for weeks...why why why??:crying:
  24. angel96049

    CA Sleevesters

    I'm way up in Redding!! I haven't met anyone on here near me...yet!
  25. angel96049

    No appetite at all.....

    I am with you Barbara, no appetite at all, and what I do shove in tastes horrible!! I guess we should be happy, but it is so hard to force yourself to eat when everything tastes so blah. I am glad that I am not as hungry as I used to be, but it also worries me because it seems like I have less energy and am stalling more!! Quite a rollercoaster ride, didn't expect ALL my love for food to disappear! I can get used to it, if I would just start losing again. Let me know if anything changes with you guys, Tiff said it happened to her and it should go away in time...

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