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  1. Hi all! Has anyone gone through True Results with Dr. Nirmul? I think thats how you spell it! Any info would be greatly appreciated! Good or Bad! Thanks!
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    From the album: Pre-Op and Progress!

  3. Big Fan of Dr. Nirmul and Dr. Sohoni. Very pleased patient.
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    From the album: Pre-Op and Progress!

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    From the album: Pre-Op and Progress!

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    From the album: Pre-Op and Progress!

  7. Today is day three of my little lap-band journey. I was getting up to take a shower and took a glance in the mirror and realized my right pupil was fully dialiated. It is as big as the color part of my eye. My left eye is normal. I freaked out... called my doc and she said I might be having a stroke!!! (Anxiety went thru the roof!!!) She advised me to call 911... I didn't feel like I needed the whole fire truck and ambulance sha-bang so my bf just drove me to the ER. When I got there they took my vitals, did an EKG, and admitted me. Everything was coming up normal so then they opted to do a cat scan. Soooo many people came to look at my eye and asked me billions of questions. So to make this already long story short... The DOC came to the conclusion that it was the Scopolomine Patches. I was not warned that these patches that go behind your ear can do this. A lot of time, money, and most of all totally freaking out could have been preventive if someone just told me. I googled it when I came home and found that a lot of people have this reaction. Anywhere from blurred vision, to tunnel vision, to going blind!!! I read that you are supposed to gradually take it off. Like 1 to 1/2 to 1/4 of one... hmmm! Anyway... I thought I would share my story and hopefully prevent anyone else from thinking they are having a stroke or bleeding in the brain!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks!! I'm 5'10 sooo pretty tall! And not all muscle... I'd like to lose another 45!! Thanks again for all the compliments!
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    ew yuck.

    From the album: Pre-Op and Progress!

  10. Hey All! So a few people have been asking me for my workout and eating routine. I decided instead of emailing everyone that I would just post it for all to see. Where to start... Eating habits- In the beginning I did exactly what the doctor ordered. I know every doc is different so I strongly encourage following their orders. Mine had me on a liquid diet for 2 weeks post-op, then mushy foods for awhile, and then finally regular stuff! I have never been able to eat more than one cup of food at one sitting. I always ate my Proteins first, then veggies or fruit, then last (if I had room) starches! I have never been able to eat breads really so I always just stayed away from them. I did really well with Protein shakes for the first few months but now I am so sick of them... just thinking about it makes my stomach turn!!! I stopped drinking liquids with my food when my doctor told me how horrible that is... I really think it helps with not eating as much and not getting stuck as often! (BTW-In the beginning I got stuck allllllll the time! It was sooo frustrating but after a few unfills and fills, I found my happy place!) Work-out routine- I work out 3-5 times a week. It truly depends on how much I work or how many homework assignments are scheduled. I live an extremely busy life but still manage to find time! I work full time and go to school full time, I am actively involved in the church and have started a fundraiser within my community... I'm sharing all of this to simply point out the fact that no matter how busy you think you are, you aren't too busy to take a little time out of the week to work out. :thumbup: I either walk or run with my dog or go to the gym! I love the elliptical and usually spend about 30-45 minutes on there. I love spin classes and will try and do one of those at least once a week! I have a personal trainer that has taught me how to use weights to keep tone. My BIGGEST fear going into band-land was loose skin. So with that said from day one I spent a lot of time on the machines making sure to keep tone and develop muscle. I'm not sure if that's why I am so lucky to not have any loose skin or if I am just extremely blessed. I think that sums it all up. I am down 65lbs and have another 35ish to lose. I think with the lap-band you must adjust your lifestyle how you see fit. We are all different and are all going to have different results. Do what is best for you and your health. :biggrin: -Blair
  11. I posted a thread in the Twenties forum under "My Journey with Lap-Band."

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    I've messed up

    My advice: Stick with the band! You made a committment to the band and yourself. You CAN do this. You are half way there already!!! I have started a food diary as I have only lost 7 lbs in the past couple months. The last bit is the hardest to lose and keeping yourself 100% accountable for allllll that you eat is so helpful! Your body has most likely adapted to what your eating habits are like, so change it up! I did a liquid diet (yes, its awful) for a week to get things moving again... I have read on here that it helps when you get to where we are at... I'll know tomorrow how much I have lost! Hang in there and stay positive. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here!!! Blair:thumbup:
  13. You look amazing as ever!!!!!!!

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    Crazy Skinny Goals!

    March will be my one year anniversary with my LapBand!! On the 6-8 I will be hiking the Grand Canyon... my goal is to get out!!! Amazing... a year ago I would have never even thought about doing this!!
  15. Totally find me on facebook!!! :)

  16. Hey girl! Congrats on the 70 pounds!! Thats amazing!!!!!! :) We are all different and in different bodies... embrace all that you have lost and be SO proud of yourself!! We should def meet up sometime, I'm in Chandler. I have only met one other bandster and we have become great friends only bummer is that she lives in Vegas. Let me know if you wanna meet for coffee!

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