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    85 lbs down :)

    From the album: Rachel

  2. Agree with Jim and Jachut. I have lost 75 lbs in 6.5 months. I am 35, active and changed my life and now weigh 189. I exercise for 2-3 hours a day, eat 2 small meals a day and am very strict. It is impossible to lose that small amount of weight in 6 months. Even if someone weighed 125 and did what you say you are doing, they would lose weight. The band is a tool, not a magic solution. You need to do your part as well and if you say you eat well and exercise, you don't eat well enough nor exercise enough. If the people on the Biggest Loser show who weigh quite a bit and exercise that hard, so can anyone else. Get your mind in the game and be honest with yourself.
  3. rachieboom

    I Miss Food...

    You seem to have head hunger. You most likely are not hungry a week after being banded. You may need to seek therapy for your head hunger as it sounds like you are having a hard time. If food was your 'best friend' she/he certainly is a bitch and came around and slapped you in the face to get you in the position you are in. Try and be positive and realize and keep thinking it is only food. Nothing tastes as good as getting thinner feels and it is so true. You will get to the point where food doesn't really consume your days. You will be obsessed with exercise or something else. Once you start to see the pounds falling off. No one said it was easy, it is a long process. Good luck.
  4. rachieboom

    The longest three weeks of my life!

    Learn to be patient as the band does not work overnight. It is a learning process and patience is key during the first few months. It will happen soon enough! Good luck.
  5. rachieboom

    July 25,2009 44 lbs down-10.5 weeks post-op.

    Thank you!!!! Get off your ass and get moving!!!! I leave tomorrow morning for a health spa for 4 days...BLOODY excited!!! Talk to you soon!!

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