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  1. divanita2006

    Went for Revision, but...

    I know Dr. Alvarez and his team quite well. I also researched his background, the number of VSG's he had performed, and his complication rate. His surgical record was impeccable, and his compassion and care is first rate. I'l see him again in July for the VSG surgery. His nurses, his coordinator, etc; they treated me as if I was royalty. Lovely facilities and upgraded suites with internet in the rooms. If you need more info on Dr, A; I would love to share it with you:kelleyanita@sbcglobal.net
  2. After several months of upper GI's endoscopies, and reflux, I had my band unfilled. I've been feeling fine since the unfill, yet I gained 15 lbs. I decided to get a revision from band to the sleeve. On surgery day, the Dr. removed my band system, but was unable to do the sleeve. My band had eroded my stomach tissue, so the tissue was too thin to staple. I never would have known about the erosion, since there were no symptoms. I am very thankful that I have such an experienced and caring physician to take care of me. I will be able to get the sleeve in 4-6 months, after I heal. Just thought I'd share my experiences. Anita
  3. divanita2006

    Went for Revision, but...

    I love the hugs...thank you!
  4. divanita2006

    Went for Revision, but...

    Sherry: Thank you so much for your positive support! The band was taken out on 2/15.
  5. divanita2006

    Bye-Bye Band

    Sometimes you all need to hear how wonderful you are to share your experiences. Wow! I did not realize how comforting it feels to know I'm not alone. I haven't posted on LBT in a while. The good news is that I lost more weight than I ever expected, from 250 to 150 in about 14 months. The tough news is that I started having problems keeping solid food down, and had to insist on a GI. The PA told me it was unnecessary. I paid out of pocket, and did the GI on 9/1. The test revealed esophageal dilation, and the barium would not go down for 10-15 minutes. The band doc took out all of the fill, then told me that the band should come out. I will go for an endoscopy this month, and depending on the results, the band may need to come out. Do I feel failure? Heck, no. The band helped me lose 100 pounds that I never could have lost on my own. Am I scared? Heck yes! I can eat more since I have no restriction. Thank goodness that I am physically active, and a picky eater. Will I rely on willpower to keep the weight off? Willpower did not work before, why would it magically work now? My plan is, if the band needs to come out, I will want to do a revision at the same time. I have bariatric coverage, but it may not pay for a skinny woman's revision. I may have to pay for it all myself, but I would rather invest in maintaining my weight than go back to high blood pressure, gasping for breath, pre-diabetes, and afraid of fitting in an airline seat. Thank you all for having the courage to share your very personal challenges. Love and Blessings,:whoo:
  6. Hi, everyone! After reading Lab Band posts for the past six months, and coming out of denial about my weight, I am ready to start the insurance process for lab banding. About me: I live in Dallas. I am a 47/y/o woman weighing 245 lbs. I am 5'6" tall. Found out in 10/05 that I have hypertension, sleep apnea, high tryglicerides, and impaired kidney function. Both parents are/were diabetic, so I'm next. I have been working out on and off for a year, and never lost a pound. Diets have not worked, either. I am embarassed, but relieved to admit all of this. The truth will set me free (hopefully). Any encouragement is appreciated! Thanks for reading this confession!
  7. divanita2006

    DFW, 3/24, Sat, dinner at Pappas!

    Hi, y'all! Loved being with the gang again! YeeHa! I'm still fighting a really bad sinus infection. Thanks for posting the pics, Janet! I'll try to make it on 3/24; will be in DC that week.
  8. divanita2006

    Sat, 2/24, DFW LBT early dinner at Pappas!

    I finally bought a digital camera (I'm officially in the 21st century)for my upcoming birthday (2/26)! Now, if I can get one of you to take pics of me at Saturday's dinner, I'll post them.
  9. divanita2006

    Feb 2006 Bandsters: 1 Year Check-up!!

    Janet: You are gorgeous in that red! Your face looks even younger than before. Most of all, I'm glad that the dark cloud of depression finally "took a hike". February has been the moody, sad month for me. I have to make a real effort to stay engaged and around people. I've done well with the weight journey, but I've been pretty much alone on the journey. Back in September, I got together with some really adventurous ladies and went roller skating a few times. I miss your smiling face; can't wait to see you and Ms. Joy and Randy.
  10. divanita2006

    Sat, 2/24, DFW LBT early dinner at Pappas!

    I can't wait to see you!:clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  11. divanita2006

    Prayer Request

    SallyJo: I am keeping you and your daughter in my prayers. All of us are precious, fragile human beings. I especially pray that her liver and vital organs are functional again, so that she can have another chance at living. Sending my love to you both,
  12. divanita2006

    Any Roller Skaters in Texas?

    I'm 10 weeks post-op, doing cardio (elliptical, recumbent bike, hiphop)4-5x a week. My favorite exercise, however, is rollerskating (not blading). Are there any other rollerskaters "in tha' house"? Have skates, will travel...
  13. divanita2006

    Any Roller Skaters in Texas?

    I'd like to join you all on Sunday afternoon. I think the session starts at 1 or 2pm(?)
  14. divanita2006

    Yeahhhhhh Babyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

    Courtney: I can feel your excitement just jumpin' off tha' page! Woo-hoo! Congratulations; I'm so glad you shared your news so we can ALL Celebrate with you! :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:
  15. divanita2006

    A Scale Victory

    Happy 2007! Great to know that Ms Joy has been really successful during the holidays. No gain, and a pound loss? YEE-HA! :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: Miss you all.
  16. divanita2006

    Meds for Anxiety & Bi-Polar isms

    For the past 6-8 years, I've been treated successfully with a combination of: 300 mg lithium (17 yrs) 300 mg seroquel 10 mg ambien 20 mg celexa The lithium influenced my weight gain, especially in the early days of treatment. The ambien caused me to be really hungry before bed. Fortunately, the band does not allow for those late-night munchies.
  17. Hi, my bandfriends! I received a call and a letter from UHC (my ins), stating that I have been approved for the LB surgery! Janet, Donna, Ms. Joy, Randy: Looks like the last pic that my daughter and I took at Red, Hot, and Blue last month is my official "before" picture. Yeee-ha!:clap2:
  18. The 18 yr old would be surprised that I am still here, alive and thriving. Young Anita would also be proud of many things: that I found some self-esteem and confidence that a plain-looking, 4-eyed cheerleader would become a beautiful spirit of a woman. Plain-looking is okay! surprised that I still have acne, at 47 that I would lose my brother, husband, father, and grandma and still keep wanting to live the Master's degree earned after the death of my husband, with goal of Phd that I have run a training and consulting business for umpteen years that I am a quirky, goofy, silly lady with a really high IQ that I would overcome rejection, sexual and domestic abuse, and I refuse to tolerate it that I would find my own identity (eventually), no matter how controlling and critical my Mother is that I learned to live well with Bipolar illness most of all, that I would have this beautiful, precious daughter, who would grow up to be a beautiful, brilliant woman. She gave me a reason to live when I ran out of reasons!:clap2:
  19. I have a 10 cm band that holds 4cc, and I'm right at 4 ccs. I am feeling good, and eating well.
  20. divanita2006

    Any Bipolar People Out There

    Hi All! Thanks for reminding me that I am not alone on this journey. Hugs to you all.:girl_hug: Yvonne: I've been banded for 5 months, and I haven't noticed any change in my mental status. I suspect that my meds may need to be reduced a bit. What I have noticed is that as the weight comes off, I have more energy to exercise; I have more stamina; and I feel a sense of accomplishment. I don't seem to be as self-critical, and I'm a bit more forgiving of my faults, my illness, and my mistakes. Keep posting; this thread is so therapeutic!
  21. divanita2006

    Any Bipolar People Out There

    As a fellow "nutter", I admire you for being victorious against bipolar illness, because it isn't easy to live with. I was diagnosed in my 20's, and I am now 47. I've been diligent about taking my meds (lithium, seroquel, ambien, and celexa) and mindful of when I'm feeling too low or too agitated. Rarely, maybe once a year, I have periods of sadness. Usually my unstable moments appear when there is family conflict/drama. I spend a lot of my free time helping those who are homeless (many are mentally ill) and isolated because I realize that I am only "a few meds and a few paychecks away" from being on the street myself. There, but for the grace of God, go I. Thank you for sharing about bipolar illness; it reminds me that I am not alone.:clap2:
  22. divanita2006

    Please Pray For Father Chuck Who Died...

    God Bless you. may He surround you and the church with love and comfort.
  23. divanita2006

    New from Texas

    Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! I am also in Texas (Dallas). I am 4 months out, and feeling so much healthier than before. My hypertension is gone, and I am down 40 lbs so far. Let me know how I can be supportive.:clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2: :clap2:

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