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    May 2022 surgery?

    Good luck girl~!
  2. okinc10

    May Surgery Buddies

    That is positive to hear!!
  3. okinc10

    May Surgery Buddies

    are you excited? nervous? both? the closer it gets it feels like maybe it wont be authorized by BCBS and it will not happen. Very surreal.
  4. Been overweight since puberty. Starved to lose weight to be a normal teenage girl. i walked and jogged and starved. Had two boys by 23 yrs old. Gallbladder removed at 23 years old. Gained weight afterward. Divorces and lifes ups and downs along with the scale. Ate Atkins/Keto for seven years. Fell off and back on occasionally. Went from 236 in 2013 to 184 in 2015. Moved to NC and lost to 179 after Covid. Put that back on and then some. Hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy 2004. No hormone replacement therapy due to family hx. of ca. Struggle with Keto last seven years. Cannot eat "normal" without gaining weight. So sick of struggling. Hope that this surgery will be a great tool to get back to my "fighting weight" of 135. I am 5'2 3/4" I now have fibromyalgia, osteo arthritis, UCTD, Sleep Apnea, high cholesterol, and occasional high bp and inflammation in my hands, legs, etc.. Its time to get healthy again. If any of you are approximately 200lb or any weight for that matter, I would love to pen pal. I have pre-op jitters. Scared the closer May 24th approaches. I want this but the rest of my life with this WOE scares me so much. I have a really good appetite and I am afraid of failure.
  5. okinc10

    Pre Op Jitters...

    It’s to find out exactly what medication would work for your genes. Anxiety med etc.

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