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    New to site

    Absolutely will help with the amount of food you eat should you night binge! 😂 The temptation will still come because you have to retrain your brain but it will get easier. You have to keep those foods out of the house though for awhile until you build up good willpower once you get released for regular foods. I have the same issue too! My stomach seems to go crazy at night for some reason. Usually I choose a protein shake or tea. I do sometimes give in though but not much.
  2. Hi WLS family! Tried searching for this but too broad options came up. Lately when I eat meat like skinless chicken I don’t even get a few bites in and I’m having a fullness indicator. This after I’ve also chewed it to bits as well and also well before I’ve drank anything. I stop drinking 30 minutes before I eat just experiment. I don’t FEEL gassy or anything. It’s been this way for the past couple weeks. I always had a normal appetite, my stomach gets pretty upset when I don’t eat but it’s like a total letdown when I prepare, 2oz of chicken, with sweet potatoes and or salmon & vegetables and I’m full after a couple bites 😞 It’s like my stomach is getting more restricted as the days go on. Is that weird? I don’t have any heartburn or burning. I’ve heard of hernias developing but that seems too soon. trust me my appetite for sweets, bad stuff is also still very much alive lol but of course I want healthy options instead. I know it’s a dream to have the restriction and you might think I’m crazy but I do need to ensure I can get all my protein & nutrients in is all. anywho I’m 3 months out from my sleeve. Female, 44 years old, began journey at 330lbs June 2021, had VSG March 2022. Now at 250lbs. thanks in advance and I hope everyone is staying safe.
  3. TheWeightisOvr

    Weight Loss Stall

    Sigh** definitely can relate to your post. You’ve gotten great advice so far. I too was in a stall that lasted a couple weeks. I’m 7 weeks post op: so mine was right on time lol I was the same weight for a week then I gained 3 lbs, then another 2, then back down again. This week in happy to report my first stall which I aptly named Olga.(great suggestion from a wonderful person on here to name stalls) it made it fun to give if a name. I made her my friend and I also understood that my body just maybe needed a break from losing. But I was also constipated. I took some milk of magnesium and that was quickly rectified. Good luck!
  4. TheWeightisOvr

    Slow Losers Club…..officially *sigh*

    Thank you so much for sharing! I am 44 not quite 50 but it’s right around the corner. I used to lose fast as well in my 20’s & 30’s and part of mind was hoping that my body would reward me like that again….lol Good Luck to you and your continued successes. Even the lows it’s all a learning experience I’m quickly realizing.
  5. TheWeightisOvr

    Slow Losers Club…..officially *sigh*

    And, in this "honeymoon period" I am trying to build some good habits around food choices, exercise and added movement, and even just the way I think about myself and my body. These are wonderful nuggets Queen! Thank you sooo much for taking the time to share with me. I love it. Everyone’s response la is really going to help me get through this now and in the future.
  6. This is crazy! Your post is nothing like I’ve read on here haha I love it. You look amazing. I lost a lot of my weight on Keto when I was Yo-yo dieting but did not like the carb restrictions. I think I could do it again you’ve definitely given me something to think about. Congratulations on your long term success with the sleeve.
  7. TheWeightisOvr


    In addition to everyone else’s suggestions also be sure your taking all your vitamins. Sometimes calcium deficiencies Can give us salty cravings. But I think the hydration angle is a good start though and does the trick. Also preoccupying yourself to the your mind off of it.
  8. TheWeightisOvr

    How many tacos one year out?

    I wish I can weigh in in only 10 days post op But I did want to say I thought I was getting in more liquids post op than I should but now that I’m weighing everything I’m really not. Maybe weighting what you ate if you can eyeball it and recreate it to get a better idea of how much you actually ate? So nice knowing I might be able to eat tacos again! Lol
  9. TheWeightisOvr

    February 2022 Surgery Buddies

    Yikes! My surgery is Monday. Im getting so nervous 😩 But this forum has been able to validate every crazy & logical feelings I have lol Now it’s put up or shut up, go time 💪🏽
  10. TheWeightisOvr

    Pre Operative Chaos and Confusion

    It seems rather disorganized without telling you why. A timeline should have been given to you at your first appointment and followed completely. I would voice a concern about the confusion you feel and give them the opportunity to explain.
  11. TheWeightisOvr

    February 2022 Surgery Buddies

    February 28th here! Atlanta Georgia. I started this journey July 2021 @330. I finished my requirements by October, now at 304lbs. Labs, EKG, Insurance approval all good thank the Good Lord above. I have advanced Osteoarthritis so I need to lose some weight before they’ll do any knee surgeries on me. So now I’m just waiting for the day to come. My surgeons preop is 2/8.

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