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  1. Summermoose

    Post Op Bra Size

    42E -> 32B 🥹 officially part of the itty bitty titty committee I just kept wearing my bras until they looked ridiculous under my clothes and then got new ones.. have been wearing more bralette types of bra since COVID and they are way more forgiving when you shrink 😆
  2. I got a tattoo when I reached 99 kg and was also supposed to go to Disneyland to celebrate, but we just bought a house so we’re going to be shelving that idea for the moment 🤣🤣
  3. I ordered some boots that come up to mid calf (normal width) and they FIT! Like a glove!! 🥹
  4. Summermoose

    More hungry around period?

    Same here! Am actually smack dab in the middle of those right now, and I just eat until satisfied as always. It just happens to be more than during the other three weeks, I’d say it’s a 25% increase. Hasn’t affected my weight loss goals in the slightest thank goodness!
  5. Summermoose

    Is this normal?!

    Gas pains can be horrendous! I’m glad you’re feeling better 🙏
  6. Summermoose

    Beware The Coffee Creamer Pipeline

    Hi fellow ADHDer! 😊 I personally would not stop caffeine if it works for you, even if meds work. We need ALL the tools we can get, maybe not all the time, but I would definitely not limit myself like that. I personally need caffeine every single day, but I try to approach it like I would exercise or medication. I need it at a certain time to get stuff done and it doesn’t need to be yummy, I know it is serving me, my body and my mind. 😊 To keep it ‘reasonable’ I drink filter coffee without any type of milk or creamer. Before I always had coffee with creamer and loads of sugar, and quite frankly hated black coffee, but I make it strong and gulp it down just to get the caffeine I need. I’ve gotten kind of used to it now. I have started treating myself to a flat white twice a week, and I look forward to it every time 😊
  7. Yesterday was my one year surgiversary! I am SO HAPPY I chose to get surgery. I am finally living again instead of just existing. Went to my first ever yoga class yesterday and I loved it. Can’t believe only a year ago I was browsing thousands of before and after pictures and now I am posting my own. 😁🙏 Stats 1 year po: SW 138.5 kg/305 lbs CW 71.5 kg/158 lbs Lost 67 kg/147 lbs From BMI 43.2 to 22.3 Pant size 52 EU to 40 EU
  8. Summermoose

    Rough 3 months and Just Need to Vent!

    What a story, I cannot imagine what this must be like for you. I’m afraid I can’t be of much help regarding advice but i am sending you so many positive vibes and well wishes! 🌼🌸🌼
  9. Last week I wore a dress without shorts (first time in ten years) and no chub rub whatsoever! 🤩
  10. Summermoose

    Loose skin vs. abdominal fat

    I feel like you read my mind!! I am totally wondering this stuff too. These last 20 pounds have felt like I am becoming a deflated balloon in all sorts of places and I wonder if (hope?) I can lose at least some of the flabbiness. I am curious to hear what you make of your new dexa scan soon!
  11. Summermoose

    Upper Endoscopy

    The worst part is the wait, really! I know it’s an odd thing to say but I LOVE that sedation. It is just the best sleep 😆 like when you’re a kid during summer, have been playing outside all day and when you go to bed you don’t even remember your head hitting the pillow before it’s lights out 😆 I totally look at it as a perk of having to undergo those things! Try to think of other things and then enjoy your awesome snooze 🤗😄
  12. I bought a beautiful leather jacket twelve years ago in a size 8. When my surgeon asked me about my goal I honestly couldn’t give him a number, I said I just want that jacket to fit. IT FITS!! 😄😄
  13. 29 here! Had a mini gastric bypass last august at age 28 😀
  14. Summermoose

    Regrets ?

    NONE! Apart from marrying my husband it is the best decision I ever made. I am officially a healthy weight as of last Sunday (-58.5 kg/-129 lbs total weight loss right now) at 9 months po and I could not be happier about it 💕
  15. I struggle with this too and you guys give some fantastic advice! Is just like to add a website that’s been very helpful for me: modelmydiet.com You can adjust an ‘avatar’ to kind of look like you at all sorts of weights and imho, it’s pretty accurate!! I like to return to that every now and then to get some perspective 😁
  16. I really don’t mind at all, I’m the cook at home and I’ve adapted my recipes! He just gets a big bowl and I get a small one 😁 I don’t avoid pasta, rice or potatoes, but watch the fat and sugar content very closely. (Right now I’m 1.5 kg away of having lost 100% of my excess weight btw) Thankfully he doesn’t bring home or order take out/fast food, that’s a mutual decision that is working out well for both of us 😁 Re: supermarkets, I have only set foot in one twice since my surgery end of august 2021! I get my groceries delivered once a week and I absolutely love it. For me the service is money well spent, not only is food shopping a complete waste of time (imo) it is way too busy and frustrating to try to do your shopping outside of work, and everything inside the store is geared towards getting you to buy unnecessary things. It’s also really helped me disconnect from food in a way, by engaging with it less overall.
  17. Summermoose

    100 pounds lost!!

    Fantastic!! Congratulations 🥳
  18. Summermoose


    No need to be nervous! They use numbing cream so you won’t feel it at all 😁
  19. Summermoose


    I have! 😁 Always wanted a lotus and it seemed extra fitting now
  20. One day during lockdown I just realised I would never lose all of it on my own and that I would never be happy if I didn’t lose it. I was 28 when I had the surgery (last summer) and no real medical issues to speak of. That said.. now I’ve lost over 110 pounds, I can feel how brutal those years with all those extra pounds were on my feet, on my knees, on my back… I feel like it was only a matter of time before I would have really started to struggle physically. I am so so so glad I got this done now and didn’t wait longer. I would have done it sooner had I known what it would be like. I got my life back and I have the whole rest of it to enjoy and partake in all the fun things that I couldn’t/wouldn’t before. I personally think that every year, month, even DAY that you get back is worth this. The joy of seeing people again, the socialising, the going places, stopping for coffee (do I fit? Of course I do!), shopping wherever I like, going to amusement parks, swimming pools, playing with kids, hiking… I could think of dozens more things to add. It is a risk.. but for me personally, I figured I could choose between suffering while definitely getting worse in the future, or giving it a shot and most likely NOT suffering and actually getting better in the future.
  21. I would love to hear about ways you have treated yourself after surgery, or things that you are planning to treat yourself to. Let’s celebrate all the happy things we’re experiencing and the fact that we’re showing up for ourselves! 💕
  22. Summermoose

    Should I even try

    Ohhh I know how you feel, I have baby fever too!! It’s so hard having to wait when you already feel so much better, top that with seeing cute kiddos everywhere.. I was told 18 months as well and am counting down. 12 months to go 🥰
  23. Summermoose

    What to add to meat to increase moisture?

    What has helped me a lot was buying a meat thermometer! Turns out I was overcooking most of my meat because I was scared of food poisoning.. it’s a lot juicier and way more tasty now 😀 usually I found chicken too dry to get down without sauce, but now I don’t even need sauce anymore!
  24. Summermoose


    I loooove orzo and it goes down just fine.. only trouble is it’s so delicious I have to really pace myself so I don’t eat too fast 😆
  25. Summermoose

    no appetite

    So sorry for your loss Lisa. Be extra kind to yourself during this difficult time and let yourself grieve for as long as you need. 🌸

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