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  1. I got a tattoo when I reached 99 kg and was also supposed to go to Disneyland to celebrate, but we just bought a house so we’re going to be shelving that idea for the moment 🤣🤣
  2. I ordered some boots that come up to mid calf (normal width) and they FIT! Like a glove!! 🥹
  3. Summermoose

    Rough 3 months and Just Need to Vent!

    What a story, I cannot imagine what this must be like for you. I’m afraid I can’t be of much help regarding advice but i am sending you so many positive vibes and well wishes! 🌼🌸🌼
  4. Summermoose

    100 pounds lost!!

    Fantastic!! Congratulations 🥳
  5. Summermoose


    No need to be nervous! They use numbing cream so you won’t feel it at all 😁
  6. Summermoose

    Getting past the gatekeeper

    Ohhh that must be so frustrating!! I would definitely try to call anyone that works there to reach someone who can help you out or just show up in person, five months is getting ridiculous. You have every right to demand some proper service by now! If they’re drowning in work they should at least notify people about longer waiting times.. They could even put that up on their website. Good luck! Hope you get a positive response 🤞
  7. There is so much fatphobia and anti-fat bias in healthcare. So many doctors default to seeing us as obese only, and can’t see past our weight so they end up prescribing weight loss as the cure to anything and everything. So your story doesn’t surprise me one bit ☹️ They’ve done that to me so many times, to my fat friends, to many fat influencers I follow on social media.. it’s one of the reasons I got surgery in the first place. It’s so dehumanising to realise you will never really be treated like a person if you’re fat, be that in healthcare or out and about by strangers. Wishing you well and I truly hope that you end up getting relief for your symptoms, be that through continued weight loss or doctors who finally listen instead of judge. 🤗
  8. I went shopping with my sister a few days ago and tried on a lovely sparkly sweater in H&M. It was a size medium and looked all sorts of baggy on me so I didn’t end up buying it. I know mega oversized clothes are all the rage right now and that contributes to why it was too big but I’ll gladly take it anyway!!! 🥳😃
  9. Summermoose

    I hit goal today!

    Congratulations! What an accomplishment! 😃
  10. Summermoose


    I had one for two days after surgery as well. The nurse warned me before removal that it would be VERY unpleasant but I felt nothing at all! Taking out my IV however, that was another story.. 🤣
  11. I have generalised anxiety disorder, but it’s no longer severe (not bc of surgery). I got to a place where I only saw my psychologist every couple of months for ‘routine maintenance’, but started seeing her more regularly before my surgery and now see her every three weeks po just to sort through all these feelings. I would really recommend working with a professional for support, ideally if possible someone who you already know and trust. Having someone who you can tell your deepest and darkest thoughts and fears to has lightened my load immensely po. The first week I was too tired to be anxious, but the two weeks after were a little rough. I have always self soothed with food and even though I prepared myself as much as possible beforehand, the reality of that comfort being taken away was difficult. I think I felt more gloomy and sorry for myself than anxious though.. although I do now struggle with some anxiety related to the weight loss (since +- 5 weeks po), but I really don’t think that’s because of any hormones (more me not believing in myself, which leads to a lot of my anxiety in the first place). I’m now 9 weeks po so I couldn’t tell you how it changes when weight loss slows down. Good luck with everything! 😄🌸
  12. Summermoose


    Little update, I’ll be 9 weeks po tomorrow and have lost 50 pounds! I’m so happy 😁 it took me a while to notice the weight coming off because I still felt the same, but I now also weigh less than my husband for the first time ever and I think that flipped a switch!
  13. Summermoose

    Alcohol after Bypass

    I was told to wait primarily because during the weight loss phase your liver is having to work like crazy to get rid of the toxins that your fat cells are releasing, and if you add alcohol to that could be very damaging.. and of course also the increased risk of alcoholism. Glad I wasn’t much of a drinker before (like.. 10 drinks a year maybe?) because dealing with food habits and changing those for the better is already a LOT! So much respect for all of you who are dealing with missing alcohol on top of everything else 🌸
  14. I live in Belgium and it’s a really normal thing here to get a ‘chill pill’ as soon as you are in your room, so I don’t see why that would be anything but an ordinary question! Taking some the day before to sleep better because of health conditions sounds like a very responsible decision. Just make sure your anaesthesiologist knows about it too. 😊
  15. Summermoose


    I’m day 2 post OP today! I am struggling to get enough water in but just tried ice chips and they are great. Unfortunately my biggest annoyance right now is my uvula.. it looks and feels like they crushed it 😔😔 it hurts quite a bit but worst of all leaves me unable to talk LOL (my hubby isn’t complaining though 🤣) I just hate the feeling of it dangling there, rubbing up and down the back of my tongue 🥴 it really upsets my stomach when it moves all over the place. The doctors & nurses said it should go away by itself soon and I really really hope so!
  16. Thanks guys! I’m relieved to hear it’ll go away and that I’m not going crazy 😁

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