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  1. Is dumping syndrome something that we have to worry about forever or is it less and less likely the longer out from surgery you are?
  2. My fatigue lasted about 5 weeks. I was off work for 3 and the first 2 weeks back I was absolutely exhausted when I got home- and I sit at a desk all day!
  3. Arual85

    Sipping water

    Is the sipping of water a forever thing? I’m dying for a big chug of fluids but know I can’t.
  4. Arual85

    Anyone near the Youngstown, Ohio area?

    I had my surgery done at Hillcrest!
  5. Arual85

    Anyone near the Youngstown, Ohio area?

    I am in Cleveland as well!
  6. 1 week from today I have my surgery! I can't believe I actually went through with this program let alone and 1 week from surgery. It's for sure the hardest thing I have ever done. I met with anesthesia on Monday and am meeting with my surgeon tomorrow. I'm down 21 pounds on the liquid diet (I did 3 weeks) and I can't believe it. I have wanted to cheat so many times, last night I sat on my couch and stared at the phone number for my favorite pizza place but I put it down and preoccupied myself with other things. I am determined to make this work. Anyone else in the home stretch?
  7. Arual85

    Ricotta Bake

    Has anyone made the ricotta bake and added ground beef?
  8. Everyone whose has the bypass, when you could move to phase 3/soft food stage, what is the first thing you ate and how was it tolerated? All I want right now if a piece of chicken or cheese!
  9. Arual85

    Zero pounds…

    I drank Slimfast Premiere Protein. I liked the taste better than the others.
  10. Has anyone tried Atkins protein meal bars (or any other bar) while in the soft food stage? Obviously chewed to a puree. I'm having a hard time getting in all my protein and I actually like those bars. Just wondering. Thanks!
  11. Arual85

    Protein Bar in Soft Food Phase?

    If I never have to see another protein drink in my life It'll be too soon! Although I may have to. I'm eating eggs and chicken and cheese, beans didn't agree with me nor did the deli turkey. I forgot about yogurt. Maybe I'll try that. Thanks!
  12. I Had my 2 week post op appointment today and got clearance for soft food phase! I had a cheese stick mid afternoon and then for dinner had a scrambled egg with some cheese. The cheese took me half an hour to eat. I scrambled 3 eggs but I got in about 4 bites of eggs before I was full but I tolerated both with no problems!! Guess I’ll have to cut down my quantities! I’m so excited, and shocked at how little it takes to be full!
  13. Arual85

    September Ops

    I’m 6 days post op and have the same problem. I haven’t been able to have more than 1 protein drink a day so far, plus my other fluids. Today i forced myself to have 2 and am currently trying to finish a third. How is your pain? Did you have a bypass or sleeve? I had the bypass. My incision locations do not hurt, injust have this annoying inner pain to the left of my naval. It shoots pain whenever I move. If I didn’t have that, I’d be ok. Todays also the first day I’ve really wanted to eat something. But I have 1 more week in phase 2.
  14. I have my bypass Wednesday afternoon. I know I just had major surgery and don’t expect to be painless but I just wonder when it takes a turn for the better? I have hard time getting up by myself and the most pain isn’t near any incision, it’s to the left of my belly button where I assume they cut the intestine.
  15. Arual85

    September Ops

    Congratulations! Hope for a smooth recovery. I go in tomorrow at 10:30 for my bypass. Nerves have taken over!
  16. I finally got scheduled for my bypass on September 8th! (4 days after my 36th birthday!) So nice to finally have a date but not it has set in that it is REAL!
  17. Arual85

    September date!

    Thank you! It is amazing how much I have noticed being on this liquid diet, how everything in my life revolved around food. I never realized it until I had to occupy myself with other things. Good luck to you!
  18. I gained 8 pounds between my last nutritionist appointment and when I Started the pre-op diet. I was stressed and felt like a failure. Since I went on the liquid diet I have lost 23 pounds. I still wasn't at the 'goal weight' the nutritionist set for me pre op but when I went to the Surgeon for my last appointment pre surgery on Friday, he didn't mention it. My surgery is tomorrow. Good luck!
  19. My plan states that in the puree and soft food phase I can have chicken, soft like the chicken in the can. Does that mean I have to puree the chicken or i can eat it as is?
  20. Arual85

    September Surgeries!

    I’m so sorry, That’s a huge fear of mine.
  21. Arual85

    September Surgeries!

    What part of Ohio? I’m near Cleveland, surgery is at Cleveland Clinic. Hope you are doing well post-op!
  22. So I was telling my brother about how I’m doing well on the pre-op liquid diet (down 14 lbs in 10 days!) and he says “Just think, if you’d just do that regularly you wouldn’t have to go through surgery.” I know its just ignorance and he doesn’t get it, but it still hurts. Feeling down on myself right now.
  23. Arual85

    September Ops

    September 8th here! I’m having the bypass at Cleveland Clinic.
  24. Arual85

    3 week liquid diet!!

    I’m on day 6 of my 3 week liquid diet. Days 3&4 were the absolute worst. I cried over nothing and was so ready to run to chipotle and get a burrito. Day 5 it was like a switch went off and I couldn’t care less about food. I’m down 9 lbs so far. September 8th is my surgery date.
  25. When your period starts on day 3 of your liquid diet…. Anyone else? 😡🤬😡🤬😂

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