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  1. I had ESG on 9/25/2020. I'm just over 6 weeks. I lost 10 pounds the first two weeks (I was very ill the first two weeks), but only 10 in the next four weeks. So, 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I expected to lose the weight faster than I am. Were my expectations unrealistic. My starting weight was 205, BMI 31 or 33. I'm 5'5".
  2. SamanthaC12

    6 weeks out - Expectations

    It really is mental head games. And, it's amazing how much better that I feel already with since I've been eating healthy. That's what matters. Thanks.
  3. SamanthaC12

    6 weeks out - Expectations

    I am sticking to the plan and tracking my food intake through myfitnesspal. Thank you for the encouragement. And congrats on how far you've come in your journey!
  4. SamanthaC12

    ESG vs. LSG?

    I decided on ESG. My BMI was 31 since I'm 5'5". I started at 205 6 weeks ago. I went with ESG because I couldn't be off work for the extended amount of time VSG took to recover, and frankly, didn't want the invasive procedure and side effects that can come with VSG. For me, it was ESG or nothing. My advise is be realistic. I think you will lose weight a bit slower. I say this as I'm frustrated to have only lost 20 lbs in 6 weeks. I'm now at 185. I keep reminding my self that in 20 years, I wasn't able to get my weight under 190. The second piece of advise is pick your doctor carefully. I almost went with someone in Atlanta. Due to screw ups on their part I ended up having to cancel the night before I was to fly out. I was devastated. It worked how for the best. I ended up going to NC to Dr. McGowan, who has done well over 300 ESG procedures. He's at True You Weight Loss and the offer extensive packages that are on the lower end of the cost spectrum - I checked with LOTS of clinics. What I liked the most was the follow up care and an in house nutritionist.
  5. SamanthaC12

    3/4 week stall?

    I’m at 5 weeks post procedure and have been stalled for almost 2 weeks. It’s one thing to hear my nutritionist say “stop weighing yourself everyday and stick to the plan.” But hearing it from others who are or have gone through it is so helpful. It’s really been getting to me. The whole, I spent so much money and went through all this for 15 pounds?! But, I’m going to put my scale away and keep with the program. Now that I’m in the soft food stage, I feel so much better and have more energy already, than I’ve had in years. Going to try to look at the positives.
  6. I lost 10 pounds my first two weeks after my ESG procedure. I haven't lost any more weight this week, which is very frustrating. My nutritionist's advise was that I should not be weighing daily. I'm finding that impossible. Are my expectations unrealistic for 16 days post op?
  7. SamanthaC12

    Feeling frustrated at week 3

    Thank you. Good to know I’m not alone with this.
  8. SamanthaC12

    ESG providers in Florida?

    I'm from Central Florida and did a ton of research before selecting a doctor. The only place I felt comfortable with in Florida was Mayo Clinic, but the price was insanely high. I ended up going to Dr. McGowan in Raleigh, NC. I flew in with my sister the day before the procedure. Had the procedure on a Friday, a nurse came to my hotel on Saturday to give me IV fluids, and I flew out on Sunday. McGowan and his staff are top notch. Their costs are 10 - 12k, depending on which package you pick. For example, the highest priced one includes 1 year of complication insurance, unlimited visits with the nutritionist, etc. I knew I'd have a ton of questions for the nutritionist, so I went that route.