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    Weight loss

    I lost about 1Lb every 2 days my first 6 weeks. Did lots of walking and took in only calories from my protein drink
  2. Gorgonio

    Newbie alert, need help setting up profile :-)

    Hey everyone. Editing your surgery, and photos are done on computer. Some phones will allow you to upload photos. No phones will allow you to update surgery info. Sorry ;/
  3. Gorgonio

    The countdown is almost ever!

    Hi, I want to warn you the easiest part is to get approval. The toughest part is putting your new tool to proper use. Make sure your mental health and eating patterns are addressed. You only get this tool once.!
  4. Sometime I do. I dont bother weighing myself. I dont look in the mirror and judge my skin or my progress. I usually go up to my siblings and give them a huge hug that comes with a. "I can wrap my arms around you know". That helps when I'm feeling like have made no progress. 😊
  5. So your BMR is very low now after all the weight loss. BMR is the base of calories your body burns in a day without any workouts for example just from sitting around. My BMR is 1200 calories. It's super low. So if I eat 1300 calories in one day. I'm going to gain about a pound in a month from to many calories. Thays why you should really be walking atleast 10 thousand steps a day and eating at your BMR to loose weight.