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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. glannin

    Getting sleeved in one hour!

    Yes!!! It will just depend. I got up asap was walking like crazy cause I heard about gas pain blah blah so I was like nope not today body not today...positive thoughts and knowing that you can do this. I wish you best of luck it is so worth it.
  2. This liver shrinking diet sucks!!! lol I want food...ok I feel better, my surgery is also on March 3rd getting really excited
  3. glannin


    Looking good Lewis (Trading Places lol)
  4. glannin

    Stomach feels sickly

    wrong post sorry lol
  5. glannin


    The sugar free popsicles are the bomb I totally suggest trying them
  6. Next Tuesday March 3rd can not wait so so so excited
  7. glannin

    Same old me

    Your look wonderful 🙂
  8. I have been on it since Tuesday and I have lost 5 lbs so I am very happy about that
  9. glannin

    How long?

    I stated my journey in May 2019 and my surgery is March 3, 2020
  10. I have only been on my Pre Op diet for 3 days but very interested in this. When is your surgery?
  11. I just got the news that I can have my surgery on March 3rd instead of April 7th I am so excited I can't stand myself lol Countdown has truly begun.... So many thoughts are going through my head.... This is such a blessing I can not wait to do this Thank you guys for all your support Love this forum
  12. All systems Go, surgery March 3rd.....And I begin my liver shrinking diet today. It's getting real people..I can't wait Happy Dance
  13. glannin

    Still cant believe it

    mine was 1000 deductible and just my copays
  14. glannin

    Time frame

    Mine was 6 months of appointments and all the other tests I had to do, so I started in May 2019 and finally got my date in Jan for a March 3rd date. I was a smoker and had to be 3 months without cigarettes in order to schedule my surgery . The one I can tell you the time went by very fast so, read read read and ask questions and before you know it your surgery will be scheduled, wish you the best of luck!!
  15. glannin

    Still cant believe it

    That is wonderful, very happy for you...I can't wait until I can post something like that!!!!
  16. glannin

    Tomorrow is the big day!

    So excited for you.....you got this...let us know how you are doing please
  17. Twins!!!lol mine is the 3rd and I start the preop on the 18th too
  18. Me too me too I start prep on the 18th going shopping tonight good luck just think this time next month we will be on our new journey. 🙂
  19. glannin

    March 10th surgery date

    Mine is on the 3rd would be more then happy to share with you when I have mine
  20. there is also the protein waters that might help make you feel less hungry
  21. Mine is on the 3rd of March and I start the diet on the 18th...very excited
  22. glannin

    For those who use Patch MD

    I was wondering how these are working for everyone. Good bad thoughts comments please

PatchAid Vitamin Patches