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  1. Here we can post band friendly nutritious recipes for every one to find.
  2. Hey every one, I thought I would start a stages recipe thread for the 3 stages. Maybe a mod can make these stickies. Then when ever we want a recipe from a certain stage we can check out these threads, and if we find a good new recipe we can post it in the threads. What do you guys think??
  3. K@t

    Carb Haters

    Alright people.....how many of us just can't eat carbs??? The only time I lost any real meaningful weight in my life was when I went on Atkins. While there has been lots of talk about how harmful that diet is to your body, the fact remains that I think my body just refuses to lose any weight until I stop eating carbs. I'm not advocating eliminating fruits or veggies or all carbs in favor of bacon and real butter, but I think that as long as I eat white rice or pasta, eat breads or any other type of refined carb, my body is gonna hang on to every pound I've got. So my new years resolution is to eliminate as much refined carbs from my diet that I can, which is hard here in Portugal because almost every dish is served with rice or pasta and every meal comes with bread. Any one else out there like me??
  4. One of the healthiest and tastiest things that Portuguese people eat is their Soups. Their creamy and filling and full of Vitamins. This is a Soup for people who hate to eat vegetables and who don't get enough minerals and vitamins. There are many variations so I will start with the basics. The base for any Portuguese soup: -1 cup cubed pumpkin or acorn squash (Portuguese use pumpkin but I bet you can use any variation of squash and it should be nice, I know it sounds weird but trust me these soups are great!) -2 cups carrots cubed -1 medium onion chopped -1 cup scallions chopped -2 medium potatoes cubed or 1 can of Beans (your choice they usualy use navy or butter beans) (use ONLY potatoes OR beans but not both) -1 tablespoon of sea salt -4 tablespoons olive oil Bring a large pot of Water and salt to boil. Add all ingredients and boil until soft, add water as necessary. When all the vegetables are soft, add the olive oil and blend with a magic wand (hand blender) until smooth. This is the base. Soup Variations If you used beans: -1 cup chopped artichokes or 1 cup chopped cabbage or any other vegetable you like to eat with beans. Add to the pot, and boil until soft. If you want chunks the soup is ready, if you want it creamy, blend again. If you used potatoes: - add whatever vegetables you want, green beans, celery, cauliflower, broccoli, peas add as much or as little as you like, all chopped into smaller pieces. You can even add more potato or carrot if you want chunks. -If you want a creamy soup, add these vegetables and boil until soft (always adding more water as needed) and then blend again when all the vegetables are soft. The more water you use the thinner it will be, the less, the thicker it will be. -If you want chunks in your soup, add the vegetables cut to your desired size and then boil until soft. -Small chunks of white meat chicken can also be added for extra Protein. Options: you can always add herbs for different taste like thyme and parsley. I sometimes use Mrs.Dash for extra flavors and fresh ground pepper; it’s a taste choice so have fun with it. Also you can use bags of frozen mixed vegetables that are already chopped up to save time and to get a better variety. Note: These soups freeze well, I often freeze individual portions and then thaw and microwave on the day I eat them. If you make a big pot it will usually stay in the fridge for about a week, frozen about a month. I know it sounds like a lot of work but 1 pot usually makes a weeks worth of servings so if you make it on the weekend it will last all week. Most Portuguese people eat these soups for dinner because they generally have a big lunch. I also like to eat a bowl of soup with some wheat crackers and sliced lunch meat like turkey or chicken. It makes a very filling and healthy meal.
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been experiencing a problem and I just wanted to check what everyone else thinks. It's been quiet hot here in Portugal and I find that if I stay out in the heat for any length of time I get nauseous. It doesn't matter if I've just eaten or not, but if I get hot it seems like after 10/15 min I get sick to my stomach and I feel like throwing up. (I haven't thrown up but I feel like it) What do you guys think? Any one else had this problem?
  6. Ok guys, I'm having a really hard time with the not drinking while eating thing. I created a poll to see if people are really doin it or if it's as hard to get use to as I think. Be honest!!
  7. Hey everyone, My last poll about water seemed to generate some interest, so I thought about it and I thought this would be interesting..... What do your doctors say about drinking coke? Mine told me if I HAD to have some, drink it flat at least. He preffers that I drink no coke of course but said flat its ok.
  8. Hey everyone! How many of you out there are banded teachers?? I would love to trade class stories as well as band stories, and hear how you deal with day to day band business as well as a classroom full of kids! I have been teaching English as a foreign language in Portugal for the past 2 years, and I was a substitute teacher for 3 years before that. (I did it while I was completing my BS at university) I have just accepted a 7th grade Reading position in Haines City, FL and I'm looking forward to it! I'm planning on getting my reading endorsement and hopefully by next year, I'm going to enroll in a masters program for educational leadership at USF. My band business hasn't been on track like it should be. But I'm hoping the structured schedule from the school will help me keep my eating on track. The school I'm teaching at now has weird hours since it's a private school and we teach outside of regular school hours. (I teach until 10pm every night!) and I can't wait to get away from this and into a normal schedule! Well, I hope there are other teachers out there I would love to hear from you!
  9. K@t


    Food: 100ml peach ice tea with green tea (NO sugar) South Beach breakfast bar 100g grilled white pork 2 teaspoons of white rice 2 tablespoons of green beans South beach snack bar Cuppa Soup(100kcal) Chicken sandwich (low cal bread, no cheese) 1.5 l water Exercise: 25 min treadmill (1.42 distance, 128kcal, 40fatcal) daily routine
  10. I'm in the chat room if any one wants to join. :biggrin1:
  11. Hey People, I'm moving back to the Florida area soon and I wanna see some bansters!! Where are all you guys from the sunshine state???
  12. K@t

    Positive Experiences

    I have seen a few threads here where we all talk about bad things that happened to us because of our weigh issues. While I have also had some bad ones, I have also had some good ones. I would love to hear every one else share some of their positive experiences as well. For mine: There is a lingerie shop in the mall here, very trendy, has all kinds of cute things. I went in once just to see what was there, but I was a bit apprehensive because of the way I have been treated at some stores before. The girls there were great! They helped me shop for my sister, and for my mom. They even tried to help me find some things in my size (their biggest size just barely fit), and a month later when I came back they remembered me and were just as sweet, they even gave me a store card so I get free stuff every time I go there. To them it didn't matter that I was fat or whatever, they knew I had money to spend so they were going to help me!
  13. K@t


    Has any one tried it before, any comments about it? Any thing to say about it?
  14. I really don't think any one would mind. If no one posts, I might start a new thread for the challenge in April.
  15. well i'm right back where i started which is why its so depressing..i'm hoping to get going better....
  16. K@t

    LapBandTalk Ads

    It sounds like there is some spyware or something on your computer, I would run your anti virus and see if it comes up with any thing.
  17. Hey Gina, We are working one an FAQ for members on topics just like this, so keep your eyes open for it.
  18. Hey hope, It's really up to your doctor and everyone is different. I spent pretty much 24 hours in the hospital, I went in the afternoon one day and left around the same time the next day. But I would speak to your doctor to get a better idea.
  19. K@t

    I need some advice

    wow, I never heard of the spasams before, maybe your body is trying to reject to band? I really don't know. Good thing your going to the doc soon! Please keep us updated, and we will be thinking of you.
  20. Hey thanks guys, I should get them in the mail soon and I can try out different stuff, then i can see what I like and maybe order some more. I will check around for better prices maybe if it's something i will continue ordering. The cereal sounds good, because I don't have much time for breakfast and I'm always tempted to stop by McDonald's:sneaky: And the other protein stuff will keep me filled so i don't go for empty calorie stuff.
  21. After speaking to a Fill Centers USA rep to schedule my next fill, she asked how I was doing and I told her that I was having some difficulties eating on my 25 min. lunch, and staying full. She reccomended some products from Bariatric Advantage. I ordered a few sample packes. I was just wondering if any one else had tried them before, and what they think about it. Here is what I ordered: Adjustable Gastric Band Sample Kit - 7 Day VitaBand® Chewable Multi-Vitamin Calcium Citrate Lozenges Protein Sampler Pack Bariatric Advantage Ready-to-Shake Meal Replacements Bariatric Advantage High-Protein Cereals nectar Protein powders Matrix 5.0 Protein powder Pro-Stat64 liquid Protein Proteinex Liquid Protein (Orange) ProCell Protein Powder (Tasteless) Profect Sampler (Blue, Cool, Fresh, Mango) 2.7 fl. oz vial. 25g protein, 0g fat, 0g carbohydrates. Flavors: Blue Raspberry Swirl, Cool Melon Splash, Fresh Citrus berry and Grapefruit Mango.
  22. I bought some Whey protein at the advice of my fill specialist, but I'm sort of at a loss for what to do with it. I bought unflavored and a berry flavor. I saw a nice recipe for Mac and Cheese that I'm going to try. I tried mixing the unflavored with my yogurts, but umm... ick.... unflavored...not so much. But what else can i do with it? Any one have any other uses for it?
  23. K@t

    Fill Center USA

    I'm not sure about Dr. Powell, but I love my Fill Center USA fill specialist here in Florida. If you are paying I think you should let him know you want more of a fill, because its money out of your pocket everytime you go. I'm not sure if its a fill center policy or just my specialist, but with in 72 hours if i feel its too much or too little i can go back in free of charge to get it adjusted up or down.
  24. K@t

    evil french fry

    My doc had me on 4 weeks of liquids post op, every doctor is different. He even had me do 2 weeks liquids after fills. I think the most weight i lost was the 4 weeks post op because of the liquids! Keep going though, let us know if you survive!
  25. Hey, welcome to LBT. There are a few people here from Jacksonville, post in the Florida section and you may find some there. Or post in the general discussion area. there is more movement there. Good Luck!

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