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  1. Hello, so here are my thoughts!! if your 27 and over 300 pounds you need the surgery even if u think ur healthy other than that the matter is ur still over 300 which u may not see now but that kinda weight on your joints and ur inner organs needs half that weight to go bye bye. I started at 245 and im only 5'4 and had the surgery at age 31 i was healthy other than that( so we say, we say that because we dont have diabetes and other health issues) every time i dieted i lose 20pounds then gain it all back a month later soo i thought i needed the surgery to help me reverse my emotional eatting. Wrong! i lost 70pounds yes but im over 2 years post op and have the same eatting issues i had before and i have horrible joint issues docters said probably brought on by the long term problem from the weight i was constantly carrying on me the effects come later on down the road. I could of lost the weight on my own i just love cheese its to much and hate moving my body! Definition is lazy! I hate hard work. If u can move ur body get on a diet to drastically change ur life now while ur young and can do it. The older u are the more damage surgery has on u. My docter used to say ur not healthy if ur weight is so high even if u dont have other conditions. If u were say 250 or less id say find a good motivating diet join a gym find a hiking buddy and get moving u can do it! But at 377 u lose 20pounds ur not going to get that i just lost a bunch feeling ur weight ia too high i personally think u may need this sugery just to get in to the 200s and then even after u lose 100pounds u will still have to be on a diet forever in a way it will just be different. I thought eatting smaller amounts and whatnot i would never have to diet again but noo im back on here cause i need to lose weight i gained recently and now at 180 im freaking out! Weight creeps up when u learn to cheat on food. The surgery is just a tool but that tool at how high ur weight is will be life changing for you so drastically i hope u do the surgery and i know in a year u will look back and say u are happy u did it. U will have alot of challenges cause its not a walk in the park but theres alot u cant do now at the weight u may not want too but think of it as you can if u want too like horse back riding, sky diving, comfortable on 1 seat on a air plane and so many other things. if half that weight is gone u will have no restrictions on life. At ur age u have ur whole life ahead of u so do it for you! Good luck i hope u make the best decision for you! Think of all the reasons u want to do the surgery not focusing on the 1 reason why u shouldn't the list is so much higher for the positives of why u should. Take care!
  2. Hey im 2 years post op i had the gastric sleeve. i never got down to my goal sadly! Covid showing up didnt help ether. I started at 245 and got down to 160 but ive gained 20pounds and keep doing yoyo diets where i lose 5 pounds cheat tank it and gain the 5pounds back again. I need a diet i can stick too but dont know what that could be. I heard keto is worth trying but heard to lose weight u have to stick to under 20g net carbs but how do you do that with adding in keto bread and veggies and what not. Its not making sence to me sadly. Any advise would be appreciated sence im struggling right now.. thank you
  3. BlueAngelEyes


    Okay so i have too push back alittle im sorry. My sister in law had throat cancer and shes always been hard core in the mormon religion so she has never even tryed alcohol yet she got it. What ever your experience with alchohol in life if its cause you been there done that or in the medical field or whatever doesnt mean alchohol is all bad maybe ur very religious or maybe like you said know information about it causeing ulcers in WLS patients. But everyone in the world you will see some get cancer others dont. My husband was told by his docter that he has a smokers lung and if he was smoking alot and he hasnt ever even tryed smoking and he doesnt drink nor knows anyone who smokes. It just depends on the persons background , genes, personality and life choices but alcohol isnt all bad. I bet i could take a question to say 7 docters and 5 out of those docters would say something is bad but the other 2 dont think its bad at all. Everything is taken in moderation and there experiences they go threw. There are about a thousand of things i do everyweek that could leave me to some sort of sickness, disease or what not later in life if thats for puting to much i cant believe spray butter on my food or eating to many red foods or not washing my fruit completely to make sure i get rid of pesticides i choice to live my best life my way. That means do what makes me happy! My choices my life. My father passed away from early on set alzheimers and died at 62 and was diagnosed at 52 with the disease so many people say if u drink this kinda water it will help so you dont get the disease and if u eat a certain food it will help with brain power but really it comes down to the unknown why he got this disease and just to many facters to figure it out. At least he had a good life and lived it his best. I can only hope at the end of the day i can be happy with myself and my choices. Thats all that matters.. i choice to drink alcohol occasionally and its delicious and i dont regret it one bit. Wish every one best of luck!
  4. BlueAngelEyes


    Every body is different on how it reacts to curtain things. I had a small margarita 4months post op and its fine. Ive had probably a glass of wine or margarita only once a month sence then. Calories was the big issue for me or the sugar contant. But it all went down fine!! my surgeon is a gym rat who says stick to protein drinks and protein bars thats all u need none of that unhealthy bad stuff i think what he says and throw it out the window most days that is not a normal way to live. So a alcoholic drink after 3months every now and again shouldnt hurt you. Limit it to 1 tho when u get in a habit you start adding in more and more and it could slip away from u and effect ur weight loss.
  5. Thank you everyone for your comments. You all are so very nice! Thanks for reading my rant. I think i may talk to my mom about it all. She cant keep a secret so she will tell my sisters and i hope all the negative comments stop. That or im going to have to start speaking my mind to them and see how it goes. (I hate confrontation so hopefully not) Appreciate you all!
  6. BlueAngelEyes

    Fighting the Urge to Stress Eat Today

    Ohhhh your not alone im 4months out and i did the very thing u fear STRESS EAT!! It was bad very bad i dred getting on the scale tomorrow in fear i gained 5 pounds emotional eatting is pure happiness too me soo with out it i feel not myself. Lol sounds like psychological issues for me. Hehe! I was thinking ive cheated on my diet so much its becoming a habit everyday. I need to break it so i can get to where i want to be. I think i may do one or 2 protein drinks a day to help kick my carb and sugar habit. Im always hungry now and it sucks!!
  7. BlueAngelEyes

    Still feel hungry

    I could do the same thing in the beginning thought it was weird. I could down a protein drink but water was difficult and bothered me for 2months being upset i couldnt drink a whole water bottle only warm sips i already hated my decision to get the sleeve and regreted it for the first 2months. Im 3 months and i know longer say i regret anything. Im happy with my decision to do this and things get better. My favorite thing now is chuging a cold water bottle down before bed which i couldnt do in the beginning but now i can. Somedays its a fight like im starving to death its best to stay busy but other days im not very hungry and kinda could care less about food. For me if i feel if im starving and truly is hunger i should want to say ya ill drink that gross portein drink and for me 80% of the time id rather starve cuz im just craving snacks and with all my old habits of emotional eatting just want to go with what I'm craving and how it will make me feel.. i enjoy food now! I eat alot of whatever my hubby is eatting. Tacos , shepherd pie ,California rolls! I just eat like half of a portion size and its been going good. Im happy where im at. Ive lost 50pounds in 3months. I have 40 more to go but i dont feel deprived or anything right now. You got this! Remember the first month is the absolute worst but it does get better u will be sohappy u pushed urself to do the surgery!!! Get a fit bit thats also helped me get my steps in a day. I average about 13thousand steps a day. Any Questions feel free to ask. Take care!
  8. BlueAngelEyes

    Fat and Carb intake at stage 3

    I am 3months post op and i dont count carbs or fats. I find healthy fat or fat on meat slides down and digest easier so it has all worked for me. I was never given on how much to eat i had to learn as i go what works for me. Ive lost 50pounds in 3months i think thats pretty good at starting at 237. So im a happy camper now. I also dont worry to much about sugar because sugar free bbq sauce is so gross to me i eat small portions anyways so i can have the good bbq sauce as long as i get my 13,000 steps in a day i will lose 2 pounds or 3 a week.
  9. BlueAngelEyes

    Where are my water guzzlers?

    Ohhh this is me! I was the one before bed thinking dang i should of drank more water today and would chug a 16oz water bottle in a few seconds and have to get up and have to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Id have 1 or 2 glass cup fulls of water with dinner. After surgery this was something that really bothered me that i couldnt drink the same and had to sip and it needed to be room temperature i hated it. NOW im almost 3months out and chug a half of a 16oz cold water bottle before bed i dont know why its so heavenly to me but it is. I just never drink more than a few sips with my food.
  10. BlueAngelEyes

    My Plastic Surgery Thread

    How exciting the new you gets a new body! You are going to love whatever you have done. Take a before bikini pic and then a couple months after so we can all be envious.
  11. So ive lost 32 pounds sence surgery on may 31st. Feel like i weighed the same as i did before surgery but i clearly dont sence i have so much more energy now. Ive been going through all my clutter cleaning everyday and my husband has Noticed a huge change on what i do. I actually fill up Water balloons and squirt guns and run around the yard with my kids geting wet when before i sat on my bench and told them to play. Im more hands on. I feel like hiking and that is a saying i think i have never ever said in my life. My husband has something going on anxiety or depression but he wont stop eatting marie calendar chicken pot pies. Yummy little suckers but there 1000 cal each. He thens has a snicker ice cream bar which i do take a small bite of :). Hes gaining weight and eatting horrible. He wont talk about whats wrong and he didnt use to be a stress eatter i always was he was the type that starved himself in times of stress. I guess its bothering me he is eatting so un healthy. He doesnt eat vegys or fruit unless i serve him it for dinner. This new me wants him to be healthy and i dont know how to get him there with me. Also he wont stop touching me its ticking me off.. lol he keeps touching my boobs or trying to get in my pants when the kids r around and then i turn him down he says im no fun and im an old hag. I try to explain i dont like touchie feelie stuff in front of the kids there 2 and 5 knowing there in the room is not sexy time.. im kinda getting grossed out by him. He doesnt brush his teeth every day cuz hes lazy now and he has death breath. He only takes 1 shower a week. When i take the kids in the spa or to play some thing outside he sits on his phone on the couch playing games on his phone. All he wants to do when he isnt working is watch tv. I used to be a couch ppotaote but lately i just want to get up and go so i started cleaning things out and organizing them while he watches tv.. he gets ssd when i dont want to just watch tv with him thatbi always have to be doing something. Its like that used to be the only thing that bonded us was the dang tv. He started taking depression meds but doesnt take them everyday like he should unless i remind him. I feel like i have 3 kids its driving me nuts how he is. He keepz taking naps around 5 o clock everyday on the couch and then doesnt sleep well at night and gets up and eats. Hes only 32 he doesnt need naps they screw with him at night. He takes anything i say and turns it around as if im being mean when i mention or suggests he do something different. Im outside the otherday picking weeds in the yard he comes out and says good job and goes back in to play on his phone. Hes no help and its getting to me where i dont want to spend time with him. Weve always had a rockie relationship but now its different and dont really know what to do. He thinks its annoying i want to put my 5yr old in soccer cause he already does karate and im like i want to get him more active he just wants to play on his tablet all the time and i dont want him being lazy. Kids need to use there imagination and get outside and hes like ok u do that with them. Ugh im just feeling down now. Thanks for listening to me vent!!
  12. BlueAngelEyes

    Venting about my husband

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I like your post alot it makes sence. I think i will apply some of it to my life as well. Thank u!
  13. BlueAngelEyes

    Maybe this can help someone.

    Oh another go to food is hummus and protien chips. Sprouts has 2 flavors or ive bought protein chips from this barriatric site thatn are chili lime flavor that are 15g of protein and i get the individual hummas packs to take with me on the go..
  14. I didn't understand why some people didn't want there families to know they had WLS . I do now! Last night at a family get together everyone is around the counter getting there pizza and whatnot. I grabbed a tiny piece of french bread and took out the middle thats wonderfully soft. Everyone said you cant eat that. I said ohh yes i can. Then my sis said dont you dare eat that. I shoved the whole thing in my mouth it was great! I should of put "i cant believe its not butter spray on it". In that moment my eyes are opened to all the judement you get. People who know you had something to help u lose weight watch you. Everything i put in my mouth there judging me thinking im not taking this weight loss seriously. Its annoying! They all make me want to hide in the bathroom and pig out! I didnt but wanted too. Lol.
  15. The woman in my family all seem to be this way as well. Im sorry ur relationship with ur daughter is hard. Hopefully things will change and get better for ur family and for mine. Thanks for ur post.
  16. BlueAngelEyes

    Where is everyone from??

    Im in Rancho Cucamonga California
  17. BlueAngelEyes

    Why no yogurt in first 2 wks post OP?

    I wasnt aloud to have yogurt my doc said not till after the first month but i did anyways that was the only way i was able to get protein in at that point. I called my docter at 2 weeks and said im not getting enough protein like literally 12g the whole day and i refuse to drink another protein drink and i told them i put myself on protein yogurt i was getting over 30g with just that and the doc said if it didnt hurt and i was still losing then great... ( not saying u should go rouge like i did ) best of luck!
  18. BlueAngelEyes


    Do you like tuna? I love the tuna albacore packs and you can take them where ever u go at 3 weeks out it was my only way to get the protein in for me. My sleeve didnt do well with chicken. Also depending if you know what foods give u chest pain to stay away from them for a few days and try again or if its all foods your surgeon can give u prilosec u may have Gerd and that has helped me soo much with the chest pain. They have over the counter prilosec as well its just less expensive for me with insurance getting it from my docter. Oh and have you tryed the high protein yogurts that are like 12 to 15grams of protein per yogurt and only 2g of sugar those help me get my protein in as well sence i wont drink protein drinks ever again anyways hope things get better for you.
  19. BlueAngelEyes

    Cravings from Hell

    For the past month ive craved blue berry muffins... i look up recipes on the best crumb topping and you know what ive never even liked blue berry muffins!! Lol. Its my tastebuds craving those darn things. And figure when i get under 200 pounds i may just make some take a few bites and give the rest to my neighbors..
  20. BlueAngelEyes

    I'm so scared!

    I didnt have my eyes blurry sfter surgery but My toes tingled for 2 weeks after sleeve surgery. It was hard to sleep and i wanted to hit my foot on a rock to stop the tingling. It eventually stopped. Thank god! Iam a month out now and i still regret every day i got this stupid surgery. Ive lost 27pounds but feel like its going slower than i thought cause in the past on the hcg diet i was losing a pound a day so frusterating. Its my fault for not doing enough research on this. Dumping i had alot in the beginning but that did get better. First week it happened everyday. 2nt and 3rd week only when my body wasnt ready for certain foods and 4th week i actually am constipated alot and wondering what i should eat that will make me go. Hehe so gross sorry to talk about. Things will get better in some sence of it all. Hopefully in a year we will be thankful we did this ****..
  21. I had the same problem with protein drinks at 2 weeks i was starving myself and not losing anything cause i wasnt getting my protein in so i called my docter and i told them i cant do protein drinks and they said sorry just hang in there for 6 more days then we will put u on pureed foods early even tho i wasnt supposed to start purees untill after my first month. Soo i went rogue not saying u should by any means but it worked for me i started getting protein yogurt getting 15g in and there only 2 sugars i had 2 a day and started losing again then a few days later started pureeing chicken and used broth to thin it and added alittle instant mashed potatoes. I am now able to have sweet potatoes, tuna and cooked carrots in chicken noodle soup broth.. found out my body cant handle alittle mayo yet or scrambled eggs or refried beans so will try those again in a few weeks. I finally told my docter that i started my own thing and sshe said great as long as im getting protein in and staying hydrated she said congrats and they will see me july 8th for my one month to see how much ive lost. So im a happier camper now not doing protein shakes i wish u luck on ur weight loss journey..
  22. Wondering if its ok if i suck on sugarfree mints or is that a no no in the first stage of liquid diet? Also does gum really put air in your stomach or is that ok to chew? Sorry cant keep calling the docter with my dumb questions!!!
  23. I had my sleeve surgery may 31st. The night i ran out of pain meds my toes tingled at night which kept me up most of the night. Its so annoying i want to bang my foot on the floor. If i put preasure on my toes it feels better but its driving me nuts and even taking ambien at night im hardly sleeping because of it. Does anyone know why or how to stop it? I tryed drinking more water like maybe its from dehydration but that doesnt seem to be the case. Anyone know?
  24. I dont understand why so many people are cheating already on there diet plan.

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