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  1. Poppyseed28

    Food Before and After Photos

    Breakfast this morning: 1 egg 2 slices of bacon no after pic since I ate it all.
  2. For me I canny drink water if it’s ice cold anymore. Before surgery it had to be cold now it has to be room temp. Breads even lower carb options taste horrible to me even though pre surgery I liked them.
  3. Poppyseed28

    Did you need help at home?

    I didn’t really need help after surgery. I did stay with my mom the first 2 weeks after but I didn’t need her help with anything. When I went back home my husband took over walking the dog since he pulls on the leash and I was still sore and weak.
  4. Poppyseed28


    Welcome! This site has been very helpful to me. My advice would be to take advantage of the insurance required diet to help change your habits before surgery. When I was on mine I got discouraged because I would lose then gain some pounds for no reason then I would binge. Keep changing your habits before surgery even if you don’t see results on the scale because after surgery the weight will come off. Good luck! The process goes quicker than you think.
  5. Poppyseed28

    How to avoid?

    My co-workers know I had surgery and understand when I say no to the treats they bring but even if they didn’t know they wouldn’t make a fuss if I said no. That being said I agree that is it ok to have a treat every now and then. I went to my cousin’s wedding yesterday and it was pizza and donuts on the menu. I had a few bites of pizza and a few bites of a donut and I was full.
  6. I think I have Pcos, my doctors never tested me properly for it because I am obese. 🙄 I too had trouble losing weight pre surgery I remember being on the 2 week liver shrinking diet and I would lose a few pounds then out of now where gain it back and I didn’t change anything. Since surgery I have lost 35 pounds. I had surgery on March 29, 2019. I had the DS and I have lost like 50% of my hair. After my cousin’s wedding this weekend I am shaving it all off.
  7. I had saw a surgeon a few years back when I had Cigna as my insurance and he seemed nice enough but also made me seem like just another patient for him. He was the first one to suggest going with the DS which I appreciate. I went to a seminar for the program I ended up going with and the surgeon I went with was the one to run it. Just from that seminar alone I knew I wanted him to be my surgeon. He made everyone feel comfortable and went through each surgery in detail. I am very glad I went with him and the DS.
  8. Poppyseed28

    How soon does one poop post-op?

    I had my first poop the day after surgery and everyday until 2 weeks post op. Then ended up having to go to the hospital because I was plugged up.
  9. Poppyseed28

    New and Considering DS

    I had surgery about 7 weeks ago and I am so glad I did. I am already down 35 pounds. I was nervous going into surgery but everything went smoothly. I was sore from being on the metal table and I had some soreness in my abdomen. I had the most pain a few hours after surgery before my nurse finally hooked up the liquid Tylenol and told me where my button for my pain drip was. I only stayed one night in the hospital then went home. I started the preop appointments back in oct and was finished with them in January and it took my insurance 3 weeks to approve it. I had it on March 29th but could have had it sooner but needed to save up the money for the deposit.
  10. I watched a ton of weight loss surgery videos on YouTube and got a lot of my information from them. When it came time to see the surgeon I didn’t really have any questions for him. I do, however, wish I asked more questions about the post op diet as far as calories and protein since they don’t stress on protein goals until you are eating solid food. My best advice is to relax and take advantage of the required supervised diet. I only took advantage of it at the end. I wish I also took my measurements before surgery as the only ones I have are not at my highest. Take before pictures and progress pics. Your surgery will be here before you know it.
  11. Poppyseed28

    Food Before and After Photos

    We had a taco potluck today at work! I had some shredded chicken, turkey grounds, refried beans, cheese and some hot sauce. No after pic since I ate it all.
  12. Poppyseed28

    Food Before and After Photos

    My breakfast today: 1 egg over easy 1 Trader Joe’s breakfast sausage link some cheese 1 low carb tortilla I didn’t really like the tortilla so I ended up eating only 1/4 of it but ate everything else.
  13. Poppyseed28

    Considering DS

    I had the DS a month and one week ago. I’m still new to all of this but I don’t regret my decision. Like a previous poster said the sleeve part is what controls hunger and it’s the malabsorption part that helps you lose more weight. If you do get the revision you do have to make sure you are taking all your vitamins everyday. With the DS you only absorb 40% of the calories you eat from complex carbs and protein, 20% from fat and 100% of the calories from simple carbs and sugar. So you will have to learn to control your cravings for the sugary simple carbs. Before surgery my surgeon did say that there is the possibility of the surgery working too well and you lose too much weight. He did tell me there are ways to revise the surgery so the part where the food and digestive juices mix is longer and the key is to keep your surgery team aware you are having problems when you begin to have them. I have learned a lot about the surgery from shrinking violetds on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfDprJMbSy-J3MILnRPT8Yw She is currently maintaining and had the DS.
  14. Poppyseed28

    Baby food on pureed stage

    My surgeon was ok with baby food but just the thought repulsed me. I also didn’t do puréed food I went from full liquids to very soft foods.
  15. Poppyseed28

    Food Before and After Photos

    Since I got up this is my “breakfast” shrimp cooked in a little butter and Italian dressing.
  16. Poppyseed28

    Considering Surgery

    I decided to get the surgery because at just 28 I was almost 400 pounds and walking was becoming a problem. I didn’t want to lose my mobility. I didn’t really have any major health problems but I didn’t want to wait until I developed them.
  17. Poppyseed28


    I started spotting a week after surgery then it stopped. Now I’m spotting again. I don’t usually have periods without medication so I’m hoping this is the start of something good.
  18. Be able to fit on most rides at theme parks. be able to shop in regular clothes stores. be able to bend over for more than a minute without cramping up. to Have room in my seat when I drive. Be able to fit in an airplane seat. those are just a few
  19. Poppyseed28

    Some post op questions.

    It’s normal to be nervous. I was miserable for weeks 2-3 as I had heartburn. Once I got meds for that I’ve felt much better. I’m just a few day over 1 month post op and I would say I could probably work long days as long as I was moving around. I still get dizzy when I stand up for too long without moving but I have low potassium. One month out and I’ve lost 28 pounds and cloths are getting a little loose but nothing major.
  20. Poppyseed28

    Food Before and After Photos

    Went to Village Inn for breakfast. Got a 2-egg cheese omelet and 2 sausage links. Was able to eat about a quarter of the omelet, 1 full sausage and 1/3 of the other one.
  21. Poppyseed28

    Food Before and After Photos

    My late breakfast. It’s zucchini, bell peppers, and navy beans sautéed in some butter and mixed with some Italian dressing.
  22. Poppyseed28

    Terrified of needles

    I did not need to give myself any shots.
  23. Poppyseed28

    6 months

    Good job!
  24. After I completed all the requirements my program had an informational class and then we met with the surgeon one on one. They submitted to insurance the next day and it took 3 weeks for my approval. After that I scheduled my surgery and last pre op appointment. My last appointment was 2 days before surgery. I am now 3 weeks and a few days post surgery.
  25. I told my co-coworkers and they all have been very supportive. I went through short term disability so I had to tell them the doo was having.