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    Gastric Bypass for Senior Citizen

    I was 61 when I had RNY in 2018. Lost 100 lbs and now on maintenance. No problems so far other then loose skin and flat boobies 😂. Skin doesn’t bounce back like it use too! Hard on your face and neck as well, not complaining but I definitely feel I look older then when I had a fuller face! I’m hoping my older brother will do it as well... so unhealthy as you get older to carry all that weight........good luck!
  2. I wanted to keep mine private and just told immediate family and a couple of close friends. But what I find is they told two friends and so on.....even though I asked them not to! It gets hard because people notice and ask questions and people cave and spill the beans! 😂
  3. Same here, says session expired? My IPad is is up to date and still having issues.
  4. chattycat

    Stretched Pouch?

    I feel the same, I feel I can eat more and don’t get that really full feeling, but watched a video where Dr Vuong says, don’t chase the restriction ! So I just try to follow my portion guidelines and never get stuffed but am satisfied.
  5. chattycat


    I had a sudden flare up of migrating joint pain just out of the blue and was told I could take Celebrex as well and because its gentle on the stomach not even PPI needed? I am 1 yr post op RNY. It’s frustrating there are so many conflicting answers.....
  6. Hello all! It will be 1 year for me on July 5 th! HW 257 SW 240 and I just hit 155lbs! I can’t even remember weighing that little 😂. I had my surgery at 60 so seniors take heart, it can be done! Congratulations to all!
  7. chattycat

    Bypass v’s Sleeve..... help!

    I started off wanting the sleeve but after doing a lot of research I decided on RNY because I already suffered with Heartburn and didn’t want that to worsen. I’m almost 1 year out and I have never dumped so I’m guessing I am one of those people that don’t? I can eat pretty much anything without issue. That being said I don’t push it either! Im Almost to goal so far so good! Good luck with your decision!
  8. chattycat

    I didn't realize when I lost weight that _____

    I didn’t realize when I lost weight........ How people would react. I Surprised my 87 year old mother for Mother’s Day, we live out of town so hadn’t seen my family since Christmas and my mom literally stumbled backwards and fell into a chair! Then proceeded to tell me she wanted to buy all the cloths I had on for herself! I told my husband maybe not a good idea to surprise her anymore! My sister kept saying she didn’t know who I was and kept taking pictures on the sly and sending them to a friend of ours so she could see how I looked now! The whole experience was kind of unsettling to me I really wasn’t prepared for that and made me really uncomfortable..........
  9. chattycat


    I was told to wait 6 months and have had no problems with eating a bit here and there. My Nut also said don’t villainize food. That being said if you can’t stop that’s another thing! We all have our weaknesses.
  10. chattycat

    Pounds lost

    Hello, 10 months post op RNY and have lost 78 lbs since surgery and 95 since starting program. Things have definitely slowed down but then again I am closer to goal so makes sense. I started this journey at 61 so expected to be a slower loser! I have been dieting since I was 12 and was never able to sustain any weight loss so I am still cautiously optimistic! Hoping I can be successful at maintaining too! I am noticing my neck getting loose skin if anybody knows of a good firming cream! 😁 HW 257 SW 240 CW 162 Height 5’5”
  11. chattycat

    Is it normal to .......

    Another Canadian here! 🇨🇦
  12. Try not to have Food Funerals because you think you will never again eat your favourite foods again,you will eventually be able to eat just about everything just not as much! Stay strong, the first few months are definitely the hardest. And try to use this time to wean yourself off of bad eating habits because they can come back into your life and ruin your success. Good luck 😉
  13. chattycat


    You can also add sugar free jam to plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese and sweeten to taste.
  14. chattycat

    The Biggest Loser (RANT)

    I refused to watch it, I felt it was degrading to contestants and not something that was realistic to keep up long term. I have read that most have gained their weight back and more.
  15. chattycat

    For those who use Patch MD

    I know this is an older thread but for what it’s worth I only use the multi Vitamin patch and just had my 6 month labs and all is good!
  16. Maybe an anal fissure? This can happen with constipation and passing hard stools that you get a tear. It is like pooping razor blades and burns 🥵 can be very painful .....
  17. Ok, I know post op we should limit our Food portions to 1/2 to 3/4 cup for RNY but my question is, do we need to limit our liquids to the same amount? If I drink 2 cups of a protein smoothie for Breakfast or have two cups of coffee is that wrong? I’m not sure if liquids should be portioned out as well? I am 6 months Post Op.
  18. chattycat

    Liquid amounts question ?

    Here’s the answer I got back from my Nutritionist, Liquids go through your digestive tract faster compared to a smoothie (because a smoothie has other components like protein from the yogurt and fiber from the berries – and so the transit down your system is longer) which is why I recommended splitting the smoothie to ½-3/4 cup per meal rather than finishing the whole cup in 30 mins as this takes up volume. Maybe this will help others as well? Thanks for the responses!
  19. chattycat

    Liquid amounts question ?

    Thank you all for your responses! I’m going to check with my regular dietician when she’s back and see what she says!
  20. chattycat

    Liquid amounts question ?

    I think your right about the protein because she did tell me to cut back on the protein powder? But I’m sure she told me I could stretch my pouch too?
  21. chattycat

    Liquid amounts question ?

    Thank you, that is very helpful!
  22. chattycat

    Liquid amounts question ?

    I just had my 6 month appointment with nutritionist and had someone different as my regular girl was away, she was the one that said that I was drinking too much volume with my morning smoothie and should split it up to breakfast and then the rest as a morning snack? I had never been told that previously so started thinking I wonder if that applies to other liquids as well? I started to worry about stretching my new stomach..........was wondering if anyone else had been told the same? I always separate liquids and solids.
  23. chattycat

    Built Protein Bars

    I just tried Built Protein Bars and they are the best I’ve found so far! They taste like a chocolate bar! I haven’t cared for any of the other ones I’ve tried ,so I am very happy to have found these ones. They sell them at the BP store on this site. Check them out!
  24. Checking in, just hit my 6 months Jan 5th. Things are definitely slowing and I wonder if my honeymoon is over? Seem to be stalled at the moment. Eating has gotten way better which is good and bad, my calorie intake is higher now. My only issues have been low blood pressure and constipation from iron supplements. I still struggle when eating out on what to order, sometimes I can’t find a good choice in smaller appetizers and don t want to order a whole meal as sometimes it’s not convenient to take home. I find it best if I can share with others but that’s not always an option either? I started at 257 and have been sitting at 184-185 for awhile now so around 75 lbs. total. My goal is 150.
  25. I can’t fill mine out either? Won’t take Canada 🇨🇦 even though it’s on the list of Countries?