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  1. Anyone else have these? I am 4 days post op. I have a call in to the surgeon on call (no call back yet after 3 hrs 🙄)... hoping to get a muscle relaxer instead of taking so much oxy, since the cramps are the only real pain I still have. Just curious if anyone had the cramping pains on the left side of belly button... similar to when they took out the drain) and if so, when they went away. It does sound like they’re fairly normal- but they’re killing me. I just need to have an end in sight!
  2. LindyPablo

    Ab muscle spasms week after RNY?

    Ok cool- thanks :)
  3. LindyPablo

    July Gastric Bypass?

    Ok cool. Thanks guys :) Heal well!
  4. LindyPablo

    July Gastric Bypass?

    Had RNY on Tues. Pain is much better (yay!) and getting lots of fluids in (yay!) but today I feel SO fatigued, like I cannot stay awake. I’m sure it’s a part of the healing process, just curious if anyone else has felt intense fatigue?
  5. LindyPablo

    New here and very nervous...

    I used to be soooo scared of anesthesia until I had a gyno procedure in January... and now I love it, lol! It’s so amazing to fall asleep (you don’t even realize it’s happening) and wake up knowing it’s all done. Don’t let the anesthesia anxiety get to you. Focus on the positive outcomes and try to wake up ready to be positive. Staying positive helped me a lot on Tues when I had my RNY.
  6. LindyPablo

    My progress photos....

    Great job 👍👍
  7. LindyPablo

    Low grade temp day 3

    Stay well! Keep us updated.
  8. LindyPablo

    Low grade temp day 3

    I had the same- went away over night between days 3 and 4. 👍
  9. LindyPablo

    Omg, I did it!

    Had my RNY yesterday afternoon. Wasn’t mentally prepared for the internal pain... Wowsa. But everything looks good so far, and I’ll start drinking water in the morning tomorrow. Thanks for all the posts on this forum- I’ve referenced many of them over the past year and am grateful to have this place as a resource!
  10. Man alive- I HEAR YA, SISTER! I didn’t expect such pain. Luckily it has gotten markedly better now on day 3... Until they pulled my drain, which sent my entire abdomen into muscle contractions for about 10 minutes (I was a sobbing mess). This surgery isn’t for the weak! But we are tough... hang in there. :)
  11. Hi- I have a very very big sweet tooth, as well. I was able to detox during my pre-op diet two weeks ago (my surgery is next week). I had a horrible migraine for 5 days, chills, fever-like symptoms, and couldn’t be around ANYONE because of the grumpiness. And day 6, it all disappeared and I felt *amazing*. Haven’t had any sugar for a week and a half and I feel so good. Perhaps it’s worth trying to detox and seeing how you do. You may find you don’t need the stuff anymore, which will take away some anxiety about the bypass (it sure did for me). Good luck! :)
  12. LindyPablo

    10 years post-op, watch your minerals!!

    Really glad you posted this... I get migraines and have been told about trace minerals before (magnesium often helps migraines). Can I ask- do you still take all of your normal supplements in addition to the trace minerals? Also, do you find that it upsets your stomach?... I see that’s a potential side effect. Thanks :)
  13. Anyone else go through major ups and downs the weeks leading up to surgery? One minute I’m fine and confident in this decision, and the next I’m reconsidering going through with it. I have a new therapist but she’s no help... responds with, “You’re going to be totally fine!” Or, “Well you can always cancel if you want to!” And my favorite, “You’re really not that big, so maybe you don’t need the surgery.” MY BMI IS 42 LADY. I might have a pretty face but that don’t win the race, mmkay! A few weeks ago, I was scared that I would fail and not be able to control my eating after surgery. But now I’m seeing that I am fully capable of following the pre-op diet without cheating, and I feel more confident in post-op eating. But now my worries have switched over to the actual blood and guts of the surgery, and complications... it’s scary!! This is a very very BIG DEAL. Are all these emotions normal?? I’m sure they are... guess I just wanted to reach out to the community and get some helpful words of wisdom, if anyone has any to share. :)
  14. LindyPablo

    July Sleeve

    I’m scheduled for July 10, too! Started pre-op diet last week. Rough 4-5 days of major sugar detox, but feel much better now and glad to have gone through it. Only lost 3 lbs so far on this diet which is ridiculous lol... here’s hoping the surgery helps me lose more!
  15. LindyPablo

    Five months postop and no regrets!

    Really really needed this today. Thank you.
  16. Hi all, I’m scheduled for RNY on July 10. Started pre-op diet today. I’m irritable and exhausted lol... gonna be tough to get through these three weeks!
  17. You’re an inspiration! I can’t wait to start running again.
  18. LindyPablo

    July surgery

    July 10 in Washington DC!
  19. LindyPablo

    July Gastric Bypass?

    My lap RNY just got moved up to 7/10. I am an emotional basket case lol... one minute excited, next minute terrified, next minute embarrassed... glad to start therapy Monday!
  20. I got my surgery date finalized this week, and I’ve found myself in a mental funk. Did anyone go through a sad time pre-surgery? I think the reality of having gotten to this point where I need surgery is probably the cause, but I honestly don’t know. I’m being distant with friends and family, and just want to crawl into bed... not like me at all. Just curious if it’s normal, and if it’ll pass! Thanks :)
  21. LindyPablo

    July Gastric Bypass?

    July 17 :) Scared out of my mind.
  22. Hi! I just got my surgery date this evening, July 17. Six weeks to mentally and physically prepare, and try not to let anxiety get the best of me!
  23. LindyPablo

    Open RNY?

    Hi all! I’m kinda new here. Been through 7 months of supervised diet and expecting to have surgery in early July. I was wondering if anyone has had an open RNY and would be willing to share their experience. I do have the choice to have a lapo procedure, but I’m not thrilled with the way the lapo doc is handling the pre-surgery stuff (basically no communication and leaving me in the dark about possible surgery dates and everything else). The doc I have been seeing for the supervised diets is an older gentleman who has been doing RNY and Sleeves for almost 30 years and has an impeccable record, and I really like being around him... but he only does open RNY procedures. Thanks in advance for any info you’re willing to share. :) Lindy
  24. LindyPablo

    Open RNY?

    Thanks, Bryn910! I guess I wondered if this would be indicative of how the lapo surgeon’s office would respond if I had issues after surgery. But I see your point, for sure.