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    I Was Amazed When I Heard This

    Well I am 7 months out and my go to food is Hormel frozen vacuumed packed Roast Beef!! I can eat some ham, chicken breast! Lean Ground beef is only a sometime food!! Oh how I wish I loved turkey and seafood, two of the best meats to eat and I can’t stand either one!!
  2. stacy@5

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    FluffyChix it is L’Oréal Magic Root Cover Up Spray!! I love it!! I also tried the powder kind, but I like this a lot better!!!
  3. stacy@5

    Sophomoreville - A Home For The the Tweeners

    As of December 18th I am 7 months out. My HW 246, GW 160, CW 152!! The things I need to work on now is snacking (I try to do healthy snacking, but it don’t always happen that way)! I haven’t gotten to crazy with it but, my thoughts are I don’t want to go back to the way I used to be! I go to the gym straight after work at least 3 days a week, but during long breaks I don’t go because my job and gym are an hour away (which sucks) but living out in the country I have no other choice! So my next step is to find some exercise, weight training and yoga I can and will do at home!! This is extremely important to me!! The next thing is to continue looking and finding healthy recipes that I love and to learn to meal prep!! The only thing is I don’t like many kinds of left over meat!! Like they said the hard work really begins when you begin trying to maintain and knowing you can’t go back to the way things were and expect different results!! Hair loss is a big thing for me, which most people say they can’t tell it but they just don’t know what I have to do to my scalp (in the front and a little on the sides) to cover up these thin spots!! That spray on cover color is my best friend at the moment!! Happy New Year to all of you and I hope 2019 will be an even better year for you!!!
  4. stacy@5

    Depressed, Scared, and Everything In Between

    I was still on the liquid diet when we went on a family vacation and I was far from pleasant!! I was a total bitch!! Everyone was eating and having a good time and I was watching them getting madder and madder!!! I really had to make many apologies at the end of that vacation!! But my friend it does get better!! I still have times when I crave certain things and I do have problems with wanting to snack before I go to bed (I try to eat healthy things but some are semi healthy)!! I am 7 months out and I still have to weigh my food and time myself between bites and I may have to do that for a very long time!! But I joined the gym and I have come off my blood pressure medicine (I was taking 2 a day), no more sleep apnea and I feel better than I have in years!! Yes my hair has thinned but I’m hoping that it will soon start growing again! Vitamins, I use the chews from Bariatric Advantage and I have not had a problem at all and they taste pretty good!! Things will get better and you will be thankful for this journey!! I am still in my infancy of this journey and my fear is going back to my old ways!! But I am more aware of the things I really need to work on!! Yes you will over eat from time to time, I have thrown up many times but now only every once in a while! Good luck!! SW: 246 GW: 160 CW: 151.2 Now the hard part is learning to maintain through a different way of living!!
  5. stacy@5

    Non Scale Victories

    I had surgery May 18th of this year and I still find it unbelievable that I can go and get close in a non plus size section!! Blood pressure issues are gone, no more sleep apnea can work out with weights and the elliptical!! I will be 50 my birthday and I feel better than I have since I was 30!! SW- 246 GW-160 CW-151.2
  6. stacy@5

    I Was Amazed When I Heard This

    CyndieRI I don’t like seafood or turkey either!! I have never liked it and probably never will!! My go to foods are lean roast (very Tender) and chicken breast!!
  7. stacy@5

    Non Scale Victories

    I had gastric bypass on May 18, 2018!! It amazes me that I can bend down and tie my shoes without getting red in the face!! I can exercise 30 minutes (weight lifting included and not be gasping for air!! HW: 246 SW:235 CW: 155
  8. stacy@5

    Non Scale Victories

    I can actually squat and tie my shoes without getting red in the face and losing my breath, I can play with my Grandchildren without feeling like I was gonna go into a coma!! Down from 2 blood pressure pills to 1/2 pill and will probably be off that my next doctors visit!! HW: 246 SW: 246 CW: 161.3
  9. stacy@5

    18 months post op

    You look great!! Keep up the hard work!!
  10. Congratulations and good luck!! 👍🏻
  11. I am excited that I have my date for surgery but I am sad and scared because of the unknown! I, like many of you have used food as a crutch for so long that it’s got to be a total change in my life style, but I know without this surgery, i will not be able to get where I want to be!! Good luck to all of you on this exciting journey!!
  12. stacy@5

    My progress photos....

    Yes I know the feeling!! I had my surgery May 18 and I am 48 lbs down and I feel a lot better and doc took me off 1 blood pressure pill and he said I would probably be off it all together by September (keeping my fingers crossed)!!
  13. stacy@5

    My progress photos....

    Congratulations you look great and I hope you are feeling as great!! Keep it up!!
  14. stacy@5

    Need advice and encouragement not ripped apart

    I will be two weeks post op July 18th and I still find myself mourning the foods I can’t have but it is getting better!! We can do this! Good luck
  15. stacy@5

    Scared by doc will say no

  16. I am 5 weeks post op and I have lost 36 pounds!! I have more energy, and I feel more confident in some things but less in others! I still want to shop in bigger clothes!! When I’m in the large sizes I expect someone to tap me on the shoulder and say could you please move over to the plus size isle and I find myself looking around more than looking at the clothes!! I still have Head hunger and I get mad with myself!! Also I’m not as confident in my marriage, because I know my husband is attracted to bigger women!! But I had to get healthy for me!!!
  17. Today is 3 weeks post-op for me and I know exactly what you mean!! I have been an emotional basket case, going from happy, to sad, to crying, to being mad at the world in a matter of minutes!! I almost ruined our family vacation because I was so angry and mourning all the food I couldn’t eat and was really resentful that my family was pigging out and I lashed out at them by being an emotional drag!!! I had to apologize to each and everyone of them before we all went to our separate homes!! My grandchildren was the only thing that kept me sane and blowing money in the Arcade!!! It really showed me how I have used food as a crutch and I associate it with being happy!!! Good luck to you and I hope things get better!!
  18. stacy@5

    Scared by doc will say no

    DVontesmommy1 I know exactly how you feel!! I had tried so many diets over the last 20 something years and they all ended in failure! I was put on most of these diets and trying different medicines by my heart doctor who has been trying to help me get my blood pressure and mitrovalve under control for at least 6 years, by using diets but none worked! I went in one day and he said what am I going to do with you, you’ve got to get this weight down! I said well what I want to do is weight loss surgery! He said are you really serious and I said yes! He said well if your serious I’ve got all the documentation your dr will need for the insurance company! He gave me a doctors name and it was the same dr a friend of mine had used!! So I called his office and my first appointment was Feb.24 2018! After my initial visit and after doing all the things that was required we submitted it to the insurance company and in one week they had approved it!! I had my surgery May 18!!! I haven’t had a lot of issues after my surgery, but it has not been easy but it is gonna be worth it in the end!! Relearning to eat again and to not eat fast has been the hardest thing of all!! Good luck and God Bless!!
  19. stacy@5

    First Post!

    Congratulations on your approval!! I am excited for you!!
  20. You can do it gully90!! I know exactly how you feel, at the end I thought if I had to see one more can of 98% fat free chicken soup I would🤮!!! I am 2 1/2 weeks post op!! It’s hard but the end results will be worth it because we are worth it!!
  21. stacy@5

    Do tired of vomiting

    Moondoggie 1983 so happy you finally got some answers and I hope his whole staff got their butts chewed up one side and down the other! We all know when something is wrong with our own body!! Great news!!!
  22. stacy@5

    Do tired of vomiting

    I feel the same way!!!! Yesterday was my first day on soft/puréed foods!! Took one bite of eggs and they came right back up! Tried some sweet potato later one in the day and I had indigestion for 5 hours! Being on vacation, I am totally miserable, I want to cry my eyes out, I am missing the food I use to eat 😫😫😫!! They eating steak and I’m drinking a protein shake!! I just want to stay in the room and pout!!!!
  23. stacy@5

    Cooking for your family!!

    Oh my God somebody please help!! Trying to cook for my husband and grown children when I am on his liquid pre op diet!! I’m about ready to scream! Why can’t they just try an understand what it is like!!🤬[emoji35][emoji36]
  24. stacy@5

    10 out

    I am 1 week pre-op and I’ve got this one place on my stomach that feels like I’m being ripped open fro the inside!! I talked to the nurse and she said it is not uncommon!! She said a nerve was probably caught during sewing me up and to just keep taking my med and they would see me in four days! I hope they have there pen ready to write me something to help with this feeling, don’t really want any narcos if I can help it!! I also have had several surgeries around the stomach area and I am sure I have scar tissue!! My shoulder pain was from trapped gas!! Good luck and I hope you feel better!!
  25. stacy@5

    Anyone else freaking out?

    MissLinseyR I understand completely!! I would walk through grocery stores and look at food like I was mourning it!! I would actually walk down the isle’s and look at the food and say I can’t have you anymore or you and I’d get so sad and feel a mournful feeling! I mean that how My family and I celebrate the holidays, my kids love coming home for a home cooked meal from there momma and my grands know GeeGee has something sweet to eat somewhere! It gives you that fuzzy warm feeling! I mean lets face it food has gotten me through a lot of bad time, but it also got me to where I’m at health wise!! I am 1 week post-op, I want tell you it was an easy surgery for me because it hasn’t been I have been hurting a lot and have had two crying spells, but I know this too shall pass!! I have felt better today and even got outside some with my family!! We will get there, we will not let this get the best of us! I have found myself trying to figure out ways to make a healthy dish from something I’m craving so when I am able to eat I will be ready! I’ve lost 25 lbs so far and yay me!! Good Luck!! You got this!!